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  1. Hey man I sent you a DM on twitter. I will be on tonight after work. HMU. GT: Numb3rs KzN
  2. Team name Power Weapons: Numbers KzN Proj3ct Bounty 2-0 Other team no show. The other team claimed no show on my team but I have pictures of us spamming invites and they never accepted. Need help from Beyond Staff please. Thank you.
  3. Did you get to pick up any power ups during your time? How did the animation seem? Are any animations toggle?
  4. Is sprint handled the same way as in the beta? Meaning shield penalty recharge for sprinting? Does shooting someone slow down their movement speed when sprinting?
  5. Are you guys still looking for one more I would be very interested in playing with you guys
  6. That is soooo hott takes me back to 6th grade.......I think I see a nipple
  7. I believe this list was simply created by a random generator program and then when they get to the top ten are just going to make sure that lockout and midship are in there. Which is hilarious because Heretic did not break the top 75 and assembly beat Heretic?????????????? Words cannot explain
  8. Has there been any updates or information in regards to the esports playlist for MCC. What games it will entail? What gametypes it will include?
  9. Five games including H2A can we expect more or less than 4 playlist per title (for example H2 skirmish or H3 btb or HCE 2v2, etc?)
  10. E3 was last week? I have yet to see an official statement in regards to voting for different halo's as opposed to each halo having their own unique playlist?
  11. In the IGN interview at E3 (btw its at 1;20 into the video if you wish to watch), members of 343 discuss the matchmaking design or implementation. In short you have three choices between the 4 halo's meaning HCE H2 H3 or H4 will be randomly selected to not even be available as an option to play. Does anyone else feel like this is an odd or even bad implementation of the veto system? I just feel like each halo should have there own multiplayer matchmaking arena so if you wish to play HCE or H3 etc you can play that one game as much as you want. I believe Bravo tweeted that they are working on making this a reality but I could not locate it. Also another question I wanted to raise to the community is within the veto system is it going to be like H3. Reach or H4? For as we all know the veto system and matchmaking in H4 is awful, I do not want to be locked into a game because I voted TS Beaver Creek H2 and 3 people back out before they have voted because they wanted H3 construct TS and I am left in a 4v2 or 4v1 etc. Final question I do not like join in progress and I believe it does not fit, work or belong in halo? However how does everyone else feel about JIP? This is just for the MCC not Halo 5 as we have no details on H5 at the moment.
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