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  1. I agree, EXCEPT you can't get fully accurate feedback when you're using a BR. In CE it's a non-issue, and with H5 it wouldn't be a big deal because there are only two options (either you landed the shot or you didn't), whereas with H3 you could hit 1-3 shots per burst and it can screw with things. If infinite continues with a magnum start then by all means take them out, but if they go back to it being BR starts then I actually like them. Nade hitmarkers are ass though.
  2. HARD disagree on the MP art style, I thought it was awesome (to each their own though).
  3. For real though. Apart from the fact that melee bleedthrough wasn't a thing in that game (though I'm sure it could be added), I thought it was damn near perfect. BR felt good to shoot, awesome graphics, etc. Screw not having bleedthrough though.
  4. Update: So it's definitely noticeable, and the diagonal aiming is much nice, but I still look like a blind guy swinging at a pinata in H3. H1 wasn't AS big a difference (though still noticeable) but then again I could already shoot decently on CE so maybe that's why I didn't notice it as much.
  5. December update dropping later today. Includes the modern aiming option as well. Really excited to see if that helps or if I'm still going to resemble Stevie wonder in a gunfight.
  6. Couldn't you just do the old school style of having people bring a USB stick with their profile on it? Would save a ton of time too I'd assume.
  7. I made a quick recap of the weekend for anybody that may have either missed it/is living under a rock around here for some reason.
  8. I think you pretty much touched on all the points I was thinking of. The two MASSIVE things that need to be worked on are the downtime and audio issues. It got to the point where I was just watching YouTube videos and flipping back to see if the game(s) had actually started yet. The CE stream was able to fit in multiple series in the time mainstage got one in, despite CE being 2v2 slayer to 50 and playing rather slowly in comparison. I get that audio is a whole beast at these events that isn't handled easily, but in that case stream an audio-only test to a throwaway account the day before and just sit one person at a laptop/their phone and have them listen. That way you can get any hiccups sorted and can adjust the audio levels at will instead of having to try to pinpoint stuff in between matches/series. The other stuff can all be improved upon but to me they aren't nearly as a "stream breaking" as having no games to watch and not being able to hear once the game has started. Massive props to Skillshot though, the quality was awesome all weekend and it was nice to see Gandhi make his return to the mic and sticks. Look forward to seeing more of these "mini events" at future weekends.
  9. It's 4am and I have class tomorrow, so this is gonna go to game 7 isn't it?
  10. To be fair, it was technically after a series (bracket reset mind you). They knew there would be a slight break before the second series.
  11. In a similar vain, I remember Hecz actually being in the booth with the CoD team during BO2 OpTic Van moment at Full Sail.

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