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  1. Hopefully we see this start to form within a year so that it has time to iron out any kinks before Infinite.
  2. See there's your first mistake. You're assuming it's gonna happen before Infinite launches.
  3. In related news, Shotzzy found his way onto the Dallas CoD League team.
  4. Agreed. The game itself actually isn't bad, but there's no excuse for having played TWO $1M+ World Championships with ARs as starting weapons.
  5. Even at the pro level, players have designated roles and end up all using the same SMG/AR for as long as it's the meta.
  6. New video is up with my thoughts on Reach's port to the MCC.
  7. I didn't event notice the audio (I listen to music while playing) but the delay is so rough. Agreed that otherwise it's fun and I'm enjoying it.
  8. So Hardcore Reach feels really good. That being said, HOLY LAG BATMAN. If they can get that sorted out then it'll be great, but as it stands right now it's consistently taking upwards of a second to register a kill. I'd say roughly half (probably more) of my engagements resulted in a trade.
  9. Apparently I had a stroke because I missed this post, but if all goes well there's a chance we get Xbox Reach PvP flighting late this week. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/243780d3b80b4bb6ac7917a8942286db/topics/mcc-dev-updates/3e3252e1-297a-4590-a7ab-67c133b3d37d/posts?page=1#post8
  10. New video if anyone is interested. Definitely a bit different compared to my normal style but let me know what you think
  11. OH SHIT I must have missed that when they announced it. I found what you meant though.
  12. Just noticed there's an inside Xbox tomorrow so there's the potential for some news on MCC. Wouldn't exactly call it likely, but it's something. Also, XO19 is mid November so maybe some Infinite beta news during that?
  13. That makes the most sense, but the beta for H5 was announced at the E3 of 2014 before MCC had even launched. We haven't even heard a mouse fart about Infinite multiplayer so far.

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