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  1. Decided to have a bit of fun with this vid. Let me know if you guys enjoyed or where I can do better. Enjoy!
  2. A new video just release on Paradise Halo (that I wrote the script for). Have a watch and let me know what y'all think!
  3. 1) Huh, didn't know that. I'll check them out. 2) I mean I'm not steadfast with this stuff. If making the timers 60 seconds would work, great. Like I said, I'm just tired of TS games inevitably become hide and go seek at the end. I'm down to try different things to make it work though.
  4. Quake isn't exactly a great comparison considering it's a pure 1v1 and designed to be played at a breakneck pace. I'll give you that if it were faster paced it would be better, but I'd rather them try to work in a one-life mode or another unique respawn instead of a mode that devolved into two teams hiding once someone hits 40 kills.
  5. I mean, there's a reason that no other major esport uses Slayer/TDM: it's bland to watch, play, and isn't nearly as competitive as other modes. That being said, without any sort of single life mode it gives a sort of stability in knowing that every game X is going to be the same mode instead of possibly being four different ones.
  6. Oh I'm totally on board with finding a bunch of maps with different styles. I'm just saying that from game to game having the same maps isn't an issue in and of itself.
  7. That's a problem with the maps themselves then, rather than a lack of variety. Hell, a good way to do it would just be to re-skin them every 6 months or once a year. Have a preset for all the forgers, and let them go nuts. Curate out the top 3 designs for each map and then have a vote and bam. Easy way to refresh things without risking ruining things.
  8. Agreed. Look at CSGO. They've had a fuck ton of the same comp maps from 1.6 and that shit's been going on for DECADES. Yes, stuff gets stale after a while, but it keeps competitive integrity at the forefront.
  9. New video is up! Had a crazy month or so with family stuff and school but I should be back to normal here now. Anyway, enjoy!
  10. Xbox has advertised it as a launch title, so that would either entail delaying the console or completely pissing off a lot of people by not having a flagship game at launch. It's more likely that it'll take less time to port the other games since the groundwork has already been laid but we shall see.
  11. ... Not sure if you're saying they wouldn't be against a TO3, but there has to be a solo on the same team as the party of 3.
  12. I think we have different ideas as to what "meaningful changes" means. Of course I'm not expecting them to completely remove an ability or add in a brand new weapon in under 4 months. I'm talking about making tweaks to any potential abilities to balance them better, or maybe change parts of maps like they did for H5.
  13. Hopefully they'll still have enough time to make meaningful changes before release instead of treating it like a demo. Also, unless they're planning on having flight/beta that everyone can get into the surprise drop goes against their plan to use flighting as their testing because it'd be like "surprise! a quarter of people who signed up can play Infinite today!"
  14. It's not going to be a regular beta per se. They're using the flighting system: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/our-journey-begins That being said, they might just open it up to everyone signed up for insider at the end if we're lucky. EDIT: Also, hopefully the fact that Puckett isn't tied up with the OWL anymore allows one of the TOs to go to him with a chest of gold bullion and hire him for some events.
  15. They're testing PC events for Reach and it's very likely that it'll switch over. That being said, Infinite is gonna be on PC anyway.
  16. Agreed. I said that when watching Summit in the Twitch Rivals event. Obviously he's incredibly skilled mechanically, but it was just as obvious he wasn't a "Halo" player, per se. Not that he was bad, but you just notice certain things about how he was moving and what he was doing.
  17. So, the game awards are tomorrow night. Xbox also said they had two more games to talk about before the end of the year back at XO19. What do we think the odds are of seeing some Infinite news at the ceremony?
  18. It's not the amount of options that are the problems. They just botched H5's somehow. Sure it can be a bit confusing to learn the options, but if you take the 10 seconds to read the description or figure out what they do then the ability to fine-tune the aiming is welcome.
  19. Funny enough I ended up finding this last night. Not sure why it's like that but whatever.
  20. Well if by AA type, you mean Classic vs Modern aiming, that's personal preference. Deadzone settings are pretty similar. I have mine at around 6%. MCC's deadzones are "true 0", meaning that if you zero it out even the tiniest of movements will most the reticle. Again, just try it out and see what you're comfortable with. There's no definitive answer.
  21. From what I hear, KBM is smooth, the frame issues have been mostly solved, and people seem to be positive about it. I'm absolutely ecstatic that it went well and that the major complaints have been ironed out.
  22. They said they've worked on the KBM issues but it's still up in the air since no one's played it yet. They also said there are no plans to adjust AA on PC. They could POTENTIALLY band controller as an input, but IIRC I read somewhere they want to leave it open to what the player wants to use for the time being.
  23. That could definitely be an interesting idea. Would at least be worth testing.

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