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  1. We have seeding settled for a big LAN event coming up next week and no posts on it. We dad. Seeding and points as reported by @mattyrums on Noob Combo: Nfinite – 1810 points – bubu dubu, Shotzzy, Tusk, Falcated TOX Gaming – 1560 points – SnakeBite, Lethul, APG, Royal 2 (The team formerly known as "eLevate") – 960 points – Ace, Neighboy, TriPPPeY, Penguin Lux Gaming – 860 points – Gilkey, Rayne, WANWerd, Omega Mason Minotaurs – 590 points – Rammyy, Swift Kill, Stormy 628, Munoz Denial – 570 points – Shele, Str8Sick, Aries, D3MON D Sage Esports – 560 points – Cloud, Ryanoob, Goofy, Commonly GMS – 410 points - Gabriel, Fantasy, Frosty, Eco Reciprocity – 320 points – Snipedown, Roy, Pistola, Lunchbox Free agents with significant points: Wensor - 290 Zurka - 290 Bobsambition - 150 Sabinater - 150 Alemite - 140 EliElite - 140 GunFiire - 140 Manipulator - 140
  2. There is a 3v3 SWAT tournament on April 16 run by SWAT Nation. Halo Draft League is already underway for the spring season, but sometimes they hold standalone events so they'd be worth checking out. HDL seems to be the main outlet for competitive H5 at the moment. I'd keep an eye on the Noob Combo event calendar, as it is probably the best way to keep track of Halo tournaments for all games.
  3. Elevate and SQ breaking up or just available guys tryna earn qualifier points while other teammates are unavailable? Shotzy coming back?!?!
  4. Noodle

    Film Discussion

    I'm pretty sure most people didn't have Green Book winning due to it not being considered as good a movie as some of the other nominees (and the fact that most people don't follow the rumor mill surrounding voters and studio campaigning).
  5. Until now I've always been alone in mentioning Waffle Crisp as the greatest cereal and was just thinking about how it should've been included in today's debate. They need to bring it back, white it only got discontinued last year it's been at least a decade since I've seen any in Texas. RIP.
  6. First Halo: CE Favorite Halo: CE First Competitive Halo: H3 Least Played Halo: H4 Favorite Gun: CE Magnum Favorite Map: Derelict Favorite Pro: Zyos _____________ While I love CE and H2 a lot more than H5 I actually almost listed Coliseum as my favorite map because of how much I enjoyed Coli CTF. It might have gotten in over Derelict if it wasn't for the fact that I never really enjoyed Coli Slayer.
  7. Is MCC going to be on the Windows store as well? If so, do we know if Steam users will be able to play matchmaking with Windows users or if the two PC versions will be segregated?
  8. Noodle

    Film Discussion

    I enjoyed Green Book but I'm shocked that it managed to pull away with the win. I know that the way the voting works the middle of the road movie ends up getting an advantage if votes get split across different movies (like was likely this year), but I still woulda hoped/assumed that it would've been at the bottom of ballots. I enjoyed the movie and don't care at all about "white savior" politics or historical inaccuracy (it's fictional, I don't care if that's not what it was like in real life), but I just don't think it did anything special to warrant a win. IMO Roma and The Favourite were the only two nominees that would stand the test of time and be taught in film schools years from now. I could see voters not voting for a Netflix movie (especially since they might think that it's already winning Foreign Language Film and doesn't need Best Pic) and them finding Favourite weird, but I woulda thunk that that would open the door more for BlacKkKlansman, A Star is Born, or even Black Panther. Well, at least First Man didn't get shut out. Sad to see Beale Street not able to take the Score award they were frontrunners for.
  9. It felt like all the teams realized around the same time that they're not playing for money in today's UGC tournament. GMS and Reciprocity at least were talking about it at the same time before the semi's. I think the original announcement was pretty vague and I'm still unsure if the Winter Series has the teams play for seeding into a $1k tournament or if whichever teams have the most points after six tournaments wins a share of the $1k.
  10. Old Denial: doesn't pay players New Denial: owner calls a player a slur and then defends his actions I think Denial might need to hit the reset button again and rebrand with a new name.
  11. Me when Grassroots came out: I'm glad that we are moving to a system that builds a competitive base for eSports to be built on top of rather than just subsist on a completely developer driven tournament scene that evaporates entirely once dev support is gone. Me this morning when comparing the 2019 Halo prize pools to the minimum $284k up for grabs in Farming Simulator eSports:
  12. This is the type of analytical content I would have killed for back in '08. Great visual breakdown of a Denial flag run (with all the PoVs used made possible by the fact that UGC ran quad streams!):
  13. If they had team chat playing with the audio that would create one of the greatest tournament viewing experiences for me. Still glad to see quad view wasn't abandoned forever with H2A.
  14. Wait, they have quad streams?!?!!? Why haven't they been advertising this, this is fantastic!
  15. We get to see Gilkey, who's on fire, play on the main stage!

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