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  1. But see, they know what Halo is and feels like. A lot of gamers only know what cod feels like. They're needy adolescent brains have been spoiled with the stimulation and instant gratification of being able to sprint when traversing a significant distance. So, even though it adds zero utility to the overall gameplay, because everyone has it at all times, people are used to the extra entertainment it offers. </endOfRant>
  2. axi0m

    OT Thread of OT

    Such a small world. Business is great! Better than ever. How are you? And what's your current GT, I wanna add you.
  3. Add: whats an axi0m I'll be adding some of you too. Down for MM or customs.
  4. Like I said, I don't like it. I wish it had never been invented for FPS games. But, my point is that the average FPS gamer expects it now. As much as we'd like companies like 343 to build principled, competitive games for us, they have tens maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. They have to make a product that will generate a return on the investment. Can sprint be disabled in settings? We just need some gametypes (if you still call them that) and run customs!
  5. Have you ever invited people to play Halo that have only played cod? "Omg why can't you run this is so dumb." "Wtf where is the run button." "You have to walk everywhere wtf." I don't like it, but I highly doubt it's going anywhere.
  6. I own The Controller Shop. We're located in Yorkville, IL. We may be holding some LANs or small tournaments if there are enough people close enough to be interested. Add me: whats an axi0m
  7. axi0m

    OT Thread of OT

    Were you sSynyster back in like 2009? Just saw you on my friends list.
  8. You don't think Halo already became niche?
  9. axi0m

    OT Thread of OT

    Hey look at that. It's the OT of OT thread. Brilliant. I'm donating $100.
  10. I literally just lold at how stupid that system is. Is this what old people feel like who don't like cell phones? I think I'm just getting old and old fashioned.
  11. Trying to restore my friends list from its hasn't-been-touched-since-2009 post-apocalyptic current status. What the hell is the difference between a friend and a follower. The goddamn Xbox website says to "add a friend" you "follow them." Non sequitur. Also, I'm currently taking shots. Please use fifth grade English when responding.
  12. Don't know anything about diamond, onyx, etc. I just shoot people. Add for anything Halo 5 tonight: whats an axi0m
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