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  1. So in other words...just Halo Infinite?
  2. Reminder that Infinite has some of the most prolific desync ever in any video game. Pair this with the fact the theater in ANY game is notoriously buggy and desynced. This is what we are dealing with in Infinite at the moment. No one has a damn clue what was happening real time, what Minds saw, where that player was, where he was shooting, etc.
  3. It's the worst ranking system ever released with a Halo besides MCC. 1 ranked playlist in 2021. Halo 4 had zero ranked. We're 1 playlist above that. There's not even doubles. People should put this game down and never play it again until it's standard release quality.
  4. The gameplay is turbo fucked. Fixing any issues won't fix the core. You think people are going to get excited to load up Bazaar CTF for the 1000th time in 4 months from now? If you played this game once, you've played it 1000 times. No variance, no depth, no difference between each time you play whatever map. Classic Halo 2-3 was cool when it was all people knew and Bungie was actually pushing the limits with features and everything was still relatively new, but it's just bad now. How anyone can want or enjoy another 10 years of H2A with sprint and clamber is beyond me. Shoot BR, die, spawn, shoot br, ad infinitum. Fix the netcode, fix issues, cool, shit still sucks.
  5. 343 can barely tolerate launching a Halo with any kind of ranking system and people think adding lead is on the table. Halo 4 had no ranked. Halo Infinite has 1 ranked playlist. We're 1 playlist above 2012...which was zero. Halo 5 had an actual ranking system but Joshua Menke is gone and now they graciously gave us 1 ranked playlist. You can tell that shit burns them bad and they want nothing more than a complete casual money grinder and competitive is nothing more than a way to advertise on Twitch.
  6. Yeah, that's the real problem. Horrendous time to kills, no incentive to move, etc. I'm surprised that 343 keeps changing gametype mechanics in oddball and strongholds and such but refuses to touch slayer after all these years. Halo 1 2vs2 slayer gets to 50 faster than any 4vs4 Slayer Halo 3 and up. Oh well. It is quite bad in Infinite and they probably won't do anything about it.
  7. Guys, Halo will never be a mouse and keyboard game and COD will always be the only controller game. Save your time. Halo is rip classic Halo players don't even like classic Halo anymore
  8. I saw absolutely nothing bad over there. Shutting down the entire sub is a horrendous look for /r/halo and I have no doubt 343 has direct connections with that sub and wouldn't even be surprised if the mods were compensated in some way as we see with other video game subs. Shutting down the sub absolutely backfired too. The fact they shutdown such a big sub is getting posted in a lot of other subs now and all of them are saying what /r/halo was saying.
  9. It's also hilarious how for every single game in recent years when the microtransactions and monetization ramp up, the content gets less and further in-between. Literally every single time. And people still try and defend it. I'm not going to go as far as saying companies are blatantly lying to people, but I don't know how else to explain it. Halo Infinite has the most egregious microtransactions in the franchise and coincidentally is launching with the least amount of content ever? Every other game the exact same thing happens? What's the point of endlessly advancing technology and hardware for the developers just to say it's harder than it used to be to add standard shit? Just for muh realism and graphics? It makes no sense to me.
  10. What 4vs4 Halo are you not extremely weak as an individual in besides Halo 1?
  11. Lol, Infinite doesn't even have standard playlists because they are timegated to sell challenge swaps. What you thinks going to happen? I could see them maybe selling these settings for like $9.99 and you get to play them 1 saturday a month unless you buy the $19.99 gold plan or something.
  12. Gunna be so fucking hilarious when 343 puts basic playlists on rotation as weekly challenges to force people to play and spend money. Think about all the groundbreaking stuff Bungie did. Made a game so good it helped launch a brand new console which was next to impossible. Halo 2 xbox live, Halo 3 forge/customs/theater, etc. Every game had new and better features that weren't even necessary. They just went above and beyond. Now we're most likely going to have standard playlists held back to sell skins and challenges. What an absolute downfall. For those of you that are ok with another 7 years of H2A with sprint and clamber, at least consider not playing this shit show if playlists are timegated.
  13. Sorry guys, been gone and haven't been keeping with up H2A 2.0 Where are all the playlists? Are they withholding them to slowly release alongside grind events?
  14. Bro, do you want to play H2A forever? This is basically classic Halo 2-3 with a shit sprint and clamber. The game isn't going to magically get better when you take away a sprint that really does nothing and clamber. Do you think people are going to want to play this game 3 months from now and shoot the same piss easy BR at each other for the 10,000th time even if this game was completely classic with no sprint and clamber? This is the classic Halo 2-3 experience. Spawn, shoot BR with team, die, do it all again. Day 1 is what you will be doing on Day 300. There's zero innovation, zero depth, and little variance between games. This is the most classic Halo 343 has ever released and only has clamber and a shit sprint in it. Why do people think going back even further is going to fix anything? Maybe one day TeamBeyond will actually realize they don't even like classic Halo 2-3 either outside of their nostalgia glasses. They just think classic Halo 2-3 is good because they were young as fuck and everything was fun and it was actually innovative and new at the time for the console world. Strictly gameplay wise, Halo has gone downhill since Halo 1 and nothing has come close to it's mix of perfect casual play, skill gap, innovation, and depth that took 10+ years to develop and people are still learning new shit that can improve their gameplay. Modern Halo is too chained to the "halo formula" too see true innovation and depth develop... and cheesy trend chasing abilities aren't enough to win any new people over or keep them playing. Halo is dead dead. This is literally H2A with sprint and clamber. 8 years and 500m later after H2A. This is classic Halo and it's the same BR teamshot fest that people like only when they have nostalgia glasses on.
  15. 8 years after H2A and $500,000,000 later, we have H2A with sprint and clamber. I expect as steep of a population drop on this game as H4. I dont see people getting excited to shoot the same BR at each other a month from now. You've experienced everything on this game day 1.
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