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  1. As someone who played Halo Wars 1 competitively for years, this really isn't true. The big units were never really used outside of tanks, and the game has always centered around mobility (hogs, banshees, covenant teleporting). The thing that separates Halo Wars from something like Starcraft is that you can't wall off, and the aggression starts from the moment the game begins. You have to be constantly pressuring your opponent throughout the entire match, and because of that games rarely get to a point where there are big max armies of higher tier big units. You're typically working with smaller armies. Halo Wars definitely has its issues with inconsistent AI, balance problems (too many useless units, and of the good ones many don't see use), and of course the game is much easier to physically play (you don't need to press a lot of buttons to macro well). From a Halo Wars 1 perspective, if it deserves to be excluded from the "in-crowd, " it's not for the reasons you listed, and it being a controller-centric game doesn't hold it back either. It's a fast-paced, unique RTS that makes up for its simplicity by compressing the important decisions of an entire RTS game into a short amount of time. Halo Wars 2 beta is releasing its standard mode today, so we can watch the high level players to see how this new game plays out with the infantry-focused early game and such. It's really impossible to judge the game based on the beta so far because of how garbage the game mode has been. It has pretty much forced players to turtle and then determine the outcome of the game over one engagement. I will say that based on the reworked unlock order of units and the greater utility that you seem to be able to get out of smaller amounts of different units, we're probably going to be seeing more unit variety from individual players than Halo Wars 1, which is a good thing as long as the pace of the game doesn't get destroyed by the loss of early-game scout armies and leader teleporting. I think that by the 29th, we'll have a better idea of this game's fundamentals. *edit* By the way, the beta meta so far has been an infantry core with a variety of other units, so yeah, it's been a considerable amount of small units with a few big ones serving as difference-makers.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been playing Splatoon competitively since August. I teamed with Sitri for several months. I've been streaming it for a while too, my twitch is Hitzelburger. Recently I uploaded some tournament gameplay and I thought you guys might be interested: Some context: The weapon I'm using is considered to be one of the better support weapons in the game. It comes with disruption grenades that restrict movement and ammo use and prevent stealth, an invincibility super that can be shared with teammates, and it paints the map relatively well (important for map control). It is, however, pretty difficult to use, so it's not used too often ─ you have to stand up and charge the minigun and release it to fire your charged up shots, requiring different timings for different situations, and making yourself immobile and vulnerable if you charge for too long at the wrong time. The gameplay is from a recent tournament where I believe we got 5th, losing only to the number 1 and 2 seeds. This was from the match against the number 2 seed in winners bracket. It was an awesome set! Enjoy!
  3. Your hair looks longer than mine... hmm... Also, your sig in decimal is 2607784534006676145. What's it supposed to mean??
  4. Honestly the Sprint toggle is a good thing if increasing base movement speed up to sprinting speed doesn't butcher strafing. I don't care if it's good for Halo 5 in the long run, I'm completely apathetic towards H5 or what settings get used. When I finally do get H5 used or whatever, fun no-sprint 2v2 customs on interesting Forge maps sound good to me, which is ironic considering that was my favorite part of Reach and it isn't on Xbone.
  5. With two jobs and full time classes I don't get to play very much, but I've been playing whatever my friends have been playing. Pokemon, Diablo, Smash, some Smite(ugh my blood pressure...), and whatever else the flavor of the week has been. We've been playing Nosgoth lately and it's pretty fun. I try to get on and play some Halo 1 but I haven't partied up with other humans in a while now.
  6. I prefer projectile physics as long as the netcode can handle it. Hitscan can also be good but the rest of the game's mechanics have to support the fact that players can damage anyone from anywhere at any time.
  7. Eh... not really. You don't move up at all and you drop like a rock the moment you take damage. The fact that you have to scope in to the new slow-ass ADS makes it kinda limited to getting angles on people long-range. It's not like the Shadowrun glider where you can trick people into thinking you're somewhere else or the Halo Jetpack that let's you float in the sky and break maps.
  8. I have noscript on so from my perspective this thread looks like a giant fail haha.
  9. Thrusting and power thrusting in MM take health, not shields. Sprinting and superjumping did not, though. MM's shields and health also recharged very quickly and there was a 3sk pistol and BR. Very different mechanics than Halo 5, although they worked well.
  10. Faster is easily a good thing, but I don't expect Call of Duty maps to be able to support intelligent gameplay. Map design has always been Call of Duty's weakest point IMO.
  11. It's not my main problem, sorry if that wasn't clear. I just think it's not talked about enough. I'm assuming sprint will never be removed from this game and want it to be implemented properly if that's the case. There are other shooters out there that have sprinting mechanics that work well and Halo 5 needs to take from those to implement sprint well. Allowing players to always have their weapons ready is a good start because it gives players more options and doesn't make offensive plays with sprint riskier than defensive ones.
  12. Lol thanks guys. Also, different weapons quick camo at different rates. The Plasma Rifle is the fastest, and the Shotgun actually isn't very fast. I forget where the Plasma Pistol is but I'm pretty sure it's decently fast.
  13. Being forced to lower your weapon makes a huge difference. With the SMG and such, you can shoot at any time while sprinting. If the BR and rifles behaved that way, sprinting could be used in more aggressive ways that would also counteract many of its negatives.
  14. I'm gonna check to see if anyone has submitted the Michael Jackson strafe yet: xboxdvr.com/Hitzel/ea4a5e93-4db3-415a-8ffa-7e8fb2f2b004
  15. When you're sprinting with an SMG, Pistol, etc, you can start shooting your weapon at any time, but if you try doing that with a BR or any long-range weapon, you have to wait for a considerable delay before you're able to fire. I feel that eliminating this delay would make chasing down sprinters much more manageable. I'm considering making a thread about it.
  16. I saw these two guys tearing shit up with the gamertags LANdy Savage and John Threena. I wonder who they are?
  17. I'll be honest guys, I really don't like Regret so far. There's no real power positions and people just hide behind random pillars everywhere. There's no feeling of control at all, just people randomly being in lucky positions. The Hydra is barely worth going for. It feels like Zealot (I hate Zealot) with slightly more cover on the outside ring and a more open top mid. I wish we had Truth back =/ I know that I still have to learn the map, but I seriously dislike it so far. It's also annoying to risk my trying learn a brand new map, so I hopped on my alt lol.
  18. Walshy. Bill Nye. Same person. Mind blown.
  19. Weapons on map don't necessarily need to take skill to explicitly use if there is skill or balance in what it takes to secure them and use them as a team. You have to rely on teammates to do anything in Halo 5, so there's no reason to impede on teamwork for the sake of minor things that add to that teamwork that take "less skill."
  20. What I'm saying is that I don't think the Pistol is strong enough to be a niche weapon or a utility weapon, and that's okay because not having BR-starts is a much worse evil. The Pistol would be relevant if its red reticule range was increased, but if it's not it's not worth thinking about. I don't think that the AR needs a nerf to be honest. It's good for low level play and gives bad players a chance to get kills in normal matchmaking games. That's a good thing. In BR-starts, the AR becomes a niche weapon to control and abuse and that's also a good thing. In a game full of competent players the AR can't compete with Rifles.
  21. It's really annoying that people can still sprint away from danger without planning ahead first and you can't chase them because they have teammates.
  22. The AR and SMG are powerful enough to fill niche close-range/flanking weapons like the H2 shotty, H3 Mauler, etc. The Pistol, not so much. BR-start will be infinitely better than AR starts even if the AR never gets used though. Currently in the Beta, once teams set up with Rifles, AR users really can't challenge and slippery slope gets out of control quickly. The AR gets descoped when trying to fight for map control and becomes just as useless as past-AR's. I'm not okay with that.
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