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  1. Plat 4 looking for mid plat/low Diamond players for Team Arena. I wanna try to get Diamond tonight. Swerve City 13. Please have mic and know callouts (obviously).
  2. Thank you everyone for the replies. First and foremost, the gameplay breakdown videos by TiberiusAudley are absolutely fantastic. I watch all the Halo 5 ones and a few older ones before I played last night and I was noticeably better. I was the last person to die in my very first game. Ended up going 17-1 against players of my skill level. TiberiusAudley is getting a donation from me somehow when I get paid next week. I very much appreciate your work and look forward to more videos! Next thing, I have decided I am not going to pay for any coachings. I have received replies in PM, on XBL and on this thread of people that would check out my gameplay for free. It's nice to know people are willing to do that. I had no problem paying because time is valuable especially for higher level players but I think I can get better without paying Finally, thank you everyone for all the tips. This thread can be closed if needed.
  3. Basically.....I have been playing Halo for 13 years. Between all the Halo games I have played surely at least 30,000 online matches. I am definitely an above average player but I want to become better than that. In all my years of playing Halo I never learned to be a team player. I would even run away from my team just to find the enemy quicker to try to get kills. I want to step my game up a notch now though but I am not sure where I am making mistakes. I have read a lot of tips and have tried to implement them but I don't feel myself getting much better. What I want is someone that is very good at Halo with some serious competitive experience in the past to spend an hour in party chat ansd theater with me and watch a couple of my matches and tell me what I did wrong, what I did right, what I could have done better and most importantly *why*. I have tried watching videos of my bad games and other than chasing kills, I can not seem to point out what I could have done better in terms of teamwork and position. Against Mid-level Diamond players and up I have a really difficult time deciding where I should go that benefits me and my team without dying. simply following a teammate isn't always a good idea. Positioning yourself to support them is. The better players I face I notice that a lot of my deaths are not from losing 1v1s but rather deaths from players where I am not exactly sure where they were, or by the time I get to cover another enemy is coming at me with full shields. I know a team of 4 that communicates will solve some of my issues but I either find people not nearly as good as me that make basic mistakes often, or I party with people much better than me and eventually have a terrible game and the party breaks up. Anyways...TLDR......I want to be a better Halo player. I am looking for a great player to watch my gameplay videos with me while we talk and explain to me my mistakes, why they were mistakes and what I could have done better. In the process you might see fundamental flaws in my play that can be fixed. I can pay $15-$20 for an hour of your time. With Christmas coming up (I have two daughters) I would be very appreciative of someone that would help me for free but I understand time is very valuable. Swerve City 13 is my Gamertag on Xbox Live. Message on here or on XBL if you would be willing to help me out Thanks!
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