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  1. Thank you, I was just looking for this! So the FFA Snipes NB game variant is what to use for octagon? (Can't test out myself yet)
  2. Anyone know a fileshare that has the MLG Reach v7 maps and game variants? EDIT: "MLG Gametypes" has them. The idea of the currency system I believe is because you can use points to buy things from past seasons that you may not have earned.
  3. This. The most unified scene possible would be to have KBM possible for console with crossplay. With games like Gears and Smite having KBM support on console there's no reason at least Infinite and HW2 shouldn't have KBM support. (This reminds me that I need to look up if KBM is allowed at Gears tournaments...)
  4. IIRC, in the old MLG interview you posted earlier the map creator for Element said oddball played well on it, he just preferred setup-based gameplay to rotation-based gameplay. I also don't think it's necessarily a bad thing and would like to test it out. I'm also in favor of testing out Zealot Ball (and Warlock if the teleporters are fixed). If they don't play great that's fine, but I think they sound like options at least worthy of testing. We don't seem to have a lot of oddball options so I think testing these out would quickly tell us if oddball should can be included or not.
  5. Not sure about others, but I'm open to the idea of playing around with more after some testing, but think that it's a good idea to go this route as a basis of figuring out how to prioritize testing. I think it would be a more productive use of our time to test out things we need to round out a lineup first rather than blow a lot of time at the start trying to figure out which are the very best slayers or flags to use if we already have plenty of valid options. I feel like extending the list from 11 gametypes to 14 is almost closer to making a new list than curating a current one and we should form this list in mind with tournament structure before trying to then curate it and select the very best from a bunch of valid options. MLG kept tournament structure in mind when forming its settings, if you look at the interview @Basuposted with the creators of Nexus and Element you see them mention that their maps weren't tested much for certain game modes because of the 11 map limit in place (a reflection of the gametypes being formed with tournament structure in mind).
  6. Whether we go 2/2/2/2 or 3/3/2 for objective, I feel like with fourteen gametypes the map pool can get bloated if we have too many different maps. If we are going to have two-gametype limit per map I feel that we should also have only seven maps in the pool, with each one played twice. This is a much easier sell to 343, as I don't think they would want to end up with something like nine or ten maps players would have to learn for competitive. Thoughts on limiting the map pool to seven maps with each map given two gametypes?
  7. Well I guess we can discuss everything now! Assuming we can get decent ball and assault maps, I'm in favor of breaking down the fourteen gameypes with six slayer, two CTF, two assault, two ball, and two hill. Allows one of each gametype in a full Bo5 and slayer to continue to take three slots in a Bo7 with each objective gametype played once. This is of course also assuming 1-Flag doesn't end up being an option; I don't like the idea of 1-flag being played but I'm keeping an open mind and wouldn't want to definitively rule it out without testing.
  8. Does anyone have an objection to keeping the conversation focused on what maps we want the six slayers to be on until we get an answer on whether assault and ball are options? I think this might be the most productive use of our time, as player trait changes don't seem like a good first step of propose changes since they're a little more drastic and discussing CTF changes seems like a waste of time if we don't even know if CTF is one of two or up to four possible objective gametypes. @Hard Wayyou seem like the most "in charge" here of moderating the discussion (and you're the OP), does that sound like a good course of action?
  9. When you first mentioned testing bomb on those three maps I immediately thought of Countdown as the first one to test. Without changes to arm time or something I fear Sanc bomb would end up even more of a stalemate than Sanc CTF, like how Shrine bomb played in H2A and I feel like the center of the map on Zealot plays out better for occasional unorthodox flag runs than unorthodox bomb pushes. I haven't played a ton of Reach though, just really my thoughts after games on the Insider build.
  10. When for a second time in a row Emma gifs make a comeback right before a new movie she's in comes out to give us plenty of new material:
  11. Thank you for making this the very first point to guide the basis of our changes to the settings. I recently made a post with concerns over the fact that UGC and Dreamhack seem set on not running Bo11 extended series which was the basis for MLG gametype counts and we really need 14 unique gametypes in the ratios you've outlined if we are to keep with the HCS tournament format. Is there anyone who disagrees with expanding the gametype pool to fourteen gametypes with the ratios as outlined by Hard Way? Is this something we all agree we can all agree with as what we are basing our proposed revisions on? No objections so far, would love to keep the discussion moving forward as such, but if there are any objections it would be best to get those out of the way first. Thank you, Hard Way, for starting the thread and pushing for an organized community effort to open up the possibility of change to the settings.
  12. Tournament organizers need to make a change to how the Bo7s are run while tournaments are still run on MLG gametypes. MLG only had 11 gametypes for H2-Reach because they ran extended series (without any Bo7s) where if two teams ran into each other in the bracket twice the teams would play each gametype once if the series went a full 11 games. These Bo7s not only generate instances where we can see some gametypse have more weight than others, but we see the TOs schedule so we are guaranteed to see one gametype more than another. This DH, across the three Bo7s, we had Heretic CTF scheduled as one of the first four gametypes twice and Onslaught CTF not scheduled as one of the first four gametypes. Another tournament we had Construst TS scheduled zero times across the three Bo7s while another TS (I think it was Pit) was scheduled each series. Should we really have certain gametypes have more weight than others? And if we do, should we still be leaving it up to how the TO organizes the tournament structure? While I'd love to see the return of Bo5s extending to Bo11s without any Bo7s, I understand that the TOs seem to want to abandon the traditional Halo tournament format and it's not likely to happen. But maybe we could at least see a scenario where in GF if the bracket gets reset the two teams use a veto system to determine what the seven gametypes for that series are going to be that ways the gametypes that are given more weight are determined by the two teams playing and not arbitrarily determined beforehand? Am I the only one who is a little irked by the current tournament structures not meshing well with the number of MLG gametypes established? Dose a veto system sound like a way to solve this problem if we aren't going to run extended series or adde more gametypes to the pool?
  13. Noodle

    Film Discussion

    That's a lot of work for me, but I can give you my favorite films from 2015 onwards (that's when I started working at a movie theatre and started really watching movies a lot): 2015: Green Room. I didn't see Ex Machina in theatre since that was before I started, that might have taken the cake if I did. I don't think it's the best film of the year, per say, but I found the conflict fun and how the situation was more or less grounded. Great performance from Anton Yelchin, RIP. 2016: Manchester by the Sea. Moonlight was great that year too, but Manchester would be my pick for Best Picture. Fantastic performances from Casey Afflec, Lucas Hedges, and Michelle Williams really tell the story of how to live life when have to face a tragic past. 2017: A Ghost Story. Definitely not for everyone: it's very slow paced and thin on plot. I'm not sure why, but even though I could easily see people conceiving this as overly artsty (there's a full five minute scene of Rooney Mara eating pie that I think most would be the most boring scene in cinema but one that was actually my favorite scene that year) the visuals, pacing, and camera work created for me something that made me think with enough substance for me to keep chewing on those thoughts for some time. 2018: The Favourite. Roma was a great film that year, but gotta give my Best Picture vote that year to Favourite. Fantastic performances from Colman, Stone, and Weiss throughout the whole film with the writer/director Lanthimos seemliessly transitioning the reversal between two characters' roles as protagonist/antagonist. Super funny with plenty of meat on the bones for the dramatic bits. Plenty to go for this year still (haven't had a chance to see any of the award favorites that are starting to release), but my first half pick would be Midosmmar. Beautiflly crafted psychological film with plenty of fantastic visuallys and enough time given to fully develop character relationships and their shifts over the course of the story. What movies have you enjoyed in the past five years?
  14. FYI, this is how laser tag worked at Halo Outpost Discovery. I think that there was a short spawn protection where you couldn't take damage for a few seconds after spawning, which let players get back under cover if they were quick. And I don't remember there being too much cover for players trying to advance close enough to spawn camp. Was pretty fun, definitely the most fun I've had playing laser tag. I could be mis-remembering though, if anyone else went to HOD please feel free to correct.

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