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  1. one of the kills was a rocket the rest were all br :P
  2. lawl at the kids who think halo is back got my first station 9 overkill
  3. http://halocharts.com/2013/playlists_halo4.php
  4. 25k mm peak population ..the lowest its ever been twice in 1 week definetely not back
  5. I go in alone majority of the time so I am going to continue to quit out for any reason and not care what happens to my team (though mostly I just quit for the main reasons: host/teammates betray for sniper/join in progress/adrift)
  6. so many times lethul is standing beside the flag in his own base and doesnt touch it and lets it return... and that 5th cap he knew he would be naded to fuck why didnt he just wait before going in ? lethul you have an amazing snipe and br but you are a ******
  7. those thc kids want their powah back!
  8. Infamous are scary good at dispatch flag
  9. 15kills hahahaha thats like 1 every minute
  10. SQ really doesnt feel like a proper team right now
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