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  1. My favorite CE maps are Derelict and Wizard. I don't mind getting spawn killed a lot if it means I get to spawn kill a lot. 8v8s on Derelict were so fun, I hope that rotational playlist comes back.
  2. Did MLG ever test assault for H3? What was the feedback / why not?
  3. They explicitly said that this is only "half true" in their development post today. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-july-2020 They even made a long video on the nature of the shot registration issue.
  4. I wanna see Ace and aPG team up with a couple of other vets who are deemed not good enough for modern Halo, name the team "Get Off My Lawn" and outplace the young guns they're getting dropped for.
  5. A little surprising given that they won the last LAN and looked pretty good during the H2A cups. Maybe the others weren't impressed with Ace's H5 performance and think they need a young god who will take off with Infinite abilities?
  6. It's game five of WB semis in the first Halo Infinite LAN tournament. Score is 49-49. RyaNoob grapple hooks a fusion coil over to him. He calls for his teammate to drop the Reinhardt shield, which he boosts off of to gain enough height to clamber to the top of a wall. He jumps the fusion coil on Snip3down's head to win the game. "YOU'RE BAD!" he yells at the top of his lungs. He plays TOX in WB finals. His team wins game one but then loses four straight. Fin.
  7. I'm just glad that these forums feel alive again. Missed you blokes.
  8. Snipe/Rocket respawn timers don't reset until the weapon stops moving. As far as I know, these times are based on sniper up every 2:30 and rockets every 3:00 (so if the weapons are dirtied you have to base the spawn times around 2:30/3:00), but with the time it takes for the weapon to sop moving after it hits the ground. I'm really bad at playing around weapon spawn times, so maybe it's just me being bad, but I swear that I've had some weapons spawn on these times and other times the weapons have spawned earlier. Rockets in a 30 minute game will spawn: 1. 26:56 2. 23:52 3. 20:48 4. 17:44 5. 14:40 6. 11:36 7. 8:32 8. 5:28 9. 2:24 Rockets in a 15 minute game will spawn: 1. 11:56 2. 8:52 3. 5:48 4. 2:44 Sniper in a 30 minute game will spawn: 1. 27:26 2. 24:52 3. 22:18 4. 19:44 5. 17:10 6. 14:36 7. 12:02 8. 9:28 9. 6:54 10. 4:20 11. 1:46 Sniper in a 15 minute game: 1. 12:26 2. 9:52 3. 7:18 4. 4:44 5. 2:10 Powerups will spawn 2 minutes after pickup. Not sure about sword, mauler, plasma pistol, BR, carbine, or grenades.
  9. Cursed Child is horribly written but was made as a play, not a book. I haven't heard of anyone leaving the theatre and not enjoying Cursed Child and am reserving judgement on it until I get a chance to see it in it's intended format. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was some fun world building until the sequel decided to try and make all these character relations and link it too much to the events sixty years later. Every thirty minutes, Crimes has to be all like "oh yeah, we called ourselves "Fantastic Beasts" and have the zookeeper as our main character again so here's some shoehorned magical beasts". The worst thing about Crimes is how all the characters from the first movie have their story arcs wrapped up neatly and the way they are thrown into the sequel's plot feels so forced and poorly done. If continuing from the first movie while freed from constraints of characters from the first movie and the main Harry Potter series sixty years in the future they'd have room for a good story in 1920's wizard France with more fun world building. Instead we get a really good Jude Law performance put towards nothing satisfying. I gave up on all of Harry Potter as a franchise when McGonogall was an adult in the 1910's flashback. Almost all of Rowlings "plot holes" through the universe are explained away with the whole "wizards are irrational" trait throw in the first book (ex: Quidditch's rules are so stupid, why wouldn't the refine them to make a game where the role of the snitch fits in better with the rest of the rules? Well, wizards are irrational, they don't rationally compete in sport the same way Muggles do), so she has given herself a certain amount of immunity to plot holes that other. Yet she breaks the world building she did in her published Pottermore articles (which do line up well with the main book series and are actually pretty good) just to show horn a familiar character into the movie for no good reason at all. Yet, in spite of all these problems with the Wizarding World universe, and even if Rowling wrote Warlock as a worse sequel to the ever popular and revered Wizard, both maps are ultimately better than Onslaught and Amplified and @Infinityis just going crazy from butterbeer withdraws.
  10. iGoturPistola and TriPPPeY went back to more familiar teammates in Pznguin and Saiyan. Bound was running games with Pryde, not sure what Neptune is up to.
  11. Anyone know a file share that has the H2C game type for Midship Assault saved? "Official HCS" has the rest of the H2C gametypes and even has a 3 Flag for BC, but it's missing assault. EDIT: "Hurricane OuO" has it. Between that, "Official HCS" and "MLG Gametypes" all the competitive gametypes and maps, sans H4, are easily accessible.
  12. Sentinals beat Pryde 3-1 after Pryde won the first game in finals, same as last week. Pryde showed life early in the series before Sentinals really took control and didn't look back. Inconceivable looked pretty good (forced a game five with Pryde) and Turning Point played well today in spite of having Swift Kill as a last minute sub due to Renegade's internet issues.
  13. I've been holding off on posting any sort of summary on this because Eco was on a call with Sentinels to explain the DQ and he seemed to convince them that Cratos' account of things is missing/confusing some details and I didn't want to summarize without a better understanding of what Eco said. EDIT: It seems everything is not as one-sided as Cratos and Lux are making it out to be.
  14. HavingZeroFun (RealisedG, sSorrell, Rammy, Triton) just quit their series against Falling Esports even though they still had a chance to win the series 3-1 and qualify for playoffs over Falling and Goobers. That would have forced a three-way tie for second between HZF, Falling, and Goobers, with the first tiebreaker (head to head to between tied teams) all a draw at 1-1 and the second tiebreaker (game win percentage between tied teams) all a draw at 75%. Final tie breaker is seed, so HZF would have gone through as the higher seed, but I guess they were too tilted to try. That said, this highlights the fact that seeding is used as a final tiebreaker, which is bullshit. AM teams can do as well as pro teams but get the shaft just because they're not already pros. They need to switch from round robin groups to double elim groups or do a three/four round Swiss format or something else that avoids dumb tiebreaker rules to save time or all these teams quitting instead of playing out their matches (like Stainers quitting the tournament after a single match). EDIT: Also hard for both players and fans to keep track of game win percentage when FaceIt dosen't have reporting for series score, just match win/loss.

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