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  1. New video is live! Just a quick one talking about why FFA is important to the competitive Halo scene. Enjoy!
  2. With MLG taking the reigns for the big events, having an H3 team wouldn't be out of the question. You know there's going to be SOME sort of viewer count for H3, and if shit hits the fan with Infinite that would be the perfect time to dump if that's what they're afraid of. But yea I could see that whole "selling everything but LoL" back to Hecz thing tbh. From what we've seen of him over the past decade+, he'll do whatever he can to make sure OpTic lives on.
  3. I REALLY hope Hecz is able to regain control. I totally understand why he sold initially, but you have to think even he knows that was a mistake at this point. It really wouldn't surprise me to see him bring a team back to Halo with the H3 spike and Infinite coming next year. I think his main concern is the CoD team though, which is cool.
  4. I just don't see it productive to say "EW this map sucks!" Like OK that's fine, but WHY does it suck? Is there too much verticality? Bad flow? Poor spawns? WHY does the map suck? Same goes for "Bleh this isn't even Halo." That's great, but is of absolutely NO use if they can't articulate WHY. Is it game speed? TTK? Weapon design? Complaining may get you the ear of the dev, but they aren't mind readers. EXPLAIN why something is wrong because then they're more likely to 1) actually fix it and 2) fix it in the way that the community wants instead of an alternative that just introduces an entirely new problem. I was brought up with the whole "don't come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution" mentality but both sides end up feeling better as a result. The devs are able to know where they went wrong and hopefully take that thinking into future designs, and the players are happy that the game is being fixed how they want it to be.
  5. Not streamers specifically, but since about when Reach released (give or take a year) is when gamers REALLY started getting pissy over games in general. "X sucks, they ruined the series." "It's not X anymore! What are they doing?!" "OMG this is the worst ever!". That's not to say that you can't be critical or make your opinion known, but people just whine about the game and say they're being constructive instead of ACTUALLY helping. Some of the complaints have default solutions because it's a dichotomy, such as sprint where either it exists in the game or it doesn't. When I see people whining about X, Y, or Z or shitting on stuff without doing anything else then yea they need to shut up unless they have a solution.
  6. I remember Kampy said he plays with the triggers swapped because it made it way easier to double shot back in OG H2 and just never went back after.
  7. OK tier list time. This was being done by CoD pros on Twitter and I saw some Halo people doing it too and figured I'd join in. Curious what you guys all think. If you do it though, note what criteria you're basing it on (campaign, MP, competitive, etc). So here's my list. This is MP only, and factors in both social and competitive. ODST is DQd because it's MP is basically covered by H3.
  8. Infinite confirmed not launching with a developer made Battle Royale mode (also Battle Rifle confirmed Kappa). Frank also pointed out a thought of mine was that BR/Hunger Games was a thing with H2A and surely could have been done with H5's forge if people wanted to.
  9. I wanna see an olympics style event. Teams sign up as 4, then they pick two to compete in a CE 2v2 event on Friday, then 4v4 on H2 and 3 Saturday and Sunday with FFA throughout the weekend and points awarded based on placing in the various events.
  10. New video! Saw a question in "La Cabra"'s chat the other day and thought it would make an interesting topic. Enjoy!
  11. Nice eye. Well that's certainly taking things to another level. Well then, the whole situation makes zero sense. Why show splitscreen then?
  12. We're not going to have anything for at least a couple weeks (provided flighting for Reach actually starts this month). After that though we're probably looking at E3 for the next huge announcement.
  13. I agree with all of that (ESPECIALLY the starting weapon point). However, those are only a portion of the settings in general. Certain things can, and absolutely should, be universal. However there is no way to make, say, social TS identical to competitive TS unless the base game itself is competitive. There are always going to be SOME changes (maybe small ones, but they'll still be there). So I guess my point is make it as universal as you can, but don't balk at adjusting things for competitive if something needs tweaking.

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