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  1. Need 3 players that can hold their weight. Tired of running solo and losing cause of randoms. I'm a 50 on my main and 32 on my secondary, trying to get 50 on it. Add me GT main: vVitaI (last letter is capital i) Secondary GT: I krattos I (both capital i)
  2. Looking for other teammates that can carry their own weight. I have a 50 on my main but I'm trying to get my other account to 50 as well. I need 3 other solid players to run with. Randoms just aren't cutting it. GT: VvitaI (last letter is capital i) Secondary GT: I krattos I ( I= capital i)
  3. I'll play. I live in Monroe.GT; vVitaI (L in vital is i)
  4. Able to play Monday through Friday 3:30-whenever and off every weekend. Will travel to attend lans. Contact me on twitter or add my gt @t_ravv vVitaI Last letter in vital is a capital i
  5. Have thumbs Call out and communication Handle losses Be able to travel for lans Be open minded No Ragers We run starting at 7 eastern until about 10:30-11 later on Saturdays and Monday nights typically Hit me or my teammate up Twitter.com/t_ravvdank teaGT: vVitai Twitter.com/lowlifesev GT: lowlifesev
  6. vVitai is my gt add me now to run games. serious players only with some experience running under an org so if we bring you on youll be a part as well
  7. Prefer event experience or at least some online tournament placings Hit me or my teammate up Twitter.com/t_ravvdanGT: vVitai Twitter.com/lowlifesevdanGT: lowlifesev
  8. •have a good shot •call outs and also good communication •able to compete at high level •able to start practice at 7 eastern •be able to take losses Contact me or my teammate Twitter.com/t_ravvdank team nGT: vVitai Twitter.com/lowlifesevdanGT: lowlifesev
  9. We need a really strong slayer. Onyx in team arena or no tryout. Good communication AND good call outs. Have open availabilities for the evening eastern time being 7:30 until we're ready to get off. Need people to run with TONIGHT contact me or my teammates on Twitter or Xbox GT: vVitai Twitter.com/t_ravv Twitter.com/lowlifesev GT: lowlifesev
  10. Two of us have attended Daytona and have event experience Communication is key Be able to take a loss No crying and complaining Can handle constructive criticism You have to want this as bad as we do Be ready to grow GT: vVitai Twitter.com/t_ravv
  11. Add me vVitai just left an org
  12. Need a main slayer to complete the team. Try out tonight add me on vVitai If selected to be on the team you'll become a part of the org homicidekings.com funding will be included once we've put the time and practice in. Also contact me on Twitter Twitter.com/ hk_vVitai
  13. •play for the win not the KDA •remain calm under pressure •able to recover after a loss •COMMUNICATION •play in evenings eastern time •attend LANs •watch game film and improve from our mistakes This isn't going to be perfect from the start so be willing to grind this game out and play hard Twitter.com/t_ravv Facebook.com/Travis.hornsby.9
  14. •18+ •looking for teammate willing to drive to events •a teammate that can practice in the evenings •have a positive attitude •no raging •we already have a sponsor, so everyone interested will be tried out before any decision are made. •contact me on Twitter or Xbox. •GT vVitai •Twitter.com/t_ravv We have a local tournament 4v4 coming up and had a teammate drop due to work. Top two teams win cash prize. Tournament is the 29th need player immediately. We are located in Morganton NC. We will be attending events and competing HCS
  15. I'm active just having trouble finding a 4th for halo 5 and someone that's actually able to carry their weight.
  16. Looking for a 4th to attend events. having a local lan November 29th Add me for more details. vVitai Twitter.com/t_ravv Local tournament will have cash prizes for first and second place
  17. Looking for: •local teammate/ Morganton NC •available in evenings for practice •someone to attend big events/lans •calls out/ doesn't rage •willing to work as a team/learn how to play with each other We're already sponsored so we will be trying out multiple people before making any decisions. We have a 4th now but we're replacing due to not being active and being online for practice. Contact me on xbox or Twitter. My GT is vVitai and my Twitter is Twitter.com/t_ravv
  18. Need a 4th for team. We have one but he can't get online to put in the practice so we will have to replace him. We are sponsored and will be having tryouts until we find a replacement. looking for a local player also to attend lans and other big events. We're located in NC, Morganton My GT is vVitai and you can also get to me on Twitter.com/t_ravv
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