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  1. EDIT: Apparently the one leaving may not have been intended to be a long term replacement for the first guy and is leaving to work with her old studio head. So this could very well be just normal shuffling around and there were arguments made when the first guy left that it's not unusual for creative leads to leave so late into the development cycle of a game because their work is done. The replacement creative director for Inifinite has left 343 after only two months on the job.
  2. Congrats to Lottie for her new role as desk host of the RLRS!
  3. I'm in favor of the game having KBM support on console with KBM allowed in tournament. The largest and most united scene we could have is one where all input options are allowed so everyone is showing up to events regardless of which system the tournament is run on. In this day and age, there's no reason for KBM to not be supported on console and if it's on console there's no reason to ban it at tournaments.
  4. Alright guys, there might not be a lot of y'all checking the forums these days (I missed Sunday and only had two pages of posts to catch up on, shesh) but I just needed to make a hype post because I am so damn excited right now! GILK3Y JUST WON AN EVENT!!! AAHAHAAHHAHAHA!!! I avoided spoilers and spent the better part of today catching up on the Sunday VoDs with my hand under my eyes whenever I hat to move my cursor over the video player so I wouldn't see any time spoilers because this Lux squad might be my favorite roster since Team FFA. RyaNoob rivals Zyos as my favorite player of all time, I'm a Houstonian so you know I'm super excited to see Ryan team with his duo partner Goofy and H-Town local Gabriel (both rocking the Astros hats all event). That right there is a trio I could love to root for, but then you throw in Gilk3y as the cherry on top and I'm super pumped for that team. Gilk3y, the kid from Ambush/Purgatory who would yell his lungs off on main stage whenever he made a play, back at it for Halo 5 and hitting his stride again in MCC H3! I thought that the team looked strong in their online tournaments and scrims against Fatal Ambition, but didn't think they'd be able to actually go into this event and not drop into the elimination bracket at all. They really pushed the pace with their teamwork on a lot of maps and it was a blast watching them play and actually be able to rebound after losing three in a row in GF. I know I'm late to the party and gushing like a dumb fanboy, but this was really the most fun I've had watching Halo in a long time and just had to share it with someone. I'm so excited not even @Hard Wayblue balling me on Zyos playing CE 1v1s on stream is bringing me down! Whether y'all were rooting for another team or just tuning in for some good Halo, I hoped everyone else who tuned in had a good time and that we can continue to support UGC events in the future. Three station streams with two quad streams and fourth stream for CE is something I wish every tournament could do and UGC letting us see as many matches as possible across three Halo titles is awesome. Our community has noticeably shrunk, but y'all're still around and I appreciate that. Let's keep this alive rolling into the next event, whichever tournament organizer, game, or platform it ends up being on.
  5. @Hard WayGonna be at work morning till night so can't catch the stream, but thank you for arranging for 1v1s with Zyos. I look forward to viewing the VoD tomorrow night. Make sure they play Wizard!
  6. I love how he is able to smoothly transition from analysis to play-by-play when speaking. I think it pairs well with @throoper, the two bounce off each other and take turns switching roles pretty well with RyaNoob cover lots of talk time so throoper doesn't have to speak past his point or awkwardly jump into the play-by-play when something exciting happens while the other caster is saying something analytical.
  7. Halo: CE 2v2 Bracket Seeds (I think seeds outside the top four might be arbitrary number assignments): Skillz/Legend Repachu/McDick Cujjer/Devilman Meg/Ozyorsk David Keil/Jesse Straub Jeffenatrix/Hurley Proxa/Zyos Fluffy/Fablae JohnTheHero/Hrisute Nacho/Gazzo Simplifyy/Cat Mastas/vinnymendoza Halo 5 2v2 Bracket Notable teams: Falcated/Sabinater Sayin/Neptune King Nick/Tapping Buttons Shotzzy/Renegade Pyrettic/danoxide Ferro2clutch/Mop2clutch
  8. Against Nacho/gazzo. Ouch, that's a tough round one, right? But I guess any matchup would be tough given there are only 12 teams.
  9. Armature Teams in Pool Play: Group A: Sicka Than Yo Average - Sargoth, SickaThanYoAvg, Pilez, Reliable Group B: Team Argo - Revamp, Twin Savior, Amish Acorns, Evadur Group C: FXGB 8ighty 2wenty - RiotShock, Arkakin, Hypotonic, WuPockets Group D: RBL eSports - Respectful, Hollers, Snipedrone, MOSE Original info post with updated stream schedule HERE. ____ Cool to see people like Twin Savior and Amish Acorns return. Wish RBL eSports had a match on main stage. EU's top team vs. NA is a fun storyline and their placement in with Lux and Goldmembers makes their group the toughest to get out of (and I think second place out of the group has to play TOX first round of Upper Bracket).
  10. Been hyped for this since he announced it on his stream. Don't really expect much from him given he's only been back recently and has been mostly playing MCC, but should be fun to watch my favorite Halo pro of all time get back at it. Wish Walshy and Puckett were around to commentate one of his matches for nostalgia's sake. IT'S CALLED TEAMWORK HOTSHY!
  11. ^^^ Added in today's schedule and adjusted for team names. Not sure how much longer I can keep updating today, depends how much I have to work this weekend. I'll see if I can make separate posts for the 2v2s if enough info is released and I have time. I get changing team name for sponsorships, but changing team names otherwise is annoying. We have a RGB eSports and a RBL eSports? Let's hope they don't face each other...
  12. That's displaying info from that last tournament, but I'll add it into my info post for now in case it's updated.
  13. I gotta leave for work in an hour and will probably avoid this thread and Twitter to avoid spoilers while I slowly catch up on VoDs (I work this weekend), but if there ever is any bracket information made available please DM me and I'll add the link to my info post. On the one hand, it kinda sucks that two of the three best matches of the day (Mantra vs. Nfinite INC, Aspire eSports vs. Fatal Ambition) are being played at the same time and neither are on main stage, but on the other hand it's great that we get to have THREE streams for the tournament on top of another stream showing the 2v2 tournaments (with two quad streams on top of it!). EDIT: Bravo has player cams now? Awesome! Loving the work UGC is putting into these events. It's great seeing these Grassroots tournaments have things that the official tournaments did not. Hope this type of thing continues moving into Infinite.
  14. UGC Halo Classic Atlantic City 2019 - H3 Seeded Teams: TOX - Snakebite, Lethul, Royal 2, APG Mantra - Ace, Neighbor, BubuDubu, D3m0n D Aspire eSports - Str8Sick, Aries, Shele, Fantasy Goldmembers - Eco, Frosty, Pistola, Snipedown Lux Gaming - Goofy, RyaNoob, Gilk3y, Gabriel Fatal Ambition- Tripppey, Penguin, Commonly, Rayne Nfinite INC - Falcated, Shotzzy, Sabinater, Blaze The Goobers4 - Zurka, Cloud, Deputy Goober, Omega RBG eSports - Employee, Skary, Rowan, Display Guardians Gaming - Queen, Black Halogod, Guntype, Weakachu Incontrol - Common, Ryno, Psylince, Dren Carnage Gaming - Hoaxer, Posey, Lifestyle, EliElite Source Pools: Pool A - TOX, The Goobers4, RBG eSports, Sicka Than Yo Average Pool B - Mantra, Nfinite INC, Guardians Gaming, Team Argo Pool C - Aspire eSports, Fatal Ambition, Incontrol, FXGB 8ighty 2wenty Pool D - Goldmembers, Lux Gaming, Carnage Gaming, RBL eSports Source Streams: Primary (Twitch) | Primary (Mixer) Feature Station Bravo Feature Station Charlie Quad Stream (Red Team) | Quad Stream (Blue Team) Stream Schedule: Friday Start Time: 2pm EST Match One (2PM): TOX vs. The Goobers4 (Main Stage) Mantra vs. Nfinite INC (Feature 1) Aspire eSports vs. Fatal Ambition (Feature 2) Match Two (4pm): Mantra vs. Guardians (Main Stage) The Goobers4 vs. RBG (Feature 1) All-Stars vs. Carnage Gaming (Feature 2) Match Three (6pm): Fatal Ambition vs. Side Effect (Main Stage) Lux Gaming vs. Carnage Gaming (Feature 1) Nfinite INC vs. Guardians (Feature 2) Match Four (8pm): All-Stars v s. Lux Gaming (Main Stage) Aspire eSports vs. Side Effect (Feature 1) TOX vs. RBG (Feature 2) Saturday Start Time: 10am EST Match One (10am): RGB vs. Sicka Than Yo Average (Main Stage) Carnage Gaming vs. RBL eSports (Feature 1) Guardians Gaming vs. Team Argo (Feature 2) Match Two (12pm): Nfinite INC vs. Team Argo (Main Stage) TOX vs. Sicka Than Yo Average (Feature 1) Incontrol vs. FXGB (Feature 2) Match Three (2pm) Aspire vs. FXGB (Main Stage) Goldmembers vs. RBL eSports (Feature 1) Mantra vs. Team Argo (Feature 2) Sunday Start Time: 9am EST Brackets: Armature Bracket
  15. I've been very slowly watching through the Beach LAN bracket play VoDs and made it up to the point where Hard Way, Bo, and Meg realize that Legend/Skillz vs. McDick/J0wnz is a gauntlet. It looks like the past broadcasts from that day and previous days are no longer available on Twitch. Anyone know if it'll find it's way onto YouTube or if it won't since it was only the pseudo finals? And how did prize payouts end up working? Watching through the archive it felt that everyone was as uncertain as me as to what the stakes were in each match after the long delay. (Also, thanks to the Bean LAN team for putting on another great show. Would love to see a pure 1v1 tournament with semis and finals broadcast at some point, I think that would be fun to watch)

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