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  1. Well if Adam is gone then things aren’t looking too good as I don’t expect another MLG event ever..I guess we’re stuck with mediocre TO’s like UGC for the foreseeable future or worse we go back to the shit show that was ESL.
  2. If he’s pro sprint good riddance but what are the chances of that actually happening.
  3. This is literally the exact same bull shit excuse they used for justifying putting it in Halo 5 “Sprint is expected in a shooter”. I mean I’m not at all surprised I knew the chances of having sprint in this game was nearly 100% anyways.
  4. So has 343 basically given up on trying to fix the hit detection at this point..cause if they haven’t it sure seems like it after the last five updates have had zilch.
  5. Seriously just leave sprint in campaign/warzone/firefight and have the regular matchmaking be classic..but we all know that’s not going to happen because of 343’s stupid decision that the multiplayer needs to be canon or whatever.
  6. No fucking gameplay what a god damn waste of time.
  7. If I see sprint in gameplay then I think I’m done 343 has had more then enough chances and we’ve given them two games worth of feedback as to why sprint is bad for Halo and if they don’t wanna pull there heads out of there asses why should I support them anymore?
  8. I hope @Clap and MLG decide to run an event at some point but with the viewership numbers we get now I can see why they wouldn’t. Honestly it feels like the viewership numbers have been consistently lower then even when Halo 5 at the end of it’s life which is a pretty sad statistic.
  9. So does anyone know what actually happened with Shottzy I keep hearing chat say he punched a monitor which I assume is a meme?
  10. It’s actually insane that we’re regressing again..yeah let’s have the tournament be hosted on a brand new channel that no one knows about with no followers instead of the one with 200k followers...because that’ll surely be good for viewership. Like just make a deal that you will give all AD revenue to whoever is hosting the event this shouldn’t be that difficult.
  11. The reason they left Optic in the first place was because the management was shitty and Hecz wasn’t making the decisions anymore. If he’s the one running the show again I don’t see why they wouldn’t go back if it was offered. That’s obviously a gigantic IF but I’d personally love to the see return of Optic.
  12. So uh when is the next event? Tbh I only follow casually at this point.

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