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  1. http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/13366-9lives-gaming-new-esports-org/ Can you use discord?
  2. Get in on the ground floor while you still can! The team and staff of 9LIVES Gaming is starting fresh, while we were originally a low level am team, we are now under new management. Relacksed: Coach, owner, and manager of the organization. Founder of the team and business, he is a Pittsburgh native, Halo 2 and 2A doubles player, and a United States Marine stationed in Hawaii. Firefly Blains: Captain of Halo Team, Onyx 1870 arena, Onyx 1900 in Slayer, Champ 68 in Swat. He is a well known in the semi-pro league, and is currently working a part-time job. The team is looking for winners, for motivated individuals who already grasp a large knowledge of the game with no need to be taught. Onyx is a must, be strong individually, a strong slayer, and come in with only one thing in mind: "Wins are all that matter." We will be holding tryouts this weekend hopefully if we get enough people. Please use Discord, or have the ability to, this is a bonus to us snagging you out of free agency. Bonuses of the team: Jerseys this summer, twitch layouts, professional IT help in setting streams and whatnot, possible aid in buying setups, banners for twitter, twitter boosting, high level play, high level scrims, semi-professional advertising, a good community of teammates and coach who is there for you. Hit me up on twitter or XBOX Live: GT - Relacksed Twitter - @2oo_Relacksed
  3. Two members of the original Team UNwanted roster consisting of Relacksed (me), Controcity (remaining member), Firefly Blains, and AmeriCaniamaI are now looking for guys/gals with a good attitude, willingness to put in the hours and grind arena, and learn and create a team together. Be all of the following, please. 1. High Diamond or Low Onyx. 2. Strong Shot 3. Intelligent when it comes to the Game. We can explain precisely what we mean by this, it's not always self explanatory. 4. Good attitude, able to handle being trolled and dicked with between games as well as able to handle constructive criticism, but don't be someone who insults and causes fights and then calls it constructive criticism. 5. Be on around 8-2/3 am EST.
  4. Twitter @2oo_Relacksed Twitch: warty_jw (current), changing to 2oo_Relacksed Help build our following? We're a new team, with all onyx level slayers. Trying to find scrims and compete online.
  5. Relacksed, lil Demz, Firefly Blains, and Controcity! We're looking for a team to scrim!
  6. Name's Jordan, you can find me by either "Better Than Rav" or "JW Warty HCS". I've been out of my spot for a while, and haven't had a team I really click with in a while. My schedule is rough on a lot of teams, and I'll be gone for a large part of the summer to Japan, but I'm an extremely hard worker, willing to do anything it takes to grind. Sleepless nights, long hours on the weekends to make up, etc. I'm a relaxed and laid back guy, objective oriented, could use work on my slaying ability but it's there, just rusty as shit, comes out of me when I've had a few drinks (lol). I used to be a team captain and a coach, and competed in H2C and H2A, a little bit of H3 but nothing serious. I am vocal, and love small talk and good chemistry over standard, dry callouts. Hmu on XBL if you wanna run some games, like I said, I'll grind and work on anything, and have a good deal of knowledge and various setups and experience to share with anyone who needs it. -Mahalo
  7. Hey bro, my schedule for the next few months is really cluttered and hard to work around, but a month or two before season 2, and all of 2, it frees up good enough to team. Wanna run together and see how things go, and build slowly into a team eventually?
  8. Yo, I'm an F/A looking forward to Season 2. I'll be on tonight or tomorrow. Hmu on XBL
  9. Aloha everyone. My name is Jordan, or JW Warty HCS (my primary comp account). I've been playing Halo competitively since H2C and a little bit of H2A. Now, however, after two failed attempts at starting a team in Halo 5, I am putting myself out there as a free agent or potential coach for any team that needs a very vocal callout leader, or an objective player willing to do anything for the win. My schedule is pretty regular for the most part. I'm on Hawaiian Standard Time, but I play from something like 10pm to 2 or 3am EST every day of the week. Hit me up and we can run some games, or just talk about strats and basic Halo theory.
  10. Hey I'll hit ya up man, looking to get out of this rut of egotistical players I've been playing with.
  11. Team of two players from the East Coast are hosting Tryouts on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. 11pm to 2am EST. FFA Competition, and the top placing attendees join us in MM to see how they work with us as perspective Team Mates. If you're interested in finding and playing with serious players who dedicate hours of work every day to growing and improving as players and a team, send JW Warty 9L a message on XBL and we'll send you a party/game invite during the tryout times!
  12. Aloha, everyone. I'm Jordan, aka Warty, resident of Hawaii, secondary slayer and team captain for a PGL Team, 9LIVES. I'm a doubles kid from H2 and H3, it's where I learned to play. I've placed in local tournaments and friendly doubles online comps. Only recently (past seven months) gotten into 4v4 comps. My co-captain, an Anchor and overall info nerd on Halo, is Nikko aka Dead Cassette. He's a ridiculous slayer and his capability to stay alive in serious match ups is uncanny. 9LIVES secret weapon is our resident main slayer and montage sniper, Miku x Oracle, or Honors. He's a great aggressive FFA kid (rated Champion for a time) and a good judge of gameplay ability and able to pull off clutch positioning. We are a slightly passive team, and are seeking to gain a fourth since our old fourth is currently on standby as a backup do to scheduling. If you are interested message me on XBL (gt same as my username). Our scheduled practices are normally daily or every other day starting around 2000 or 2200 on the East Coast. And can run for anywhere from two to five hours. In particular we are searching for an objective oriented player who wants to help place in PGL seasonal tournaments, play hard, and hates to lose more than they love to win. But above all, be communicative, be a good sport even when we are losing, and be willing to adapt and learn the team and how to compliment our strengths and fill the gaps we have. Cheers, guys. Stay classy.
  13. Pittsburgh Born and Raised. But I live in Hawaii now due to work. Still, love to find some good players from back home.
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