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  1. If someone PM'd me a VOD link to Lethuls "analysis" of Maniac before I will pay you back in favours of your choosing.. It's 6am I'm gonna pass outs.
  2. What's all this about a bunch of pro's being in a group call with 343?
  3. I don't know why that was a thing but it was a.. cool thing.
  4. Lethul + Snip3down interview pre-game Gold Medal series http://www.twitch.tv/halo/v/38734087?t=5h51m21s
  5. Really really cool, just like people have said, work on the readability of it. I think the background needs to be toned down a bit for starts. But awesome work
  6. For the amount of hours it would have taken for me to grind it, I'd rather use the points on regular packs and just pay the fee too :3
  7. FINALLY UP https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/blog-posts/cartographer-s-gift-sneak-peek
  8. God all of those custom games were what I lived for in high school. I played well over a thousand custom games and half of those were probably Fat Kid and all the other awesome, clever custom games that people came up with.
  9. One thing that really disappoints me with the maps, and it's something quite obscure but... There are maps in this game that are situated on a Halo ring.. But until someone pointed it out, I didn't even realise. It should be awe inspiring and look kick ass, but instead it just fades into the clouds. It irritates me :3
  10. 38 minutes ago he said he was typing it and it would be out in the next 2 hours
  11. I just scoured the web and found the guys who won. They got their faces in the Fall of Reach animated series. Really cool but damn I'd be kinda annoyed about not getting in the game itself. They won special editions and other swag too though.
  12. Speaking of.. There was an ARG for Halo 5 back in May. The winners were going to have their 'faces put into the game'. I totally forgot about it. Was there ever a video about it? Something showing them in the game or a press release?

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