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  1. CE would like to have a word with you. People also sleep on H5. I get that the competitive scene was kind of a meme for like 95% of the game's life, but it was a lot better than a good chunk would like to give credit for.
  2. I'm as anxious as you guys are over what the settings will look like, but the fact is that we've seen absolutely dick w/r/t multiplayer and this could all be a moo point. As far as the BR discussion goes, as long as the starting weapon is a precision weapon I'm OK with it. CE's magnum was fine, for Reach the fact they used a DMR wasn't really the issue (it was the fucking bloom and other issues with the game), and 5's magnum felt solid to use too. Would I prefer the BR? Maybe, but I'm not going to break out the pitchfork if it's another DMR or magnum focused game as long as there aren't any god damn ARs or SMGs as starting weapons in competitive.
  3. Thanks! I'm super thankful for the opportunity Sean gave me, it's been great working with him and Callouss.
  4. Well we did the post a couple days ago, but it really wasn't of any more help than the previous one. Still nothing terribly worthwhile in it unless you're new coming into the scene. TL;DR - It explains what a TO is and the different levels of them (seriously), re-announces Esports Engine as the "Global Management Partner," and says that Grassroots organizers are going to be eligible for "sanctioning" (ie. allow players to earn HCS points by competing in their events). https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/halo-infinite-esports-ecosystem-february
  5. Bold of you to assume there's going to be any worthwhile news in it.
  6. Thanks Xander killed it with the edit. I was already happy with the script/recording but he really brought it to life.
  7. New Paradise Halo video for you guys! This was in the works before the posts here, but it's still funny timing. Hope you guys enjoy!
  8. Well they've said they're still planning on having flighting for it, but god only knows with how things have been going.
  9. No way. At leas not esports wise. They'll let it run its course, and then if we're lucky they'll start dropping Infinite esports stuff. Pretty doubtful on regular Infinite stuff too, but I wouldn't make a bet on that.
  10. Happy New Year folks! We're finally in the home stretch
  11. So another year we wait. Taking bets on whether or not we actually get any sort of public flighting before launch.
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