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  1. im going off of his current platform. he was more radical in the 80s however
  2. y'all know that liberals aren't leftists, right?
  3. "What I want to know is the real motive" Racism and xenophobia. That's it.
  4. fuck the troops and fuck u for actively partaking in us imperialism
  5. hey im 24 now and im depressed what have u all been up to
  6. how well does it stand up to your other favorites form the mcu?
  7. i guess if the only movies u watch are action movies made post 2010 then maybe but even then thats a stretch, even for knighty whatd u think of it btw? humanizing thanos was a mistake
  8. i cuss in front of the students i TA and they probably think im the smartest 20-something theyll ever meet
  9. i was pretty bored during the film. the black order were stupid underwhelming and their subplot were underwhelming as fuck. thanos was cool and ruthless, but he didnt feel selfish enough
  10. infinity war was underwhelming at best. black panther and thor: ragnarok were far better

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