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  1. dmaq

    Dmaq doin standup

    I guess I should prolly say somethin about that ... New thc didn't happen cause I couldn't get a cast together ... Plus I don't think ppl cared much ...some did, but the majority of the community has moved on from me ... To bigger and better things ... And I'm tryna do the same... It was fun while it lasted and I got hundreds of friends from that time because of it, but it was time to be out
  2. dmaq

    Dmaq doin standup

    I know I kinda left the community but there's good reason ! I fell in love with stand up comedy and have been doin this for about two years now ... This is the first time I'm sharing... Thought I'd share with you guys ... Hope you guys enjoy. https://youtu.be/nqIGF8oaLfY - dmaq
  3. Whats good people! It's been a long time but I'm coming back to the Halo community. I really mess with this game and have been working with a producer to get a really good stream together. Going to bring back the show. It's going to be THC 2.0. I just wanted to let you guys know that my new co-hosts will be Clutch (@TheMLGClutch) and Elitest (@Elitest_Fours). Clutch and Elitest are two really exciting personalities and I really gel with these guys so I'm really excited to bring you guys the ridiculousness and have a great time like we used to. I've missed a lot of the Halo community and am glad to be back.. The show will be coming soon (prob next week).. idk the twitch username yet... more details on my twitter @dmaq1 Later homies!
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