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  1. I might agree, except this is good way to test things out and find any debilitating flaws prior to Infinite. I'd rather them try things out with Reach, instead trying to jump head first in with a brand new game that we NEED to succeed to keep this all going.
  2. The issue wasn't that the settings were changing in H5, it's that the *wrong* things were being changed. Instead of leaving the power ups/weapons where the pros were happy with them, they'd change it, yet we were stuck using AR starts for two HWCs and it took 2.5 years to get SC/GP removed and the map pool refined.
  3. Couldn't let it sit for too long. Here's a highlight reel of some of the stuff from this weekend.
  4. Overall I thought it was a pretty solid event. Obviously the stream quality needs to be looked into, but other than that I thought NBNS was alright to watch.
  5. Basically, they're wanting to test it out to see if it's viable for when Infinite rolls around. I'm really hoping this doesn't mean they're planning on ditching console completely though, because they've been relatively mum on the whole thing so far.
  6. Jesus that comeback was nuts. Holy shit that entire series was bonkers. Good stuff.
  7. I called it a night at ~4am, apparently right before they managed to get things going again.
  8. Or, or or, a group of pros that have used controller for their entire competitive career, playing a console game built around controller feels more comfortable using controllers.
  9. I think with anyone other than Adam and co. at the helm, I'd be worried about a repeat of H5's situation. I think they've seen now that you can't always have casual match 1:1 with competitive, and considering they're looking for someone to help with finding those changes I'm relatively optimistic we'll see a lot of the changes we need.
  10. That's because it's not MLG. Apicella and co. left MLG and started their own thing.
  11. I mean, I'm down for them cleaning up the map pool, but I'd rather we do something similar to the H5 refresh. Have people submit a bunch of forge maps and see which ones work best.

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