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  1. The craziest thing to me is this game would pass as a Halo 5 expansion and if the patch notes said "removed ground pound and thruster, made sprint slower, nerfed the pistol to shit, and added a map pack" it would be 100% believable.
  2. You are weaker off spawn in this game than in Halo 3 AR starts. The only thing that has this beat as far as weakness when you spawn is Halo 2 SMG starts, which beats every Halo. Is there another version of Halo where you are weaker when you spawn versus the map weapons that I'm missing?
  3. Yeah, idk man, I feel like this is the worst sandbox and starting weapons since Halo 2 SMG starts. I don't even think you were this weak off spawn in Halo 3 AR starts because the BR was so shit and couldn't cross map.
  4. Easy relative to the pistol. I'm not getting consistent multi kills with it. That's the problem. The TTK is way too high in this game which results in insanely weak individual players. You can't do anything off spawn against good players with BRs and power weapons.
  5. It's worse than Halo 5. It's Halo 5 minus ground pound and thruster, but you get a way weaker starting pistol and AR. I'd rather have ground pound and thruster if it meant I had a starting weapon where I could actually kill multiple people without reloading or getting traded out. I can't remember the last time you were so individually weak in a Halo game.
  6. This game is unplayable with AR/Pistol starts. Probably the worst starting weapons since SMG/AR starts, probably even worse than Halo 3 AR starts because of how strong and easy the BR and commando is.
  7. His controller has driift, so the game is registering it as controller input which is why you can see his strick drifitng in the video. This is controller aim assist.
  8. Games alright so far, a nice twist on Halo but don't know how long it will last with Infinite.
  9. Infinite is just Halo 5 without ground pound and thruster with a way weaker starting pistol. Am I missing anything else?
  10. Infinite is a weaker version of Halo 5 though. The individual has less potential...at the moment. That's literally the opposite of what everyone has wanted. Way weaker pistol, sameish AR. Far less movement skill. Worse maps (IMO). The only difference between the two is a weaker sprint and no thrust/ ground pound. Regardless, all of it adds up to individuals having less impact which is what you typically look at to measure a skillgap. As it stands, Halo Infinite has probably the weakest individual player in the entire series if pistol starts stay, which I actually think will happen. And this is coming from someone who played Halo 5 all of 2 months before I said it sucks. Infinite is the most overhyped 343 project yet. Call me a hater or downer or whatever lol. Infinite is the exact plasticky, bloomy, run and gun on COD maps, shoot peas across the map we expected. Most importantly, go play Halo 1/2/3 and go straight to a 343 game. They aren't Halos and Infinite still isn't Halo. Not even the same planet in terms of feel or gameplay.
  11. This game is worse than Halo 5 and by a wide margin. The maps are horrendous as well, the most CODified maps Halo has ever had. Hope your guys honeymoon phase lasts as long as possible, but this game is pretty bad. I don't see it being widely liked in a month or two after launch, but if you like it and are having fun, more power to you.
  12. Not really understanding the "aim assist is too weak" thing. Aim assist feels super sticky in this game on everything except the pistol...and we don't even know if it's pistol/AR starts in competitive yet. Jack your FOV up to 120 so people's strafes are barely moving and aiming in this game seems exceptionally easy. The AR has a faster TTK than the BR in close and mid range just like Halo 5 and it almost auto tracks.
  13. So why does it matter if mouse and keyboard is allowed if it's going to suck still and next to no one will use it. What changed? It's still going to be 99.9% controller. Did you want separate competitive scenes for both inputs or something?
  14. Allow people the choice to compete on an inferior input (mouse and keyboard) in pro play and also allowing those same people the choice to not play against superior inputs in ranked seems like it makes sense to me. Mouse and keyboard is horrible on Halo. Not one pro player would switch.
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