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  1. Sprint has been solved since Halo Reach. Just make it so you are sprinting at all times. Remove walking. Everyone is happy.
  2. Your entire argument and viewpoint of Halo 1 is built off a broken port of a port on MCC that really plays nothing like the original. The fact that you said the Halo 1 sniper is the easiest in the series is laughable, but excusable if you have never played the original Halo 1. On LAN/OG, the Halo 1 sniper is the hardest sniper in the series and the only sniper in the series with lead. It's not really even an argument either. The pistol is supposed to be effective. If you kill someone across the map in a seconds time, they were out of place and in a bad position. They could have done the same to you but they didn't. I will never understand why people continually want to be weaker in Halo. If your idea of fun is holding hands with 3 teammates and teamshooting with a pea shooter BR across the map, then that's your opinion I guess, but I will never understand it.
  3. Put some respek on H1. Outside of Rapha, there isn't an extreme skill gap between the top 10 players in Quake..especially now with Quake Pro League. Hell, even Rapha drops maps. Ogre1 and Ogre 2 never lost a single on host game in H1. The skill gap in H1 is massive, even in the top 10.
  4. You guys argue too much. Faster TTK=bigger skill gap. No long paragraphs needed. If someone says otherwise, neg them and move on because they don't know what they are talking about and its spam.
  5. When you buy and play a console, you are willingly accepting the fact you have absolutely zero control over what you play. If the devs say this game is only 30fps, you have zero options and can't even use the console YOU bought the way you want. The hardware a console has is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. The devs for each individual game control how you use the hardware. Furthermore, a vast majority of console users play on TVs that max at 60fps. If you think Microsoft and devs for each game are going to optimize a game for 120, an FPS very few console players will take advantage of, you are mistaken. The next gen console is targeting 4k @ 60fps. That is the console standard. Everyone that intends to buy a series X should be aware of this. Very few games will run at 120 fps. Furthermore, consoles will most likely have a base cost of $600, plus a yearly fee of $60. If you plan on playing a console for it's lifespan while paying for live, you are actually paying $600 + $300 of live over 5-6 years. So this console is more like a $900-$1000 console, which isn't really that far off from a PC with similar specs. Just buy a PC and have a 1000x more enjoyable gaming experience.
  6. Buy a PC. Next generation Consoles will be $500-600 plus monthly fees for live services. The average person will spend $800-900 on a console for its generations lifespan if they play online games.
  7. #3 and #4 on Halo 1 leaderboards, I3oucher and Dabato Fisher are boosted/fake/DDoSed 50s
  8. The updated no spread setting aren't in social. As far as the actual no spread gameplay, it is definitely a big improvement. All bloom and spread is removed which means you can hold the trigger down on the pistol and it will fire 100% straight. This is a big step in the right direction towards fixing the mess that is H1 on MCC. Every battle feels consistent now. You shoot straight no matter what now. You guys will like this a lot, trust me. Next major fix needed is to remove the host netcode that 1 player gets every game that makes that person have way less magnetism and have to lead way more. This is what causes the difference between a great registration game then a shit registration game right after. Even though everything is on dedicated servers, 1 player is getting zoom in sounds on guns while other 3 players have no weapon zoom sounds. If you host a custom game, only the host has zoom in sounds as well. I believe that gearbox implemented harder shooting mechanics for host players on Halo 1 PC. Even though matchmaking on MCC is dedicated servers, 1 player is still getting different/harder magnetism and leading values. Anytime you have zoom sound in Halo 1, you will have a harder time shooting. This is why custom games are largely unplayable for MCC players.
  9. What if we made it so it's impossible someone gets no kills and no assists going forward?
  10. Steam refunds or not, MCC was the most broken game ever released when it originally came out on the Xbox One. You couldn't even walk in a straight line in Halo 3. Every game started 3vs4, 6vs2, etc,. you couldn't even aim at someone in Halo 1. Your reticle would push away from people like two magnets being pushed together. Literally couldn't even walk or shoot in 2/4 games. Very little support the next months and while the game was still in shambles, 343 went radio silent for 2 years. Didn't even mention MCC for 2 years. Hell, Halo 1 is still a completely broken mess. Why on earth would anyone preorder or prepurchase a game with no tangible benefits, let alone prepurchase a game from 343 who slapped the whole community in the face last time. All the lies, beating around the bush, silence, etc...for years. The only thing you realistically do prepurchasing MCC is give 343 an interest free loan. No early download, no in game rewards, nothing. You play the game at the exact same time as everyone else. Normally, I wouldn't judge other people or be an "elitist" about these things, but knowing nearly 99% of the Halo community has forgotten how badly MCC was handled is a shame. One of the most disrespectful things I've ever seen from a company, tbh. And now it seems like a lot of people are giving 343 money before they can even play/download the game. I really don't care enough to go get all the videos, lies, posts, and pictures of just how broken MCC was and for how long 343 went between mentioning the games. Hopefully some people haven't forgot. It was shocking at the time.
  11. Eventually at some point a twitch streamer is going to tell the truth about why people are donating money to millionaires so they can play video games.
  12. Just a yearly reminder that Halo 1 is one of the most competitive video games of all time and was/is 100x better than any Halo after. I come to these forums and see the same stuff being said year after year, and people still wait around for things to be different. Halo 4 launching with killstreaks, loadouts, no descope. Halo 5 having powerful automatics and radar for a better part of a year. Sprint. Reticle lag in an FPS that takes over a year to fix? Rifles with the most auto aim in console history. No new competitive maps in over a year. The problems go on and on and repeat every single new Halo game directed by 343. Why does it take the smash community ONE game to realize nothing will top Melee, and if a new smash game were to top Melee, it wouldn't be with Nintendo behind the wheels. They didn't sit banging their heads against the wall when they knew deep down nothing would change. Why are people sitting around waiting for Halo 5 to be a decent game years after launch when we already have the perfect version of competitive Halo that came out 15 years ago. Look, I understand that certain aspects of Melee and Halo 1 are incomparable. I understand OG Halo 1 isn't playable online unless its through tunnelling systems or a broken MCC. I get there are huge obstacles in the way, but I really think a grassroots Halo 1 movement would take off, granted everyone was all in. Do people think this is so impossible they are willing to wait year after year of the same crap...willing to settle for a shell of Halo 1 just because it's the current game? The smash community put up with this crap for 2-3 months. Here we are almost 7 years after the launch of Reach, and the forums same the same shit they did 7 years ago.
  13. So if you're team is winning but it's a close game and the other team has map control and the power weapons, you just disconnect your Internet and the other team loses every advantage? Not saying EG did it on purpose, but that's kinda lame.
  14. "YES, they've acknowledged their mistakes. Look at Halo 5's launch and tell me it was like MCC's." You can make their mistakes go away, you just have to pay another $59.99. Be gr8ful
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