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  1. With comp switching to 5v5 the main two options that don't involve breaking apart existing rosters is to recruit untested AMs or established players from other games. A multi world champion in a game that transfers well over to cod is probably a safer pickup than someone with no experience.
  2. Great video but they acted like halo 5 didn't have shit balance for the first 2 years and that spartan abilities aren't just gimmicks that hurt gameplay
  3. I wish more people did this instead of making a huge deal out of retiring only to come back 6 months later
  4. Halo 2 has the best story by far imo but Halo 3 has the best levels. I also have always liked the Arbiter's parts in H2. I even don't mind Locke in H5. The reason H5's campaign was shit wasn't because of Locke, it was because it was shit.
  5. I've been saying this for years. H2 4v4 is much better and H1 2v2 is unbeatable. Hell I even think NBNS Reach 4v4 is better than H3 4v4
  6. I think halo combat gameplay would work great with br but I also have no interest in br and don't want infinite to be pushed back to 2030 so they follow a trend that will be dead by then
  7. Halo 1 2s are my favorite competitive Halo gametype to play its so fucking good.
  8. I know names of directors and I recognized his name I just couldn't name any movies that they directed
  9. im being serious I know next to nothing about the film industry thanks for the answer
  10. Let me rephrase that I hope it is what I expect/want out of a halo tv show. Something gritty and about war. Has Spielberg directed those kinds of movies before? I don't know much about the film industry.
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