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  1. ​"Y'ykn-yknow it's gonna be an uphill battle for them because they are uh, they are behind in the series, and yknow they're gonna have to win the required number of games to win the series as it uh, as it pertains to the current score of the match that they are in"
  2. Ghost commentates like Michael Owen. "Snakebite takes the sniper from Ace, so he's now got the T2 combo, which is bad news for Str8 because he isn't a member of Str8'
  3. I've heard the Panda-Str8 series was really entertaining, what's the best way I can watch it? Sorry if this is a really stupud question. I'm a bit of luddite now.
  4. How has EG been looking in scrims and stuff? Didn't they place well in that online cup?
  5. My entire Halo 5 experience and why I don't play it anymore. ​>Nobody has an xbox anymore, so I'll search ranked solo ​>Every game is horribly unbalanced and unplayable ​>Never mind, I'll guess I'll search in social ​>There is no social >Warzone then ​>Lol never again ​>They add social ​>It's not actually social, it's ranked with the rank not on display ​>Never play again ​>Months go by >Maybe I'll check out Halo Wars... ​>See a Halo Wars stream ​>Lol no >Halo 6 rumours ​>Won't be deceived any longer >Accept Halo is dead and 343 suck ​I actually quite like Halo 5's game mechanics and gunplay and stuff - it's just a shame the matchmaking system is absolutely horrible. The ranked and social modes are childishly bad.
  6. I played MCC for the first time in roughly a year. I searched in the Halo 3 playlist, I'm a level 21. I was paired with 3 level 1-5's and the other team had two 48's. My team mates had about 100 games played, 0.3 KDs and went for dual spikers. LOL what is this game? Why is it still so unplayable? It's the reason I got an xbox 1 and the reason why my xbox1 is totaly unused. Halo 5 is terrible. 343 have legitmately single handedly lost Microsoft the console war to Sony. Good job, guys. You were given a golden goose by Bungie and have somehow managed to fuck it up spectacurlary.
  7. ​I watch 2gre stream sometimes, he seems really good. He also seems to play a lot more than most pro's. Why isn't he on a team? He looks like he can still do it. 31 isn't old for a gamer. ​Is Naded's team not good then? What was the shady shit? (I know these posts will be annoying for regulars but I'm curious!)
  8. I've been around this community since 2007 but I very sporadically check in anymore. Can someone give me a TL;DR run down of Ogre 2 and Naded? What have they been doing/doing now. ​Sorry to be annoying, I just don't have the will to lurk thousands of pages to find out myself. Also, Halo 5 sucks dick. I've played it even less than Halo 4 - which is quite something.
  9. Apologies if this has been discussed to death already, which it almost certainly has, but I've been away from the forum and game for a year so I'm totally out of the loop. ​Anybody else get this annoying thing when you respawn you're aiming down slightly by default? What's that all about? ​Also. why the fuck is sprint, clamber and thrust in the CE playlist?
  10. I wish they would just make H3 backwards compatible already. There's something fundamentally wrong with the MCC version. I don't trust 343 to make a competent H3A game either.
  11. I've been out of the loop for a long time but I'm starting to play H5 again - it's a fun game when you learn to accept the horrible ranking/balancing system. Anyway, is the competitive scene still on life support? It doesn't seem to be thriving and the prize pot fell from over a million dollars to 30k. Can pro's even make a living from playing anymore?
  12. Does it still pay well to be a pro? Or do you have to be at the very top to make it worth it?
  13. So I haven't followed Halo for months. Where can I get a quick recap of the pro league?
  14. How do players get paid for pro league? I'm genuinely curious here and not trolling but can pro's really make a living from this? I know the guys on CLG and stuff made a lot of money at that mega event but I'm talking about the average pro.
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