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  1. I'm guessing there ffa placings were a fluke to
  2. They didn't do anything at the beginning of Reach because most of them weren't really playing because the game wasn't very good with sprint and bloom but with nsnb and the v7 settings the game was really solid and a lot of players came back. Are you seriously saying that a team "fluked" all the way to top 4? lol
  3. top 4 at Columbus 2012 (the most prestigious reach event) isn't doing anything?
  4. I'm assuming by this comment you don't know much of the history of the past halos. Elamite was a top pro in H2, H3, and Reach. A lot of new kids don't know who he is because he hasn't been playing H4 because it wasn't a very good game until 4 shot and v4 settings. If he wants to start competing again full time and starts practicing a lot he'll get picked up on a top team and improve that team for sure.
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