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  1. As a '06 MLG forum lurker to a 2017 Beyond lurker, this news excites the hell out of me!
  2. In before Flamesword leads Optic's to be announced Destiny team.
  3. What if 343 is just really insecure about the possibility of MLG making changes to maps and gametypes? Maybe they have some god complex over Halo and feel that no one should decide competitive settings besides them?
  4. You're fucking out! Have you checked out Vice Principals? It's pretty good so far.
  5. Came back to enjoy rostermania, expected shitposting and dank memes. Was greeted by player comparisons and the fall of CLG.
  6. I've been too busy hating Roger Goodell and the NFL the world, but I couldn't have asked for a better time to come back!!!!
  7. If anything, Naded's candor has made me respect him even more.
  8. This coming from the network that blew up deflategate... It should be expected by now, fuck ESPN!
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