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  1. or liquid drops Heinz for Ogre 2. ogre 2 is a better version of heinz.
  2. nothing is safe till Sunday who knows what if EG runs games with Commonly and change their mind.
  3. formal is not joining EG. optic brand is not gonna let him go.
  4. what was that about why you only cover top 8 teams @@CyReN?
  5. no way roy leaves lunchbox unless lunchbox is not competing . gametbattles teams don't mean anything.
  6. .................................................. when do rosters lock?
  7. Renegades is scriming Dream Team and are leading 9-7. dream team playing better than i gave them credit for.
  8. i feel people are underestimating optic. they have been improving. the reason they are bad now is because they did not put in the time early on and they are behind everyone else. I think they have the talent to make some upsets if they can get to the regional and then worlds. There is still a good amount of time left for them to close the gap.
  9. the thread just getting derailed now. i think we just need to get back to discussing the pro team and scrims i am sorry for taking thread off topic ------------------------------------ I am excited for X-Games. Wanna see how things shake up in Lan. Only disappointment is that I do not think Dream Team is a top 6 team. I think they can not hang with the top 4 teams at all.
  10. the jab was on stream? i thought prox was talking about a post that audley made.
  11. But its ok when we discuss the Sudd's dogs when the Sudds fought? If we are gonna set a standard we need to stand by it. I agree that discussing your living conditions in this thread is off topic. I also found discussing the sudd's dog off-topic
  12. you know shit got real when our stat trackers and analysts are going at it.

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