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  1. Happy New Year folks! We're finally in the home stretch
  2. So another year we wait. Taking bets on whether or not we actually get any sort of public flighting before launch.
  3. This is what Rocket League is going through right now. Went from ~150-250K concurrent players consistently to 1.8M within a week of it going F2P. Obviously it's going to drop down a bit, but if even a small fraction of those new players stick around then that'll be huge growth.
  4. OK so now the question is: What the HELL does 343 have lined up to get these big name orgs so interested in Halo?
  5. They first joined in 2014 for H2A. Disbanded in late 2015. Rejoin for the HWC in 2016. Disband a shortly thereafter. Reform in July of 2016. Get fourth at the Season Finals, and disband ~3 weeks later. Now they've rejoined again.
  6. Just in case anyone may be interested in this but hasn't seen it yet.
  7. They certainly weren't significantly higher apart from the inaugural STL event. The signup numbers Moses put together also show there wasn't much of a difference.
  8. I've always pushed for them to use Forge more for both casual playlists as well as competitive. They are some phenomenally talented map makers out there, and while I get that it takes a decent amount of effort on 343s end to vet them all to a certain standard, it's WELL worth the time. Would also save them from creating new maps themselves. Just have the pros test them like they did for the 2018 revamp, and then the ones that are given the thumbs up can be cleared and added to the pool.
  9. He's right. The only solution would be to have every station have a default KB/M setup, and allow competitors to plug in controllers if they wish. Obviously this isn't ideal since it would be super expensive, and would force KB/M players to use equipment they aren't comfortable with.
  10. According to this, Crim placed T4 at Columbus 2011. https://www.esportspedia.com/halo/Crimsix Clayster may have dicked around on H4 at the *very* beginning, but it was never serious. Black Ops 2 came out less than a week later and he was fully invested in that.
  11. Pricing for the S was confirmed by Xbox late last night/early this morning. Hopefully the rest of that is true too. EDIT: Release date for the S confirmed for November 10th. No reason to think the X won't also release at the same time (unless it comes a couple days earlier to beat it out).
  12. You can question what the hell is going on, while still praising the fact that they are taking their time to make sure it's good. If it wasn't delayed, and came out incomplete/in a rough state, people would bitch about them being rushed and say that it should have been delayed. I, too, am wondering why it's taken 5 years to see three teaser trailers and a grand total of 6 minutes of gameplay. That being said, I will absolutely praise them for making sure the game is in a good state at launch instead of rushing out another disaster in order to meet the Series X launch.
  13. I think the campaign will be fine. It's going back to Chief at the centre, and the unnamed bearded dude already has more character development than Locke did in all of H5. Not to mention you can get away with some of the more "gimicky" gameplay stuff in SP. It'll probably be good/great. AS for MP, that all depends on whether or not/how much the pro/community feedback is being listened to. The equipment on the map is apparently going to be h3-esque, so while I don't like it you can't really vilify 343 over it. The abilities seemed toned down at the very least (and may or may not be tuned even further for competitive), which is solid. Unfortunately I can't really say much more until we get some MP info. I have no doubt Forge will be incredible. Betwen H2A and H5, they've proven that they know how to make a wicked Forge tool. Even if they just transplant H5's mechanics into Infinite, we're good. Other than if it'll be there at launch, I'm not worried about it. Lastly, the fact that they're delaying it is a good sign imo. Up to a full extra year (assuming the 2021 deadline sticks) can do wonders, and with the resources that'll be pumped into it by MS/Xbox, it has a chance. So to sum it up, I'd say there's a(n): 95% chance the campaign is good/great. 85-90% the MP will be solid casually, with a 50-60% chance it'll translate well to competitive (unless we hear otherwise about how they're addressing any settings updates). 99% chance Forge will be amazing, and that we'll see some truly incredible maps made with it. 80% chance it launches in a solid enough state to not immediately turn players off in the same way MCC/H5 did.
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