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  1. Im looking for a team as well, hit me up, send me a FR, my gt is PlKABLUE, the I in pika is a lowercase L
  2. I just messaged you on twitter, my twitter is zacurryy. If you are still looking, I just need to know what times are available to do evaluations. Please get back to me soon, thanks. -PlKABLUE The "I" in PIKA is a lowercase L
  3. you guys have a team already? looking for more members? add me, Z3RO Gz. The "O" is a capital O
  4. hello, I have had a lot of tournament experience back in halo 3 and reach, looking to play competitively in halo 5 and find 3 more players with the serious drive that I have to compete at a professional level. I am onyx in swat but plat or diamond in everything else but breakout. Hope to run a few games with all who is interested. Not looking to be perfect right away but build synergy as we play as a unit constantly. GT is Z3RO Gz. The "O" in zero is a capital O. If you wanna contact me faster, send me a DM on Twitter @zacurryy
  5. hey, I've been really looking for a team and would really appreciate being apart of hype. I've had some tournament experience played a few Lans back in reach and h3. I am onyx in swat and diamond or plat in everything else but breakout. Fastest way to contact me is through Twitter @zacurryy or you can just add me on xbl, gt is Z3RO Gz
  6. I have been playing halo for a few years now, been playing halo 3 even since the servers started to slowly shut down. I have played in a few online tournaments but haven't for a while. No specific official tournaments. More along the lines of tournaments with just online cash prizes. I am known to be a long range supportive player, known for my sniping/dmr/br skills. I am hoping to have my halo career take off with halo 5 since I have more freedom to myself now that I am in college. I would be honored to be apart of embassy, the name itself makes me want to be apart of it. A little about myself, I am a college student, 18 years old, living in hawaii, and my name is Zac. Hopefully you could give me a chance and we can be a great addition to your team. My twitter is zacurryy if you need to reach me fast and my XBL gt is Z3RO Gz.
  7. Hello, new to the competitive Halo scene but I would say I do quite well for myself. I am diamond 6 in swat and diamond or plat within a few other playlists, but low ranks or not onyx due to unskilled teammates that I was matched with. My gt is Z3RO Gz and I am looking for a serious halo 5 team. I have a lot to contribute, my style is an offensive support so add me and message me on xbox so we can get things started. If it helps, my KD is usually 2.5+ and I recently swapped over to using a scuf one controller which I play bumper jumper and no longer have use for my AXYB buttons because of the back panels integrated into the controller. So my reaction time is at its prime right now. I wanna get started as soon as possible.
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