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  1. What i find to be weird about this whole players not getting paid is this. AGL states that the payout is determined on how many teams sign up. So that would mean that the money the get from sign ups go to the pot (or should go to the pot) but players haven't been paid since AGL 7? I find this to be very alarming.
  2. The real question is when will the players be paid and if people actually get paid from this event
  3. I mean i get it yeah its awesome when it happens but it hardly happens at all. How many times has it happened since agl started?
  4. Yes true but how many times previously has this happened? Not many bc its so incredibly hard to do that.
  5. yeah bth vs severance was a continuation match while both were in losers
  6. Now that Halo is not a part of MLG why do we still use continuation? It seems absolutely pointless and puts a lot of mental pressure on the losing team (hints why we don't see many teams come back and win off of a continuation series that they are down in). Take for instance the series with BTH vs Severance in losers finals BTH is up 3-0 against Severance so that means Severance has to win 6 games and BTH has to win 3 but how is that fair since they are both in loser's? Severance has to essentially beat BTH twice while BTH is already in loser's. Also no one else uses continuation not EVO or SC2 and LoL in Korea and tournaments outside of MLG. So why do we continue to use it? When no one else seems to use it because they all believe each series is a new series between teams. I think we need to take a serious look at this format.
  7. If continuation is so good then why doesn't any other tournament organizer of other games like smash, league of legends, injustice, SSF4 use continuation? When mk9 was introduced at mlg and they were playing continuation the players hated it so mlg changed it. Most people don't like continuation and rightfully so because coming out of losers is a real burden if you have played the team previously starting a new series down 3-0 or 3-1 seems pointless. No other tourney game uses continuation and I don't know why we do
  8. Not sure if this is the place for this but can we at least get sprint and armor abilities taken out for v5 settings? I mean i know the v4 settings are here to stay but pitfall is coming out soon and i assume they will take the place of adrift ctf and abandon ts. Also the community is coming back and we are on an up rise I think taking sprint and AA's out will bring back some of the hard core guys that left when reach/h4 came out.
  9. also in the question above does this mean that both questions are not a continuation and they are both non continuation series correct?
  10. that's how it would be if you didn't do continuation. because the winner's bracket winner would have to be beaten twice so that's 6 games they would have to lose to the loser's bracket team to win the tournament. The winner's bracket finalist would have to win 3 games to win it all in a non continuation format.
  11. I never really liked the continuation format because it makes it a lot harder on the players mentally coming out of the loser's finals into grand finals because lets say the the winners bracket finalist 3-0'd the team coming from the losers bracket earlier in the tournament. The loser's bracket team is at a huge mental disadvantage not only do they have to beat the team from the winner's bracket in 2 series but they also start 3-0 for the first series. It allows more often than not a very bland grand finals.
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