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  1. IIRC there was something from a while ago (when we thought the game was coming last year) that he was going to be competing at least for a bit, but hard to say now. I'd presume that he'll at least try to play for the first couple of events but if it's another H5 situation it's hard to say how long he'll be around for.
  2. It was very likely going to be late October (like the last week) or early November to get it out before Black Friday. Definitely nice to have a solid date it this holds up, but not exactly dropping and bombs in the shock department. The news today that you can hold onto and choose when to deploy OS though...
  3. OK so this at least instills a bit of hope. Hopefully this isn't like "we excluded one ability, have fun otherwise" but I don't think it will be. Really hoping we get some more solid info on this soon.
  4. I could see where you're coming from, but between the picture (below) and the text that says "they also *help* capture objectives, as pictured below," it feels like it's more of an independent thing. Hopefully they cover this in the breakdown tomorrow though.
  5. There's definitely some stuff that's making me nervous for competitive (like the AI that CAN CAPTURE FREAKING OBJECTIVES FOR YOU), but I'm going to refrain from using the pitchfork until we know what they're using/excluding for comp. The aesthetic is great, too. Gonna be super interesting to see how it plays once we can finally get our damn hands on it.
  6. What a coincidence, two games that have incredibly fast minimum ttks, but all of a sudden balloon up if you don't hit the haed. You know, I've been trying to put my finger on why I ended up liking CE so much after playing it for the first time when MCC came out. I think you're right in that a not-insignificant part is because I could actually leave a gunfight with shields left consistently, as opposed to constantly being one-shot after every engagement like I tend to be in 5 (although I can't aim for shit in H5 to the point I'm rocking 1 sensitivity, so maybe I'm just trash at that game).
  7. Bloom/Sprint Reach wasn't good enough* Core H3 wasn't good enough either, but Bungie/MLG was actually willing to alter things for competitive H3 in a timely manner. Seriously, I dare anyone to try to tell me that we'd be fawning over H3 if we had fucking bubble shields and regen orbs in competitive. Imagine construct KOTH but with everyone dropping a bubble shield on the hill, or someone sitting P3 on Midship with constant health regen and tell me that would be good. The core gameplay (shooting/movement/nades/melee) was there, but without those changes it would have horrid.
  8. CE would like to have a word with you. People also sleep on H5. I get that the competitive scene was kind of a meme for like 95% of the game's life, but it was a lot better than a good chunk would like to give credit for.
  9. I'm as anxious as you guys are over what the settings will look like, but the fact is that we've seen absolutely dick w/r/t multiplayer and this could all be a moo point. As far as the BR discussion goes, as long as the starting weapon is a precision weapon I'm OK with it. CE's magnum was fine, for Reach the fact they used a DMR wasn't really the issue (it was the fucking bloom and other issues with the game), and 5's magnum felt solid to use too. Would I prefer the BR? Maybe, but I'm not going to break out the pitchfork if it's another DMR or magnum focused game as long as there aren't any god damn ARs or SMGs as starting weapons in competitive.
  10. Thanks! I'm super thankful for the opportunity Sean gave me, it's been great working with him and Callouss.
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