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  1. You know what would be really nice is they would give us a full blown map editor like gearbox did for all the games so we could make our own maps with the PC release. The we wouldn’t have to worry about forge maps looking like shit anymore or shitty dev maps.
  2. Staggered releases is such a bad idea for population there’s a huge segment of casual gamers who will only play the game once and never touch it again. Just release all the games at once so we can retain as many players as possible.
  3. Tournaments on PC is a hard pass we don’t need to switch when consoles have been working perfectly fine also way less chance of cheating on console.
  4. Why would they make the Reach campaign that is almost a decade old paid DLC lmao just make it free for anyone who owned it beforehand. Also thank god for FOV sliders can actually make Halo 3 lineup with the rest of the trilogy in that respect.
  5. It’s tweeted by UGC not any actual Halo twitters and either way MLG should be the main TO for infinite none of these amateur hour TO’s even comes close to matching them.
  6. Have they announced the talent lineup for the next event yet? Really hoping that @TheSimms will be casting at this one.
  7. Halo 5’s multiplayer was “universally loved” yeah sure that’s why the population tanked after a couple months and you decided to stop showing the number of concurrent users 343. Well this is what happens when you have an echo chamber of reddit/waypoint who are straight up incapable of criticizing 343 and you black list the one place that actually does give constructive criticism about your game.
  8. You know with Infinite being on PC and all I really hope 343 lets us have a full blown map editor ala H1 PC. Like if we get that there’s no reason for forge to even exist anymore and we don’t have to rely on 343’s dev maps if we can make our own that look just as good.
  9. I don’t know if it’s just me but does anyone else really miss having scrims being tracked on HDH anymore? Like I haven’t watched any scrims live in well over a year and don’t really have the time to waste an hour watching an entire scrim anymore anyways. Like HDH was a very good way of keeping up with how the teams stacked up against each other and just checking out who was on each team the only ones I know off the top of my head currently is Rec/Tox.
  10. Okay on the topic of this H2V vs MCC nonsense. What I don’t understand is why 343 hasn’t hired the guys who work on Project Cartographer like they did with that guy who used to mod H1 or why the guy’s on PC haven’t shared there fixes with 343i makes no sense to me withhold them. Like they’re both H2V so there’s no real reason why the fixes they did shouldn’t work on the MCC version and you’d think that they would want to grow the H2 community by having the most accessible version actually play like OG H2.
  11. So I’m just curious for the people who prefer H5 over H3 would you’re opinion change if they removed the spread on the BR (which is entirely possible if the pros complain). Though personally to me despite the BR spread it redeemed by the fact that it doesn’t have an insane amount of magnetism and requires leading because it uses projectiles. Not to mention the fact that the Sniper rifle is actually satisfying to get kills with because skill is actually required to use it and get kills unlike every other Halo barring H1.
  12. This pro team announcement means jack shit honestly we saw how it played out with Halo 5 if 343 didn’t like there feedback or it conflicted with there vision of “Halo” it was straight up ignored. Nothing suggests that mentality at 343i has changed until I see actual gameplay it’s meaningless.
  13. Royal 2 stream was lit if you weren’t in there you missed out.
  14. UGC’s last event was a shitshow is anybody really surprised there shitting the bed again this is what happens when you let amateur hour TO’s run events.
  15. Why is it that UGC a company with way less resources can have a B stream that has CASTERS commentating gameplay but official HCS events couldn’t? @Tashi Please fix this for whenever the next HCS season is no reason why we shouldn’t have side streams casted.

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