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  1. Just in case anyone may be interested in this but hasn't seen it yet.
  2. They certainly weren't significantly higher apart from the inaugural STL event. The signup numbers Moses put together also show there wasn't much of a difference.
  3. I've always pushed for them to use Forge more for both casual playlists as well as competitive. They are some phenomenally talented map makers out there, and while I get that it takes a decent amount of effort on 343s end to vet them all to a certain standard, it's WELL worth the time. Would also save them from creating new maps themselves. Just have the pros test them like they did for the 2018 revamp, and then the ones that are given the thumbs up can be cleared and added to the pool.
  4. He's right. The only solution would be to have every station have a default KB/M setup, and allow competitors to plug in controllers if they wish. Obviously this isn't ideal since it would be super expensive, and would force KB/M players to use equipment they aren't comfortable with.
  5. According to this, Crim placed T4 at Columbus 2011. https://www.esportspedia.com/halo/Crimsix Clayster may have dicked around on H4 at the *very* beginning, but it was never serious. Black Ops 2 came out less than a week later and he was fully invested in that.
  6. Pricing for the S was confirmed by Xbox late last night/early this morning. Hopefully the rest of that is true too. EDIT: Release date for the S confirmed for November 10th. No reason to think the X won't also release at the same time (unless it comes a couple days earlier to beat it out).
  7. You can question what the hell is going on, while still praising the fact that they are taking their time to make sure it's good. If it wasn't delayed, and came out incomplete/in a rough state, people would bitch about them being rushed and say that it should have been delayed. I, too, am wondering why it's taken 5 years to see three teaser trailers and a grand total of 6 minutes of gameplay. That being said, I will absolutely praise them for making sure the game is in a good state at launch instead of rushing out another disaster in order to meet the Series X launch.
  8. I think the campaign will be fine. It's going back to Chief at the centre, and the unnamed bearded dude already has more character development than Locke did in all of H5. Not to mention you can get away with some of the more "gimicky" gameplay stuff in SP. It'll probably be good/great. AS for MP, that all depends on whether or not/how much the pro/community feedback is being listened to. The equipment on the map is apparently going to be h3-esque, so while I don't like it you can't really vilify 343 over it. The abilities seemed toned down at the very least (and may or may not be tuned even further for competitive), which is solid. Unfortunately I can't really say much more until we get some MP info. I have no doubt Forge will be incredible. Betwen H2A and H5, they've proven that they know how to make a wicked Forge tool. Even if they just transplant H5's mechanics into Infinite, we're good. Other than if it'll be there at launch, I'm not worried about it. Lastly, the fact that they're delaying it is a good sign imo. Up to a full extra year (assuming the 2021 deadline sticks) can do wonders, and with the resources that'll be pumped into it by MS/Xbox, it has a chance. So to sum it up, I'd say there's a(n): 95% chance the campaign is good/great. 85-90% the MP will be solid casually, with a 50-60% chance it'll translate well to competitive (unless we hear otherwise about how they're addressing any settings updates). 99% chance Forge will be amazing, and that we'll see some truly incredible maps made with it. 80% chance it launches in a solid enough state to not immediately turn players off in the same way MCC/H5 did.
  9. Xbox will be fine. With Game Pass actually being pretty solid at this point (could be better, but 1000000000x above where it was at when it started), and with Xbox going all-in on "indy" studios (like Compulsion Games for example), they'll be alright going forward. Halo, on the other hand, needs Infinite to be a masterpiece, and it needs to be at launch.
  10. I've pretty much resigned myself to admitting that it's probably gonna be a fall release at this point. If it come sooner, great. I'd be flabbergasted if it's before E3 time though. That being said, I'm curious what sort of impact having Staten back on board is gonna have. Curious if it's an attempt to start a major overhaul, or just having him putting out fires for the next year.
  11. Fair, but at the same time I take it seriously enough to call the "leak" that it'll be delayed to 2022 BS for now. If we're deep into 2021 with no real info, then we can revisit. The point is, there's likely no serious talk about a second delay going on right now or Uny wouldn't have tweeted that.
  12. OK, well at least they shut this down relatively quickly.
  13. So if Infinite really does get delayed to 2022, does that mean we're gonna see some H4 HCS events?
  14. That's a point that gets lost a lot, I think. While I personally still had a decent time playing competitive, the social side was amazing. They did a lot of cool things with H5 (and working towards in MCC) that I really hope make a return in Infinite.
  15. I mean, that's basically what made competitive CoD as big as it is now. Maven was spot on when he said they're the WWE of esports. No shade, it's just what it is. Halo could stand to loosen up from the buttoned down era we're in now. Even back in Halo's heyday, you still had guys like Gandhi & T2 going at it to liven things up. The Snip3down/Lxthul beef at the start of H5 made Xgames super hype to watch. Individual personalities are great, but a good rivalry every now and again pumps a lot of life into the scene.
  16. I obviously don't blame Moses because it was going to be pointed out in one way or another, but holy fuck is that REALLY what they're concerned with at the moment? Is it an easy fix? I'm sure it was (considering it was handled in less than a week). It's just incredibly infuriating that as a result of a single tweet it was seen, and responded to in under two hours by Ske7ch when it takes fucking months or YEARS for major things to get addressed when a ton of of the community is asking about it. Obviously a major update would take longer to handle because of the channels it would have to go through, but it would still be nice to get a "Yea, we know. Just hang tight while we hash it out internally" once in a while.
  17. Looks like we're gonna be getting some new H3 maps put into MM at the end of this. If so, sign me the fuck up.
  18. I'm glad they're taking the time needed to polish up the game. Still a few questions that need to be answered though: 1) Does this mean that some sort of public flighting is back on the table, or is that a total wash at this point? 2) When abouts in 2021 should we expect it? Are they aiming for a spring release, or pushing it back all the way to the fall. 3) When are we going to get more information regarding MP/competitive/anything. 4) How bad of a state is the game in? Is this "we're at the 5-yard line, but we need extra time to finishing it up properly", or "it's an absolute shit-show and we're gonna need a massive push over a long time to get the game into a solid state".
  19. That's something that we could really learn from the FGC. There are time where they may take a bit too far, but the vibe of the SFL is much more enjoyable than the ultra stuff stuff we get sometimes.
  20. There was ADS on the new Scar-esque AR. Nade hitmarkers are trickier. The plasma nade had a hitmarker when it was stuck to the enemy, but not when it blew up.
  21. It's already confirmed to be an on-map pickup, so it won't be anything spammy. Agreed on both. Should be a fun play through for the campaign, but I much prefer the old school "level" based progression instead of everything being open world now.
  22. I'm thinking the same thing. As long as it's possible to turn off individual pieces of equipment, or they are willing to adjust what's on the map, I see a lot of potential here.
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