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  1. Look, I'm not the best Halo player but now that I'm back on console I'd love some people to play Halo CE on the MCC and I guess 2/3 too with. I've mostly played PC/Custom Edition online before and quite frankly I'm nowhere near as good on the controller as I was with kbm, but I'd like to learn and get better at it. I never really played 2 or 3 online either so it'd be nice to have somebody who might be willing to play those two later on. Since I'm pretty bad I don't mind how good or not you may be, but I just want to play some classic Halo with some mature(ish) people. GT is WoodsEvening530. (Yes it's a crappy generic one. I have yet to think of a snazzy one to change it to and I don't want to have to fork over cash to M$ just to change my nae again.)
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