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  1. New video! Just a quick recap of the event this weekend for anyone that may have missed it.
  2. I hope they make the ranked Reach playlist consistent with the current ones and have it be the competitive settings.
  3. Yea Sketch flat out said they're waiting on community feedback and are just focused on getting it on PC atm with crossplay being a possibility.
  4. So Xbox/MS store and Steam crossplay confirmed, but PC-Xbox is still up in the air.
  5. Pretty much what I said above for a BO5, but yea a Husky Raid match could be hilarious to watch. I asked Tashi on twitter and they weren't supposed to be playing all five maps, only first to three. They called an audible because all the players wanted to keep going and obviously it was more content to watch.
  6. Lol I agree that including 4 would be more "pure", but let's be honest. Nobody wants to watch H4.
  7. Could have also done one map from each game in ascending order (CE-2C-2A-3-5).
  8. Absolutely that is one way to do things. I would agree that 343 tried to put too much of their own spin on the gameplay instead of just taking what Bungie did and working around it. They decided to play with it instead. HOWEVER, the fact that there were changes that make us less than happy means they ARE trying to innovate even if misguided or not as well fleshed out as it could be. Part of what I suggested in my "improving competitive" video was not being afraid to just say "well this didn't fucking work" on a map and pull it from the pool to retool it a bit (which obviously CSGO does extremely well).
  9. Yea they just went to 5v5 this year. AFAIK the growth is about the same as normal (maybe a bit more because it's a Treyarch title).
  10. FFS they can't win can they? *Doesn't innovate* - "OMG it's just a reskin of X, they're not even trying." *Takes a risk* - "WTF they ruined it, fuck this game." I'm not saying all changes are good (and definitely not all changes just for the sake of change) but to say Halo hasn't taken risks or tried to innovate is just fucking ridiculous. Have they missed the mark with some things? Sure, but they ARE at least taking risks and trying stuff (even if it is a bit misguided at times).
  11. Trying it is one thing. Give it a shot and see what sticks. I just don't want to see it shoehorned into being on PC if it doesn't noticeably improve numbers by a decent amount.
  12. Am I the only one who's more hyped for Reach than the fact that it's coming to PC?
  13. I'm not reading too much into it... I think it's just a meme. MAYBE something with PC if we wanna get all stupid with speculation but I think they just thought it was a funny post.

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