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  1. That neckbeard makes him look like he’s 10 years older then he actually is he should shave it.
  2. So Eric is no longer playing Halo? I mean kinda figured since he’s on a top tier apex team and he never streams halo anymore.
  3. So has anyone played the CE with no spread how does it feel?
  4. Based on..? If they didn’t remove the horrendous H3 spread what makes you think they’ll do it for other games 343 has this whole stupid “exactly as you remember it” schtick going on even if it’s detrimental to the game like bloom, spread, etc.
  5. twitter.com/EsportsEng/status/1230178195787350016 @Clap Good to have you back and running the show for Infinite’s esports.
  6. Eh..I was really hoping too see them back at home under NRG esports with Hecz instead of whoever this Sentinels org is.
  7. @TheSimms Is finally casting again feels like it been ages since that happened hopefully he’s actually casting and not stuck doing desk hosting.
  8. I always thought the H5 item or whatever you call limit it was more a result of the Xbone being an incredibly weak fucking console more then the game itself?
  9. It’s pretty hilarious to me that 343 says in there video they aren’t going to chase trends anymore...then footage comes out of the game with a grappling hook. 😂 This company just can’t help themselves and it’s also cute that people think that this won’t be an ability that you always have access to this is 343i we’re talking about here so maps will be altered to accomodate it. Though at this point I’m honestly just waiting for some gameplay footage and if it has sprint to make my decision on whether or not I purchase this game.
  10. Yeah uh that looks like Halo 5 to me and the video he used is super blurry.
  11. The library is fantastic I’ve always enjoyed playing it because it plays like a halo version of a zombie/horde mode and the mechanics seem like they’re perfectly balanced with that in mind tbh lots of cover, the shotty being a 1sk, the huge nade explosion radius, and the pistol being able to head shot em if you shoot the tentacle in there chest and just the insane amount of flood in that level. Though to be honest I don’t think it would really work with any other Halo game due to the flood having shields kinda ruins it imo but the pure forms would make great mini bosses in a flood type of horde mode. Cortana on the other hand is a steaming pile of shit due to the constant gravemind fuckery if you remove that and shields from the flood I think it would be pretty decent imo.
  12. People who think that having only KBM is somehow going to revive the scene are fucking delusional..this is literally what 343 says when they try and justify keeping sprint in the game.
  13. Nah. I’ve always considered the waypoint/reddit kids the true minority because of the vast exodous of the player base that started after everyone started realizing how completely garbage Halo Reach(excluding V7) is/was and all the classic Halo fans never returned to the series especially after 3 shit games in a row. And even then it’s completely ridiculous that 343 has literally blacklisted this site instead of looking at a place for valuable feedback because they can’t handle critism.
  14. Sometimes I wish reddit well mainly the Halo one didn’t exist because then all the idiots on that site wouldn’t be able to dictate terrible changes for the game/series..let them just use waypoint where 343 never looks. Instead of the situation we have now where whenever they whine there 343 fixes shit..when was the last time they bothered checking this site.

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