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  1. Reddit never changes there still repeating the same braindead arguments for years on end such as “SpArTaNs sHoUlD bE aBle tO SpRinT” as well to justify it being in the game. 🙄
  2. Maybe if certain pros wouldn’t have screeched earlier on when H3 competition started when Eric suggested removing/lowering the spread the game would be more enjoyable to play. 🙄
  3. It doesn’t bloodshots still occurred at 30 fps so they’ll still occur without actual hit detection fixes you’ll still get bloodshots.
  4. I’m not surprised aPG got dropped no offence to the man as a player but it always seemed to me that the only reason he got on the team because he was friends with them and he certainly wasn’t as good as Frosty was/is as a player.
  5. They should just have online qualifiers then invite the top 8 to a LAN or whatever I’d rather that then the online garbage obviously would have to do without crowds though.
  6. “Large scale incompetence.” 😂😂 Sums up 343i in a nutshell the question is when will Microsoft realize this and decide to clean house already.
  7. Gotta hand it to 343 go in with rock bottom expectations and they still manage to shit the bed.
  8. Having to develop for the original Xbox one as well really fucked them lmao the game looks like ass.
  9. And there’s grappling hooks as well gotta love 343 always chasing trends. This company will never learn.
  10. Of course there’s fucking sprint this company..
  11. It doesn’t help that that /r/halo gets literally whatever they want whenever they complain I’m pretty sure after the AR was nerfed in H5 they complained and it ended up getting buffed to the point it was stronger then it was pre nerf. But anything that we post here that’s actually despite it being backed up with actual logic might as well go into a black hole because 343 can’t handle any criticism whatsoever and never come on these forums.
  12. I’d like to get peoples thoughts on the Mantis. Personally I think it’s the worst vehicle ever added into the franchise and completely ruins the perfect vehicle balance established by every other Halo game and it’s just completely oppressive gameplay wise and ideally 343 would delete it but we all know that’s not happening.
  13. You can bet your ass if there’s sprint in the campaign it’s 100% going to be in the multiplayer because they haven’t shown any indication they’ve backed off from there wanting unified settings bull shit.
  14. It’s good that they’re starting to recognize that the hit detection in H3 is busted but unfortunately they never mentioned anything about fixing the bullet spread. So in regards to adjusting the bullet velocity being tied to hit registration has anyone done any tinkering with this in regards to Halo 1? Because if it’s improved it in H2/H3 I wouldn’t be shocked if it was the cause there as well.
  15. If you really want to give it more of a use bring back the H2 vehicle lock on but it doesn’t really need to be when the splaser exists.

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