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  1. Well thats a good start, my bad! Thanks for bringing to my attention! Edited original post @@RTSxRagnarok
  2. Hey all, just created my first montage using Sony Vegas. Would really appreciate any input/feedback on the editing side of the montage. Clips are mostly HCS/Team Arena. Not the best ever clips but really trying to work on editing skills. Thanks!
  3. Twitch only working on mobile devices for me, but you have to find h5 on games to find stream
  4. Why am I matching Batchford on my I'm drunk account with no matches played this season. edit 3/4 matches
  5. I'd say more of a George Best/Stanley Matthews, GOAT who was taken from us to soon.
  6. This makes so much sense to me. I hate Busquets but respect how good he is at the game. Not that I hate Cratos, he's just more of a Suicide Squad member compared to the Avengers. Rostermania has definitely revived my interest in the HCS. Whether you like or dislike them, personalities are what keep bringing people back/in.
  7. OT I'm from Penygroes, nice to see a Llanelli boy on Beyond. Also some really good matches tonight, I feel the EU casting is so much calmer and more informative than the NA, excited to see how Towey and co perform tonight.
  8. Another player lagged out at the end. Could be a rough night
  9. When you oddshot that Maniac triple and the file gets corrupted. #notdank
  10. I would imagine he was checking how many players were dead, rather than checking KD
  11. Lets go! Premium baby. ps. Any chance of an inv to the twitch chat? TzOctopus
  12. Knowing that whenever you played someone with those pictures you were playing someone very very good or a cheater. Usually the latter. Wish we could have them back.
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