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  1. There was ADS on the new Scar-esque AR. Nade hitmarkers are trickier. The plasma nade had a hitmarker when it was stuck to the enemy, but not when it blew up.
  2. It's already confirmed to be an on-map pickup, so it won't be anything spammy. Agreed on both. Should be a fun play through for the campaign, but I much prefer the old school "level" based progression instead of everything being open world now.
  3. I'm thinking the same thing. As long as it's possible to turn off individual pieces of equipment, or they are willing to adjust what's on the map, I see a lot of potential here.
  4. My major worry is whether 343/EE are willing the make the changes needed for the competitive settings. That big shield/wall thing is going to be in MP, but that's something already that we know will 99.9999999% likely need to be removed from competitive. If they're willing to make the adjustments, I can see things working out alright.
  5. Just about to get this underway for those of you that are interested.
  6. Well a Beta has already been confirmed, but hopefully we'll get a date for it.
  7. The swiss system is absolutely fine, it's the tiebreaker that's the issue. It baffles me that they decided to use the Buchholz system, instead of just straight up map differential. I get the point of it, but plus/minus is just a far simpler system. Especially when there are allegations the calculations weren't even done correctly. If/when there's a tie go to plan B, but there was just no reason to jump straight to adding more RNG when there are multiple ways of avoiding it.
  8. Did a team actually FF Status Quo for ending a CTF at the 15 minute mark when they were winning? *Edit* wasn’t SQ, but still shitty to happen.
  9. ICYMI, the GTHalo Schoolyard event stream is going on right now! I'll be on in ~25-30 to cast for a bit.
  10. THIS. I have no idea why they're so afraid of using forge maps in competitive. FFS it's been a thing since H3, and Reach was pretty much ALL forge maps. Surely there's an awesome midship remake out there, or a couple of great original ones that can be used to spice things up.

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