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  1. The library is fantastic I’ve always enjoyed playing it because it plays like a halo version of a zombie/horde mode and the mechanics seem like they’re perfectly balanced with that in mind tbh lots of cover, the shotty being a 1sk, the huge nade explosion radius, and the pistol being able to head shot em if you shoot the tentacle in there chest and just the insane amount of flood in that level. Though to be honest I don’t think it would really work with any other Halo game due to the flood having shields kinda ruins it imo but the pure forms would make great mini bosses in a flood type of horde mode. Cortana on the other hand is a steaming pile of shit due to the constant gravemind fuckery if you remove that and shields from the flood I think it would be pretty decent imo.
  2. People who think that having only KBM is somehow going to revive the scene are fucking delusional..this is literally what 343 says when they try and justify keeping sprint in the game.
  3. Nah. I’ve always considered the waypoint/reddit kids the true minority because of the vast exodous of the player base that started after everyone started realizing how completely garbage Halo Reach(excluding V7) is/was and all the classic Halo fans never returned to the series especially after 3 shit games in a row. And even then it’s completely ridiculous that 343 has literally blacklisted this site instead of looking at a place for valuable feedback because they can’t handle critism.
  4. Sometimes I wish reddit well mainly the Halo one didn’t exist because then all the idiots on that site wouldn’t be able to dictate terrible changes for the game/series..let them just use waypoint where 343 never looks. Instead of the situation we have now where whenever they whine there 343 fixes shit..when was the last time they bothered checking this site.
  5. I hope this wasn’t an actual thing because if they fucked up the aiming that bad.. I’d seriously appreciate a post mortem on what happened between the beta aiming and full game aiming.
  6. Holy shit are the reddit/waypoint kids actually trying to get the DMR removed from BTB even when it has bloom?
  7. So no spread good to know. How does the Sniper Rifle feel is it still very easy to use due to the magnetism or does it being projectile fix that?
  8. Does the pistol still have spread in that mod also pretty cool that you can change it from projectile to hitscan without 343.
  9. Bloom and every single AA is why it’s got awful gameplay.
  10. 125k viewers on the MCC twitch section that’s actually insane I didn’t expect it to be anywhere near those numbers..like maybe 30k. Now I wonder how many of these people will stick around once they realize how awful the Reach multiplayer is.
  11. You know if we’re gonna use Reach what would be nice..if 343 would give us access to the full map editor since they have the source code it should be entirely possible. So we can make developer quality maps instead of having to use forge maps.
  12. Me tuning in to watch the event (which there was zero advertising for) and sees Halo 5 on stream..nah
  13. I really, really hope regional events aren’t a thing that’s returning having events that are hosted in other regions is fine but they should be open to any top team from any region otherwise we just go back to what it was when ESL had there UK closed events which had lower viewership because of the lack of top teams being there.
  14. Thank fucking god I was worried we were going to be stuck with a mediocre TO like UGC or ESL as the main TO when we got done with this grassroots stuff.
  15. Well if Adam is gone then things aren’t looking too good as I don’t expect another MLG event ever..I guess we’re stuck with mediocre TO’s like UGC for the foreseeable future or worse we go back to the shit show that was ESL.
  16. If he’s pro sprint good riddance but what are the chances of that actually happening.
  17. This is literally the exact same bull shit excuse they used for justifying putting it in Halo 5 “Sprint is expected in a shooter”. I mean I’m not at all surprised I knew the chances of having sprint in this game was nearly 100% anyways.
  18. So has 343 basically given up on trying to fix the hit detection at this point..cause if they haven’t it sure seems like it after the last five updates have had zilch.
  19. Seriously just leave sprint in campaign/warzone/firefight and have the regular matchmaking be classic..but we all know that’s not going to happen because of 343’s stupid decision that the multiplayer needs to be canon or whatever.
  20. No fucking gameplay what a god damn waste of time.
  21. If I see sprint in gameplay then I think I’m done 343 has had more then enough chances and we’ve given them two games worth of feedback as to why sprint is bad for Halo and if they don’t wanna pull there heads out of there asses why should I support them anymore?

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