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  1. It's not the amount of options that are the problems. They just botched H5's somehow. Sure it can be a bit confusing to learn the options, but if you take the 10 seconds to read the description or figure out what they do then the ability to fine-tune the aiming is welcome.
  2. Funny enough I ended up finding this last night. Not sure why it's like that but whatever.
  3. Well if by AA type, you mean Classic vs Modern aiming, that's personal preference. Deadzone settings are pretty similar. I have mine at around 6%. MCC's deadzones are "true 0", meaning that if you zero it out even the tiniest of movements will most the reticle. Again, just try it out and see what you're comfortable with. There's no definitive answer.
  4. From what I hear, KBM is smooth, the frame issues have been mostly solved, and people seem to be positive about it. I'm absolutely ecstatic that it went well and that the major complaints have been ironed out.
  5. They said they've worked on the KBM issues but it's still up in the air since no one's played it yet. They also said there are no plans to adjust AA on PC. They could POTENTIALLY band controller as an input, but IIRC I read somewhere they want to leave it open to what the player wants to use for the time being.
  6. That could definitely be an interesting idea. Would at least be worth testing.
  7. New video is up. There was a bit of a curse on main stage at DH Atlanta last weekend...
  8. This. By old MLG team, you mean Adam & co.'s startup right? Not MLG iteself?
  9. https://www.dualshockers.com/halo-infinites-slipspace-engine-bonnie-ross/ “That engine [the previous one] is, gosh, eighteen, nineteen years old? So when you think about where we are today, we needed to pretty much redo it and I’m really proud of what we have now but it took a lot of work to get there.” - Bonnie Ross https://gamerant.com/halo-infinite-new-engine/ "This has lead to the forthcoming game being so "ambitious" that the developer was required to build a new engine so as to support its vision."
  10. Yes, but it's not exactly a secret that they were a modified version of the original engine. Slipspace, by all accounts that I can fine, is an entire rebuild. Ergo, new engine.
  11. Then leave and stop playing. If you aren't happy, it's that simple. Just admit that the game isn't for you anymore and find something that fits your taste better. I like to have hope for things, and think it's probable that we'll get upgraded servers. If you're referring to the blanks, I agree that H5 shouldn't have had them, but Infinite should fix it either way (new engine if it's engine side, and upgraded servers if it's a latency problem).
  12. Hopefully these upgraded launch servers they have planned fix some of this shit. It's a problem all across MCC (which I'm sure is also partially engine side but still).

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