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  1. New Infinite blog is out and one of 343’s design principles is “super soldier” when designing the game is literally a Reddit argument “SpArTaNs sHoUlD bE aBlE to SpRiNT” and equating clamber to a “classic halo” feature this company honestly somehow never fails to lower my expectations even further. 😂
  2. I’ve stopped giving a shit a long ass time ago it’s been beyond obvious for ages now that 343 won’t change shit if it conflicts with there vision for the game and this site is still clearly blacklisted and 343 won’t show up here to read any feedback/criticism. 343 is going to balance the game around the how casuals on reddit want it to be if you think otherwise you’re deluding yourself.
  3. Man 343/Grassroots really killed this thread I haven’t kept up with anything pro halo related since the grassroots started I have zero interest in watching meaningless online tournaments. I’d imagine that’s the same for most of us based on how fast this thread moves now.
  4. The main thing I want in terms of mods is for the campaign mods to be possible on consoles some of them make basically entirely different games like Reach campaign with zero bloom, no armor abilities, buffed base movement speed and buffed vehicle durability? Yes please.
  5. This alongside automatics that do insane amounts of damage and have excessive range I honestly don’t believe 343 will ever make a projectile based Halo game. Because if reddit never complains about it then 343 will assume it’s fine so it’ll never get fixed.
  6. Good job burning any potential goodwill you may have had with those organizations 343 and making them way less likely to invest in Halo after this shit show. This company never ceases to amaze me with how incompetent they are.
  7. I still don’t understand why 343 refuses to let us have a veto option..like it blows my mind but they refuse to add it for no reason.
  8. It really is a beautiful thing to no longer have to deal with getting shitty gametype settings anymore hopefully that carries over to Infinite if the game is decent.
  9. It’s pretty obvious Shyway has an agenda he already made another “sPrInT iS gOoD” video 2 weeks ago and reddit being reddit will try and pass these videos off as fact hopefully Favyn or someone else will make some videos debunking them sooner rather then later having misinformation videos being left unaddressed isn’t a good thing.
  10. New MCC post is out. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-august-2020
  11. It would be worse then that I’m pretty sure they’ve stated it will have a “sustain” team when Infinite launches and all we have to do is look at the H5 “sustain” team all it does is playlist updates there won’t be anymore actual game updates after Infinite launches.
  12. It was beyond obvious that the original Xbox one was going to massively hold this game back them cutting it off would be the smartest thing they could do if they actually want a game that doesn’t look like shit.
  13. Why did you even make it hitscan in the first place? The only required fix was removing the spread from the BR so there’s no randomness.
  14. It was actually hilarious watching them pathetically trying to spin this as some type of joke it’s like no we’re not laughing with you 343..you’re getting mocked because your game looks horrendous.
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