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  1. The 4 teams that went 5-0: InControl - RPCommon, RRRyno, Rudiment, Psylince HavingZeroFun - RealisedG, sSorrell, FFantvsy, TritonJB PHENOMS - Bound_23, JustinOla, NNeptunE, TriPPeY JR2s Army - jr2X, SickStory, Queenx3, NerdyHimself The 5 teams with 4-1 records tied for fifth place that made the cut based on Buchholtz: Los Coyotes - Drift117, Noblc, AtzoKiddo, NuggetSSJ NtC - Sceptify, musha_eH, TuskXIII, Its_Name Icon - SmokeYadig, Razon_Blains, Van_HeLsinGG, Schlayygs Status Quo - Stormy628, Jimbossity, FlameswordsQ, Squallayee 69mgs - eEmployee, SECKTO, NJDisplay, RowaNdaBoat The 13 other teams that tied for fifth place with a 4-1 record: Tempo - _Rawkin_, BeasttBeasts, Plague-_, Fractureddd The Shell - WinntuR, HuNteR_jjx, Elumnite, robtheturtle Real ones - --MoNsteR-, Minds0, GuIVShoT, hiHurricane UnorthodoxGamin - Bunniesz23, Vidas_, SNoWMvN, SystemSTATS Gotham City - TappingB, MagicButtons, gambinoxbx, peluGod EU-Gang - TheSpeedShow, iFearish, MystaOG, thomasblz Stainers - GGoofyy, OpTicDaddy, gilk3y, D3M0N_D Idk - lil_WIll, BobAndretti, Padawin, JForJumper 4 Guys - BlackHalogod, MrcoLeK, Floppie_, RevanYaEngine Legendary ANZ - Nemassist, Sargothcc, LifeStyleBB, Tragicxo Bake a Cake - Kabeadelic, DlDDY, Rhysky, Avozo Just Did It - -FDG, DrPiL, FeaRisSicK, MLGameOver No Half Senders - Blazapc, PiLEZ, Btron, Wargwa Some of those rosters that didn't make the cut you would have expected to qualify over some of the teams that did. The EU team stayed up past 6:30am to play their matches. It's a travesty that some teams played all night to not get in based on a tie breaker system that becomes random when there's not enough data to support it.
  2. Looks like they went ahead and used Buchholtz score for tiebreakeres to settle the 18 team tie for fifth, which is unfortunate since Buchholtz is a flawed system and especially so when you only have five rounds of data. An incredible shame that the Swiss sytem was butchered in its first HCS use and has lead to 14 teams with the same record has another four miss out on qualifying for the pro tournament. I would be SO very upset to be one of those players who lost one match, just like 17 other teams, and not make the cut based on this system. For those unaware, the Buchholtz system is a means of determining a competitor's strength of schedule; in theory the team with the higher score face tougher competition so would be better than a team with a similar record but lower score since the former had to work harder for the same record as the latter. However, this system is prone to lots of variance in an open format, as you pretty much have to hope that the team you beat the first round was good enough to win a match or two afterwards. When you combine with the low number of rounds (only five this tournament) and the fact that teams that went 0-2 were eliminated without playing additional rounds (which defeats the purpose of Swiss to begin with) so they're true "strength" for a strength of schedule system cannot be determined, this leaves the Buchholtz score without enough good data to draw from. Sometimes, since Buchholtz is criticized for breaking ties based on the randomness of who players faced in the first round, a Median-Buchholtz score is used, where the top and bottom ranked opponents each competitor faced are thrown out in determining their score to try and cut down on unlucky draws that resulted in facing a much harder/easier round one opponent than other competitors. But with only five rounds for the 18 teams tied for fifth to draw from, that would leave only three matches to determine Buchhotlz score and likely a bunch of tied within that scoring system. HCS/Faceit, please consider keeping Swiss as a tournament system but for the sake of your competitors (some of whom are probably rightfully disgruntled with HCS right now) please commit to the system and give it the time it needs. Otherwise, just use this for seeding points for the next open tournament and run a double elim bracket to avoid the headache that this tournament was.
  3. Very happy to see a Halo tournament use Swiss, but today's use was not a good implementation. The standings on the website suggested that some teams were eliminated after only two rounds, which is too soon to rules teams out:if two really good teams happened to match other good teams in the first round and then matched each other in the second round you end up with a good team eliminated even though they might be a top eight team. This can happen in double elim as well, but the point of running Swiss instead of a bracket is to avoid these problems and settle on the standings with a good set of data. Scheduling five rounds for 117 registered teams is not enough if you have to whittle down to top eight, as seen by the fact that there are 18 teams tied for fifth place at the end of what was supposed to be a one day tournament. Plans are being worked out to play more matches on Sunday to settle this, but it sounds like they are trying to switch to a different system rather than extend the number of Swiss rounds. And since the qualifier needs to not just determine a top 8 but have the teams seeded and ranked 1-3 for the prize money payout, running pure Swiss was obviously not going to work unless you have two full days for it. (As an aside, shoutouts to the EU players who stayed up past 6am CET to play out their matches) Ultimately, unless more time is allocated to allow for more rounds, the Swiss system just functions as a double elim bracket anyways since you pretty much can't make the top cut if you lose two games. I hope this whacky use of Swiss today doesn't tarnish the view of the format in the eyes of the competitive Halo community that's not used to it, it really is a great format if properly implemented. TL;DR: By running a qualifier with not enough Swiss rounds, Faceit effectively made the qualifier a double elim tournament but without the simplicity of a bracket.
  4. Still don't know what's up with Mantra, but apparently they still exist with enough organizational structure where people can announce leaving it.
  5. Not that anyone thought they would, but looks like 343 isn't considering Midship, Simplex, or any of the other forge maps for tournament play and are content with the three maps we have.
  6. Me after not learning how to spring jump in Halo 5 and discovering that spring jumping is a thing in H2A:
  7. I can't find more info myself, although I've been trying to figure it out because less than a week before it all went down I was DM'ing the owner in hopes of joining them as a writer. This is all that I've been able to gather and my take, hope someone else can fill in the details: Mantra tweets out a $200 montage contest to honor Little Richard Legendary Halo 2 speedrunner Mr. Monopoli releases a montage of him making Mantra owner KX2 rage quit and complain about Monopoli's connection Monopoli notices that he cannot enter the montage to the competition because the tweet is deleted One day before this, Manta had tweeted out an image of the word "TRUTH" about how they honored their competitions and always paid out I can attest to this is false, I remember following some people on Twitter and Twitch as eligibility for a contest they tweeted out and not being able to find the tweet after a couple of days Within ten hours or so of Monopoli tweeting about the deleted contest, Spartan announces that his team is looking for a new sponsor, MintBlitz and UberNick announce their departure. Vetoed and the rest of the content team proceed to announces separation with Mantra over the next couple of days Around the same time, people tweet screenshots of KX2 BM'ing them as well and reports come out that various people have been blocked by Mantra on Twitter for seemingly no reason or minor reasons According to Monopli, via his stream, he said that after his tweet others came out about not being paid and about KX2 being a scammer. Something about how he made money off of people by claiming to be a prophet who knew the word of God or something about religious scamming. I haven't been able to find any publicly recorded accusations Since then, the Mantra Esports Twitter account has been deleted. People have expressed uneasiness with the internals of the organization, but I haven't seen any specifics given. My interaction with KX2 was pretty brief on Twitter, I was given his name and Twitter handle when I was asking around about if Mantra would want to pick up a writer after I noticed that they had a blog section on their website that was empty. I was told someone would mention me to him but I never heard back, so I tweeted at him a month later asking if he would be interested in a writer. I addressed him formally in the tweet, using the provided surname, and he responded politely in a DM asking me to delete "the article I wrote" (it was just a short tweet) saying that the name I used wasn't his name. The proceeding conversation was polite and nothing noteworthy, but I did find it weird that someone in his org would have given me the wrong name and I would have to delete the tweet and that the org had deleted a contest tweet previously, so I didn't really push on trying to schedule a time to talk.
  8. On Twitch I asked RyaNoob about his team and he said that Reliable didn't want to compete in H2A but the other three members of Nfinite are currently sticking together with a fourth on board (all tentative since Halo always has its team changes before roster locks). I would like to see Saiyan fill in on the Unlimited roster in place of TriPPeY, although Renegade filling in to recreate 3/4 of the Splyce roster looks fun too.
  9. I'd like this, but it is a lot of gametypes for a pool. I'd settle on 14 with a veto system to determine gametypes if there's a bracket reset between two teams that already met in Winners Finals. Ideally, I'd have the return of extended series because it highlights how Halo has differing game modes, but apparently that's just not eSports enough for competitive Halo.
  10. I don't follow a lot of people on Twitter, can someone explain the Mantra blowup for me? The legendary speedrunner MisterMonopoli made a montage for a $200 Mantra contest of the org's owner rage quitting and messaging him after getting killed in H2 matchmaking and Monopoli called out the org on twitter for deleting the montage contest tweet. Next day I see that the roster is looking for a new organization to sponsor them. Monopoli said in his stream that after his tweet and montage that a content creator in the org called out the owner for shadiness and it all came crumbling down from there. Anyone have more info on what's up with Mantra and if the players got paid or sponsored whatever they were due? Was exciting to see players like Killer N, Zyos, Karma, etc. combe back into the scene, but all the financial giveaways advertised with the team's lack of sponsors made everything seem financially unsustainable and possibly shady.
  11. If they're running H2A tournaments as part of HCS then they need to add a ranked H2A playlist. This might mean a need to cut some playlists to keep the options from being bloated; maybe cut Reach Slayer at the least since Reach has been out for a bit now.
  12. Was worried I was about to watch an over-edited montage in the modern style that doesn't let the clips speak for themselves, but this did a great job at using action clips to mesh in conjunction with the gameplay clips and not ruin the flow of things. Great job!
  13. Decided to jump onto Xbox MCC for some Halo 2 since I haven't got into the Insider program yet. For some reason the menu volume is miles above game volume and the game is trying to blow out my earn drums with the EXP progression menu as soon as I get out of game if I have the audacity to turn the volume up enough to hear game sounds. I've been patient with MCC, possibly because I didn't pick it up until after it had its major overhaul to improve it form launch state, but oh my god this might be the straw that broke the camel's back and leaves me fed up with this poor excuse for a sellable product.
  14. I wonder if this difference is also present on LAN. I mean, given MCC's track record I would assume so, but I guess it's possible that the tournaments we watched weren't played on this travesty, right?
  15. Ran into @Hard Way in matchmaking and he killed me with the needler (in CE). I feel so embarrassed, it should be illegal what he's doing! I've also learned the importance of timing camo on Chill Out; I'd been only timing OS and rockets, but now I know that camo has value too.

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