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  1. Sorry everyone for the delay, the line for registration is massive and we are finishing up with all of the teams and free for all passes here shortly. The stream will be up momentarily and I sincerely hope everyone at home watching has a wonderful experience!
  2. Personally, I am a little surprised by the decision of the HCS Cup #3 in regards to all of the teams that were expecting to play and acquire points before UGC STL.
  3. Just want to notify everyone that passes are still available for purchase and I hope to see the crowd funding bring the prize pool up to 25k. We are nearly there and I'd also like to mention that this tournment will be one of the greatest events Halo has seen yet! Much more to still be announced.
  4. Hey guys, in case anyone is unaware, UGC has just revamped the website and now teams with passes are view-able along with more information on the event! Link for the lazy. Edit* For clarity, the teams shown on the website are only the teams who have created their roster. Already, ~30 passes have been sold out of the maximum 64. Get your passes reserved before it's too late!
  5. It would be nice if Iron Gaming could try to market more and make an effort to try and build a following. Although, as time progresses on I do see their events getting bigger team and viewership wise.
  6. F/A for both games. Add me whenever, GT- Lehmonhead
  7. Jasper, Indiana (south) along with my teammate and a couple practice noobs. Feel more than free to add/message me. Always down to LAN and looking for a team for AGL 10 & 11.
  8. Hello, the names Evan. I go by the alias of Lemonhead/Lehmonhead. Longtime lurker on MLG Fourms/THC/BE so i decided i'd try to contribute more! Glad to see Go Beyond heading in the right direction!
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