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  1. Add me on xbl. I'll be on in about an hour and s half. Gt. FiZiKz Bruh
  2. Would love to run games man. Add me on xbl, FiZiKz Bruh. I made a post on here yesterday is you wanna check it out.
  3. I'm living in cap hill in Denver and would love to join any lan events. Currently putting together a team for the hwc as well and would love to build a local team of solid players. Already have a sponsor, for anyone interested hit me up on xbl. Gt: FiZiKz Bruh.
  4. Add me, I'll be in tonight. I listed a post last night if you wanna check it out and see if it sounds like something you are looking for. Gt FiZiKz Bruh.
  5. I just made a post as well, I'm a f/a as of now. Check it out and if you want to run games hit me up on Xbl. I'll be in tomorrow at 7pm gmt.
  6. -looking to join a to3 or build a new team from the ground up. 25, living in Denver, CO and able to travel for events. I've been around since halo 2 and have prior event experience, I work full time as a tattoo artist but can be on for practice each night, as well as scrims all day on my 2 days off, I can make that 3 if needed. I'm generally on from 7pm gmt to 1/2 am during my work week, on all day Tue and Wed. I already have a sponsorship lined up that would help with travel expenses if we make it to the championship. Looking for guys that are 21+, have a great shot as well as call outs / knowing how to set up and run strats for each map and game type, be dedicated and not give up if we lose a few matches in the beginning, building a great team doesn't happen overnight. If this sounds like what you are looking for message me in Xbl and we can run some games, thanks. GT: FiZiKz Bruh
  7. Word, my girlfriend is in some fashion week thing here in Denver so I'll be going to that at 9pm gmt. I'm on now thiugh and will be in when I get home.
  8. Also I was champion 35 in shotty snipes
  9. Hey man everything you said fits what I'm looking for. I'm 25 and live in Denver, CO. Have event experience from halo 2 and 3, can also travel to future events and I'm down for any online events. I possibly have a 2nd player too that I've played halo with for years. My gt is FiZiKz Bruh. Hit me up!
  10. Hit me up to run games, gt is FiZiKz Bruh. I live in Denver so I'm behind one hour, I get off work at 7pm thiugh and usually Play until at least 11 or later so our schedules would be perfect. I'm 25, pretty laid back and feel like I'm great at making call outs and just being a smart player in general. I competed in the circuit for halo 2 and 3 as a support player so I'm not trying to be a well known slayer, just want to be part of a solid team that can place at events.
  11. Looking for exactly the same thing and don't expect our team chemistry to be at its best right away. I competed at mlg events for halo 2 and 3. I can travel for upcoming events, am 25 and have a stable yet flexible career to support me playing. Gt is FiZiKz Bruh, I may have another also and I've played halo with him for years. I'm living in Denver, CO If it matters.
  12. interested in running games. I have event experience, can travel and am diamond or higher in everything minus breakout. GT: FiZiKz Bruh, I have a 2nd as well.
  13. F/A Looking to compete in the HCS and online events. I competed in the MLG circuit for Halo 2 and most of Halo 3 25 years old, Living in Denver, CO. Can travel. GT: FiZiKz Bruh
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