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  1. I never claimed it took more skill, only that I prefer it. You wanna make the precision weapons projectile? Fine, I'll live with it. Just don't make the mistake of thinking that taking more skill automatically makes something more enjoyable. There are plenty of other factors in the game that will help separate the top tier teams from the rest besides aiming.
  2. Are you confused as to what Hitscan means? Not sure what your point there is. If you want to disagree with my usage of the term, fine. But you both know damn well what I meant by Arena.
  3. Agree with everything except the BR. I just prefer hitscan weapons for arena shooters (for the most part). Unfortunately I don't think we'll see a Sidekick/Sniper/Commando rework no matter how much we bitch about it. Either way, as long as the BR stays solid I think we're in a good spot for comp settings.
  4. Overall I think the settings are pretty solid. Definitely wary about equipment, but as long as they're willing to make changes if something becomes game-breaking then I think we'll be good.
  5. Hard disagree as long as bloom is still a thing, and removing it would definitely make the commando too easy. BRs might be "boring" to a lot of people, but currently I think they're the only option because IIRC they're the only precision weapon that doesn't have crazy bloom for some god-forsaken reason. Side note, the thumbnail for the settings vid is teasing BR starts with no radar, and that strongholds on Recharge will be a gametype. Can't wait to find out the nitty-gritty tomorrow.
  6. Here's a handful of the rosters. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halo-infinite-esports-ecosystem-august Some of them haven't announced yet, and SSG has since signed Ace.
  7. Seriously, everything looks great. A solid prize pool in a good location, and an FFA side-event. Unfortunate timing with the holidays, but I can imagine they wanted to make sure they had an event some time this year so it is what it is. Also, w/r/t crowdfunding...
  8. With what's left, my list would probably be 1) Ogre2 2) Pistola 3) Snakebite 4) Lethul 5) Royal 2 What I think their list will be 1) Lethul 2) Pistola 3) Ogre2 4) Snakebite 5) Royal 2
  9. It wasn't even them as a team that was dominant in H2A. Lethul was on the top team (EG), alongside RoyBox and Snip6down. Lethul joined them at the start of H5.
  10. When 1/3 of his career is tainted by steroids, that's enough for me to keep him out. Don't care how good he was before, I have no sympathy for people that cheat when you have people like Ruth/Aaron who did it legit.
  11. Bonds would 100000000% be out. The use of the drugs were clearly against the MLB's rules, and had a significant impact on his performance at the one task he was good at (batting).
  12. I wouldn't even say Lethul. He only played one H3 major and placed T32, and only won one major Reach event (three total if you include the combines). He's good, and he's obviously on one of if not the best squad we've ever seen play, but I have a SUPER hard time putting him over the likes of Ogre2 or Pistola if we're talking GOATs.
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