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  1. Nah, FPS genre is too vague for their to be one main game. As for overwatch, the combination of the game being a higher spec than most currently popular games in Asia, and having to pay up front for the game, makes it unlikely it will be popular in China/Korea
  2. Eurgh I swear I see this on a daily basis. Crossfire - an FPS/CS clone game. Makes more revenue than any other game in China a couple of years back, though might have been overtaken by League now. Sudden Attack - another cs clone. A very popular esport on TV, and still a top game in Korea PC cafes.
  3. COD offers much more exposure/money/opportunity in every measurable aspect compared to Halo.
  4. Im sure they will in a small way, but its not going to be some kind of major deal. With the small amount of content staff they have, LCS/CS/Dota will be the focus for dem page views
  5. Red Bull's esports articles are always shite, this might be their finest work though http://www.redbull.com/en/games/stories/1331770502287/the-10-greatest-fps-multiplayer-levels-of-all-time?wtk=shared.Global.RBMH%20/%20RBTV.RBMH%20/%20RBTV.TWITTER.32516.No.330332029&linkId=20351526 Goldeneye and Stack, good lord.
  6. They should write a report on the last 25 pages of this thread. Would be a great story, compelling, and rich.
  7. I still find it bizarre that people keep radar on in customs
  8. Well 343 already announced (kinda) the pro league after HWC. Ninja even said that a lot of decisions were made because of the Xgames. With HWC looming, panic decisions for a meager 30k prize pool is baffling.
  9. Yeh expect bone headed decisions like these dont happen as often in literally every other esport.
  10. So teams made forced/rash/quick decisions based on Xgames deadline rather than think of longevity/the HWC/establishing a solid team. Seriously.
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