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  1. They need to reach out here for some feedback - we have been banging on the walls for years with no response.
  2. Heck yeah we can get after it - dont worry im nothing great either. Get out built on the reg.
  3. The amount of money he is making is astronomical. Absolutely destroying the payouts of an entire season of Halo events by himself each month! Sidenote - I have been trying to get better at the game, still kinda suck and dont have a solo win. Would love to play with some people on XBox - GT is ABearInTheWoods.
  4. Been away for awhile, has there been any word from 343 on when this update for MCC will drop?
  5. I have moved on as well - In today's gaming world, when it comes to Halo; I feel like a dad just watching from the sidelines and win or lose I am rooting for it. But my days of "being in the game" are long gone. Hopefully one day I can lace up again though.
  6. So any word yet from 343 on when the MCC update is going to actually drop?
  7. Ahhhh I remember when my join date on the MLG forums gave me street cred; those days are gone.
  8. Sorry guys, been awhile for the past few months - any update on when the MCC update will actually happen? Or is it just typical 343 silence?
  9. The last thing I want is for 343 to have ANYTHING to do with future Halo games.
  10. How am I still banned from talking in the Halo twitch channel? Any mods here able to fix this?
  11. I tried to post this on r/halo - a mod deleted it within 5 minutes and said the reason was violation for harassment/crude behavior. Jeesh that place is 343 fanboy city, including the mods.
  12. I gotta agree with him above - whether or not there was inconsistent netcode/hit detection while playing online with H3, it still far surpasses anything that 343 has produced. I used to have an absolute blast playing H3, ranked, social, customs anything. Havnt had that with anything that 343 has put out.
  13. I try to enjoy this game - but it always finds a way to f*** me. http://imgur.com/bh4nb66
  14. Fellas, im home sick - anyone wanna play this broken game with me? Just run some Team Slayer for a bit? Shoot me a message at ABearInTheWoods
  15. This happened to me three times in the span of two hours. xboxdvr.com/ABearInTheWoods/4b4c6829-6725-459b-bfac-c38735b75db9 This game is great.
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