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  1. fuck the troops and fuck u for actively partaking in us imperialism
  2. hey im 24 now and im depressed what have u all been up to
  3. how well does it stand up to your other favorites form the mcu?
  4. i guess if the only movies u watch are action movies made post 2010 then maybe but even then thats a stretch, even for knighty whatd u think of it btw? humanizing thanos was a mistake
  5. i was pretty bored during the film. the black order were stupid underwhelming and their subplot were underwhelming as fuck. thanos was cool and ruthless, but he didnt feel selfish enough
  6. infinity war was underwhelming at best. black panther and thor: ragnarok were far better
  7. wheres the film thread and why is the mirror not in the criterion collection
  8. WhyIsPuffyTaken


    fucking hate living in orlando so damn hot
  9. so how fucking long were jon and friends on the rock in that lake cause wouldnt it take a raven a while to get to dragonstone and then awhile for dany to get there?? how does time work in westeros lmao
  10. why is euron dressed like he works at hot topic
  11. yo lad im in Norman till sunday night lets get some hookers
  12. i thought the soundtrack was next to perfect, really enjoyed the film. probably scored it too high but meh
  13. i downloaded A Silent Voice. ill probably watch it friday or thursday. Saw Your Name in theaters with my bud and we both cried lmfao started watching Rakugo. amazing story telling. if u like dialogue i recommend
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