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  1. Alright guys been down this road before but life kinda hit me in the stomach and had to take a break. I think I posted before, but like I said kinda had to step back for a bit but now to the reason you came to this post in the first place. I'm looking for a team to build with and compete in season 2 of Hwc, but also to play Gb with. We aren't going to be the best by just playing pubs in arena playlist all the time. So down to the details I have competed in smaller lans on the east coast nothing major since Halo Reach been out of action for awhile. But I am a vet who has been around for awhile and I know my stuff. Wants. Teammates who know how to play the game. Now you all know I'm not talking about which buttons to hit. I like to go over strats and counter strats in case we have to fight out of difficult spots.Be a well coordinated team that practices and plays to get better at working together. Second, Rank now I'm not someone who is going to count someone out based on rank, but too many times has their highest rank been d1 or p6. I know you guys will get better if you keep playing but I want to play on an onyx tier team. My ranks are like 1600 Slayer and 2167 ffa. Think Arena is a d4 but I ranked up with some mates from high school and well they aren't the best. If you have to have Arena onyx I will sit down and grind it out one day though I mostly play ffa Third. I live on the east coast and would like from the midwest east to be on the team with. Not so much that it matters online, but lans and things will be a lot easier for me that way at least. I also play from 7-12 most weekdays and weekends will vary. Though my work is consistent 7-4 every day. Fourth, Now I probably sound like I have an ego, but I'm a pretty laid back guy who likes to joke around honestly. Just been trying to find a team for awhile now and its quite frustrating since it feels like a lot of failed attempts and wasted time. But just be relaxed take the punches that we are going to get. Cause we are going to lose and we are going to win. I want to learn and help my team learn to fix our weaknesses so we can be a good team. I know I have weak spots I have mainly been an ffa player since release. Well If you read all that and are still interested you can message me here..... On xbox l Wolfen l ....... Or Twitter @HaloZLinked I will probably play on my smurf once we team up cause I like the name better honestly. Hope to hear from you guys
  2. If you still have open slots I wouldn't mind running some games. Gamer tag : l Wolfen l. ( lower case L's)
  3. I'm interested in at least running some games. Will add when I get home. Gamer tag: l Wolfen l (lowercase L's as well)
  4. Looking for a group wanting to do Arena, gamebattles, HCS and upcoming tournaments. Been out of practice for awhile but looking to dedicate to h5. Haven't really competed since h3 though h5 is a different monster then halo was back then. I'm not looking for perfection just a team to grind with and grow as a unit. H5 really is about teamwork and it's going to take a bit of time to reach a high level. Oynx in two play lists but who isn't in ffa and swat. Also a d1 in breakout and a d6 in slayer. If that matterse look at my service record for k/d. I believe mcc was a 1.7 something and 5 is a 1.6 with a 1.34 in arena I think. Though I don't believe k/d matters too much thought I would put it here anyway. Just be open minded and be ready to critique each other's playstyle so we can all get better. Gamer tag. l Wolfen l
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