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  1. Im searching for a team for AGL 9. I can practice or run games any night for multiple hours. Add me Human 2
  2. I can run games with you guys anytime during the week. Add me Human 2
  3. Im a free agent looking for a team to play in AGL 9. I live in GA and can play anytime during the week. Add me on xbl to run games Human 2.
  4. I can play or volunteer commentate. I live north of atlanta so ill be there no matter what.
  5. Add me Human 2 Im going to AGL ATL 100% im looking for teammates to go with i live just north of atlanta
  6. Human 2 I live just north of Atlanta. Im looking to play in AGL 9. Im on for a few hours every night but I can play any time during the week. Add me if you are wanting to run games.

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