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  1. If they had team chat playing with the audio that would create one of the greatest tournament viewing experiences for me. Still glad to see quad view wasn't abandoned forever with H2A.
  2. Wait, they have quad streams?!?!!? Why haven't they been advertising this, this is fantastic!
  3. Neptune just hit an Exterm against Desitic! Wish the Charlie stream had audio (but at least we have a Charlie stream).
  4. Is TOX still sponsored by Team Beyond? Or if any of their other sponsors during H5 still sponsor them?
  5. Looks like Denial is more than just Shele's onlnie connection.
  6. Note though that (a) you can scroll over the player icons on the right side and check the URL preview to see each player on the roster without having to open up a roster page and (b) that this is not a complete list (missing Wrath and Nighthawks at least).
  7. I mean, it's not like Nigthawks (Omega, Posey, Porky, Jesse) are randoms, they're pretty good and they're somewhat known and not coming out of nowhere.
  8. Is it possible to, at the start of the series when introducing the players, list out (best with a graphic but verbally is fine) which account number each player is playing on? Or are they are all the setups numbers so whichever player is leftmost is UGC Red One, the next is UGC Red Two, etc.? If we just get delivered the information I can write it down to keep track so I know who's who in the kill feed. Not ideal at all, but I've done it before and it helps my viewing experience a bit. With Halo 5 it was a lot easier to tell who was who by the player tags above their heads, not as easy with H3 MCC so as a viewers become even more reliant on being told this info. If I'm watching the tournament Saturday night or Sunday I'll make sure to post out who is who if generic tags are being used still. I don't know if it helps anyone else but once I did it for a HCS tournament and Goldenboy read the info out on stream, so I'll try to do it if I can in case others find it useful. What we really need though is Microsoft to allow Xbox One owner to easily make offline accounts as easily as Xbox 360 so this isn't an issue.
  9. The Halo Community Update that came out yesterday mentioned the forming of a new Halo Pro Team, so I would say it seems likely that Mikwen is taking a position at 343.
  10. I very much dislike this. Whether or not extended series is the best tournament format, I think we should at least run it for now just because the competitive settings we play are entirely set up for extended series rather than for multiple Bo7s. Currently, we have five slayers, four CTFs (two 5Flaf and two 3flag maps), one hill, and one ball. This is structured so that each Bo5 may be made up of one 3flag, one 5flag, one hill/ball, and two slayers, with slayer being the only repeat (if we count 3flag separately from 5flag) since it gets used as the game five tie breaker. When the series gets extended to a Bo11 we have the opportunity to just alternate between the remaining objective gametypes that weren't used in the Bo5 with the remaining slayers that weren't used. There are 11 gametypes to fit the 11 games of an extended series. Each game would be played and one gametype would not have any more weight than another but when you play multiple Bo7s in grand finals some maps have to get repeated and hold more weight than others; when you only have 11 gametypes you have to repeat three across 14 games scheduled. Do the current settings have three specific gametypes that the community would agree should hold more weight than the other eight? If so, I'd say you have what you need to proceed with an argument in favor of bracket resets over extended series. However, I would argue that we as a community wouldn't come to a consensus of which three should be played more frequently. If we don't have an agreed upon set of three gametypes that we think should be the ones repeated in a grand finals bracket reset then we end up arbitrarily giving more weight to some gametypes over others and this may benefit one team over the other; a Bo11 extended series does give one team the advantage over the other since each gametype gets scheduled exactly once. Now, one might argue that the tournament scheduling that determines which of the gametypes get played in first three games and second two games of a Bo5 series is itself an arbitrary process that could benefit one team over another (if a team is the best in the world at eight of the gametypes but specifically bad at the first three scheduled they could lose to a team they would beat if any single other gametype was scheduled was scheduled as one of the first three instead), but the double elimination format and mixing gametypes up across different rounds provides a check for this to help prevent a team from being eliminated by this chance and allowing any team that does to extend their series in the grand finals with the rest of the gametypes not holding any more or less weight than one another. Let's look at the gametypes scheduled for the grand finals of UGC: Notice that Construct slayer isn't even scheduled at all and four gametypes get repeated: Narrows Slayer, Onslaught 5flag, Narrows 3Flag, The Pit Slayer. A team that's good at Narrows has the advantage in this grand finals since it's scheduled four times, twice per series. Should Narrows have more weight than the other maps? Should Onslaught 5flag be played more than Heretic 5flag? Are Narrows Slayer and Pit Slayer so much better than Construct Slayer that they should be each be scheduled twice in grand finals and Construct Slayer not at all? If we can come to a community consensus to answer these questions (and effectively choose which gametypes should carry the most weight) I think there's an argument to be made for Bo7s with bracket resets. If we change our map and gametype pool we can re-assess how the tournament should be formatted. But I think that until we do, the tournament format that puts an even emphasis across all the gametypes should be used. ___________ In spite of this post being a little wordy, I feel like I still haven't put as much time into formalizing my thoughts as I would like, so I'm sorry if in oversight I haven't been clear in my arguments or am unjustly giving more credence to certain criteria than what they are due. For a while I've been thinking about writing an essay arguing for why extended series is good for Halo tournaments (but still don't know if I'll find the time to do so), but the point of this post wasn't to argue in favor of extended series in general but rather for why it's best under the current map/gametype pool. I know I caught myself arguing in the general rather than under the circumstances a couple of times and hope that the edits I've made to frame my words within the context of the situation have had some success.
  11. The UGC Player Packet, which includes the event schedule, is out. Schedule shows that they are planning for up to 64 teams. Looks like we are having a fair number of teams sign up (roster lock in ten minutes as I type) but it seems as if it's true that a bunch of people bought passes but didn't build teams, confirm travel plans, teamed with someone who already had a pass, etc. I wish that the event schedule was more detailed (only mentions the start time of each Winners round, doesn't mention when each Losers round starts), but nice to have one out now. Hope some LB matches make it on stream, especially since there are THREE stations streamed with a FFA+CE station on top. All times in CST below:
  12. I now live in Corpus Christi. Seems like there was a CE LAN round here the last couple of years, anyone know if there's still a local Halo scene round these parts? @almightyshade? I'm not free much due to work. I'll watch Beach LAN but haven't played competitive CE myself and currently just try to play H3 MCC when I can. GT: Noodle 2x

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