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  1. hey could any of you make me a twitch overlay and banner? i would be willing to pay. please message me on skype Harrison.Greenhalgh or email me at [email protected]
  2. Hey every one I'm a F/A for AGL9. I live in Florida so I am in Eastern time zone, it also means I am going 100% no matter what. I am on every day almost all day. I have been competitive gaming since halo 3. I have been to 6 events. Have not been able to go to a halo 4 event. I do have LAN exp on halo 4 tho. I'm a smart player, very objective minded, and will do any thing to get the win even if that means going negative. If you are interested in running add me GT: Call Me Parad0x the o is actually a zero. Willing to run with any thing from a TO3 to F/As. Thank you for your time.
  3. Not really turn a blind eye. we love Terry and Lamps!
  4. I am a hard core Chelsea FC fan im ready for the hate. But the special one has come home where he belongs!!!
  5. Tampa Call Me Parad0x. The o is a zero
  6. hey every one just wanted to stop by and say hello
  7. im down to run games. hmu GT: Call Me Parad0x the o is actually a zero
  8. Im down to run i have been to past halo events. i never miss a shot. ill be going 100% to the event considering i live in Florida. Im on every day for multiple hours. im a good team player and can play any role you guys need me to play. i am a smart player know when to push, know strats, know all call outs. hit me up Call Me Parad0x the o is actually a zero.
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