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  1. Does anyone know why H2 1v1 settings were carbine starts instead of BR starts? Is it because the carbine requires you to use a higher percentage of your ammo to get kills so it forces map movement for ammo? So you have to pickup an item on map to be able to do BR button glitches? Something else?
  2. I'm having the same problem for a few months now! I thought it was my Xbox overheating at first, but I troubleshot that and it didn't seem the case, then after more time it only would happen for MCC and never for other games. I still thought it might be an issue on just my end, still a frustrating issue but it's a little relieving knowing at least that it appears to be a MCC issue that's not uncommon.
  3. It's the one thing I'm hoping for the most (since FOV sliders ran into some FPS issues), but to my knowledge we haven't seen any updates on it. Heck, they even just announced they'll be testing console FOV sliders again but still no mention of centered reticules on console.
  4. $700/mo for a 450sq ft efficiency in Corpus Christi, TX (excluding electricity)
  5. Has there ever been a notable dualtage where one of the two players gets clipped by the other as much as Stormy did? Lol.
  6. This playlist for the new H3 forge maps is some of the most fun I've had playing Halo in recent times. Not every map works best for the specific game modes you get on them, but even the worst in the list is better than a lot of the junk you get when regularly searching H3 and it's great getting loading into a game and not having to see a gametype that I hate playing. One of the rare things that has made me want to queue up again and again in MCC.
  7. Is that a cricket analogy? Did my American ass just recognize a cricket analogy?
  8. D3M0N D and Scarvayne were accused of rape/sexual assault by a woman in the community: 1, 2, 3 Danoxidewas accused of being abusive by two woman in the community: 1, 2 Danoxide has recently apologized for his actions and has admitted wrongdoing; when the accusations came out he had ceased playing in the MCC Pro Series and remained inactive since.. He signed up for a H5 tournament on Sunday and that upset a lot of people who think that since July it's way too soon for him to have shown true remorse and had a meaningful change to his character to even open the debate of whether he can ever be allowed back into the scene, not to mention that it's especially harmful for him to compete given that his victims are part of the scene and shouldn't have to choose between not interacting with him and continuing to enjoy Halo. I haven't been paying attention to H5 tournaments, so I could be off here, but I understand that Article and Envore teamed with Danoxide this Sunday and are receiving flak from the community for defending Danoxide's return. If you missed it, it's also been revealed that Sabinater sent unsolicited dick pics to women in the community.
  9. I'll be on tonight for recon slayer at some point after I cook dinner and do the dishes, look for me if y'all wanna run some games today.
  10. GT: Noodle 2x Having some packet loss issues on my PC at the moment, so mostly playing on Xbox these days, but packet loss is only occasional so I can still do PC (and hopefully I'll have the issue fixed soon). Currently looking for people to play with for the Recon Slayer rank 20 reward.
  11. MCC on PC gives you the option to uninstall campaign and multiplayer files for each title, so I uninstalled some stuff to free up drive space. Then a 4GB update came and I tried to update, but then the game tried to download the 60GB worth of games I uninstalled so I cancelled the update. Cancelling the update uninstalled EVERYTHING and now if I want to play just one game on PC I have to download the whole 119GB and then uninstall what I dont want but I dont have that much space on my drive anymore. Whyyyyyyyyy 343
  12. Would love to see, after crossplay comes, rotational playlists supported via the Challenge point system. Have a weekly challenge each week that offers three points for playing a certain number of games in the rotational ranked playlist, should do more for population than just bonus XP.
  13. My and two people were planning on doing the Endure challenge (clear four acts of classic ODST firefight on Heroic with four players in the party) on October 4 and we need one more. Wanna join us on Sunday (time not set yet)? We're gong to be doing this on Xbox.
  14. If I'm understanding everything correctly, that's $110K that's being awarded in prize money by HCS for the remainder of the year. $11K for Halo 3 and PC, $99K for Halo 5 and console $56K for NA in total $45K for NA H5, $18K each for EMEA, LATAM, ANZ I'd say that's pretty good consideirng we're in "hold out for Infinite" mode. With H3 tournametns lasting through December 11, I hope that crossplay is out by then and we can try running crossplay tournaments. It's my hope that Infinite tournaments online are run crossplay, like many other games are nowadays, and that we can begin to try it out ourselves starting this year. H5 heavy aim sucks and the observer mode is terrible, but I guess they are putting enough money in the tournament scene to justify wanting to make them easier to broadcast online.
  15. Now that HCS has concluded two runs of H3, one run of H2A, and one run of Reach since the return to MCC I've been thinking a lot of the frustrations some of the players have had with the return to classic Halo and the strong desire for Infinite and something new. And ultimately, I'm incredibly frustrated that the opportunities presented to us by PC forge mode were not taken advantage of to give the competitive scene a taste of something both familiar and fresh. AoE2 been around for twenty years, but still has a healthy scene that's been growing with the re-release. Dust2, Nuke, Train, etc. have been played forever, yet CS is as strong as ever. These games, and others, are not just doing well because re-release/sequel features are drawing in new talent and enough to sustain the veterans; one thing that allows them to continue to thrive is the consistent examination of map pools and revisions that keep tried-and-true maps while also working new ones into competition. Players compete on classic, iconic maps that are linked to the identity of the games (Arabia, Dust2, etc.) and fans old and new don't feel like they're not playing on the definitive modes of the game; but players old and new also are put on the same playing field of new maps that give everyone the opportunity to try and figure out strategies for. There's something familiar and proven to be good, as well as something fresh and exciting. With MCC giving us a new forge editor on PC and maps having already existed previously, why did we end up playing on just the 11 gametypes that MLG set up, not to act as the final gametypes for decades of play, but as merely the last iteration of settings before the last tournament they would run for that game in light of a sequel? We had pros testing out new maps for Reach but the best we could do is just remove the two worst slayers and replace them with nothing? People have been playing Halo 3 non-stop for years, 343 having an initiative to test out new H3 gametypes while Reach and H2A were ran wouldn't have spread the community too thin. Heck, something could've been done after H5 and H3 MCC was being played on Xbox, PC forge mode is just a bonus. Even CE has new maps for its tournament scene. What are we doing when a game that doesn't have a map editor gets new maps but we're stuck wishing 343 would be at least willing to consider allowing a forge remake of Midship into H2A tournaments? I know, I know, 343 was just hosting sustain tournaments and resources are intended for Infinite, not for having someone review old tournaments settings. And the solution of outsourcing tournament settings for the community wouldn't work because, in spite of all the activity on these forums about what could be done and tested for Reach v8, when push came to shove nobody showed up to test things and we're just as responsible for settings stagnation as 343 is. Still, the fact that we've had so much time in our return to MCC since HCS moved from H5 and haven't had anything new, even with PC releases injecting a shot of adrenaline into classic Halo interest, is frustrating and feels like such a missed opportunity. Well, that's my rant. Guess I'll go back to eagerly awaiting the flighting of crossplay and other upcoming features and figuring out how much H5 heavy aim I'm willing to put up with until those features come out.
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