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  1. He posted it to get credit? Fuck that. Good for him for posting it. The more people that do it, the faster it will get fixed. Seriously, the game is so broken, who gives a shit if you run into some losers quitting to rank up in a game where your rank is going to get reset anyways.
  2. GT: piaydough I'm on right now. I just got an Xbox One a couple days ago and I already want to smash it and this game. So if I could actually get some customs in instead of playing constant 3v5 matchmaking after searching for 20 minutes, that would be great!
  3. What's with all the kids hitting me offline at a highest skill 5 in doubles once they start getting shit on? My friend and I are just trying to have some fun playing Halo 3 on free 1 months, but NOPE, these nerds have to ruin all the fun. 3 times in a row now dating back to last night.
  4. piaydough got some serious rust seeing as i havent played for a couple years, but im good for both.
  5. He hardly has any followers on twitter, and responds to tons of people. He hasn't given direct insight into the rank system, but has made some statements that lead you to believe the rank system will be similar to Bops2. Ask him stuff, but don't be dumb. https://twitter.com/joshua_menke
  6. There are too many to count. And none of them include Reach or H4.
  7. got hit offline 2 games in a row by in team doubles of all playlists by "Marski is Baked". went afk both games then i got hit while he was afk. asked him why he's hitting in h4 and his response was "****** you suck". i hope he gets his ass kicked some day by a gay dude. blocked the word he used here. if you couldnt gather what the word he chose was, he must have been a insecure homophobic 15 year old.
  8. I would absolutely love to see Ogre 2 win. I know this goes completely against community momentum, and 343 doesn't need anything else telling them their game sucks, but if Ogre 2 wins after not playing the game at all, and someone like pistola loses to him....I mean caammmonnn. I've also just never been a fan of pistola. It's pretty funny to see the dude get super worked up though and scream stuff at LANs, comes across as the biggest tool to me.
  9. just got shit on by this dude and his friend in doubles. they voted infinity slayer abandon instead of flag dispatch and chose to jetpack to high up branches i didnt know existed and camp with scattershots. its a sad day. although i got a good laugh out of his bio/gamertag/highpitched voice. /pointless rant
  10. Crackdown! Oh how times flies.
  11. well that hit me right in the feels neva4get
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