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  1. Nah, FPS genre is too vague for their to be one main game. As for overwatch, the combination of the game being a higher spec than most currently popular games in Asia, and having to pay up front for the game, makes it unlikely it will be popular in China/Korea
  2. Eurgh I swear I see this on a daily basis. Crossfire - an FPS/CS clone game. Makes more revenue than any other game in China a couple of years back, though might have been overtaken by League now. Sudden Attack - another cs clone. A very popular esport on TV, and still a top game in Korea PC cafes.
  3. COD offers much more exposure/money/opportunity in every measurable aspect compared to Halo.
  4. Im sure they will in a small way, but its not going to be some kind of major deal. With the small amount of content staff they have, LCS/CS/Dota will be the focus for dem page views
  5. Red Bull's esports articles are always shite, this might be their finest work though http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331770502287/the-10-greatest-fps-multiplayer-levels-of-all-time?wtk=shared.Global.RBMH%20/%20RBTV.RBMH%20/%20RBTV.TWITTER.32516.No.330332029&linkId=20351526 Goldeneye and Stack, good lord.
  6. They should write a report on the last 25 pages of this thread. Would be a great story, compelling, and rich.
  7. I still find it bizarre that people keep radar on in customs
  8. Well 343 already announced (kinda) the pro league after HWC. Ninja even said that a lot of decisions were made because of the Xgames. With HWC looming, panic decisions for a meager 30k prize pool is baffling.
  9. Yeh expect bone headed decisions like these dont happen as often in literally every other esport.
  10. So teams made forced/rash/quick decisions based on Xgames deadline rather than think of longevity/the HWC/establishing a solid team. Seriously.
  11. I find it very weird that somebody from 343 has to come on here and tell us that maybe we didnt like older games as much because of nostalgia. Screams insecurity.
  12. I dont think forum interaction is that important, its the fact that they have not made any adjustements to various parts of the game at all, and their "sustain" model (which I still laugh that people bought into) has somehow ended up with less new content after 3 months than other Halos. The forge guy can do that because it looks like the Forge department is a separate entitiy from the rest of the MP team, and consists of only a couple of people.
  13. I just think esports is past the "look, national coverage, take us serious" unless its literally a major company streaming from their own TV channel/site. The last few esports were not even streamed via Xgames, just on your usual sites. If Halo was the first to do this then sure it would be a bigger deal, but like always, they are behind the curve, and thus the novelty isint there.
  14. The novelty of esports at Xgames is not as big as when COD did it, and their scene got bigger from a solid infrstructure being in place, not an XGames tournament. 343 can barely keep its core audience, Halo players, surely people arent expecting this "huge" national/NA only coverage to create a booming scene.
  15. Dont seem to get why a 4/6 team tournament at XGames is a big deal.
  16. Still no finals venue advertised yet. Kinda should do that soon if its a big venue.
  17. Yeah but MLG isint running cod anymore (and even then that format was for their open events, which they have done two of in the last 18 months). The new CWL is league followed pool play into single elim. Single elim after some kind of league/group is pretty much becoming the standard now in esports, partly influenced by sports (lol, sc, cod and cs all use it now) The groups allow teams multiple games to compete, and single elim ensures that the games are tense and everyone has to show up, and a definitive final. Best of both worlds.
  18. The draws they do for major tournaments are rather grand affairs at times, can be cool/exciting. The hat thing is just an expression. Teams being assigned into 4 sections off seeds then drawn from there is perfectly fine.
  19. Draws in all sports are extremly common outside of NA. Think this board would melt if we ever did an FA cup style tournament.
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