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  1. If youre on late tonight (9:30 ish) I am in a To2 and we need 2 for the tourney so we could run games
  2. MrNatoJacobs and I are looking for 2 to play with and represent the org RespectGG. We're both decent players (ranked lower because we were running games with guys who didn't fit the bill) If you're interested in running games you can contact me on twitter @@FADE_F0RC3 or Nato @MrNatoJacobs , or xbl message us at FADE F0RC3 and Mr Nato Jacobs
  3. The current team is myself (FADE F0RC3) and our captain (Mr Nato Jacobs). We are lookin for 2 players to play with and hopefully compete with in the upcoming Halo Pro League tourney and just get better in general. We are under the RespectGG org and if you are interested in running games you can message me or Nato at our GT's (above). You can also twitter DM us @@FADE_F0RC3 or @MrNatoJacobs.
  4. You know you can search anyones arena csr at http://halotracker.com/ right?
  5. I probably wouldn't be able to make it to LANs, but I work well with teams (Even though I haven't had a regular team). Message me for some games GT FADE F0RC3
  6. If you still need a player i'm available. GT is FADE F0RC3
  7. Allstar i messaged you the GT is FADE F0RC3 If you still need 1 tell me if not also please tell me
  8. I've messaged you quite a lot. Please tell me if u still need 1
  9. Word of advice: If you post something on a forum for a certain time... be there at that time. Second If you ask people to contact you through some way respond to them...
  10. I am a young player looking for either an existing team or to start a team for the remainder of season one and for season two of the HWCS. I am Onyx in Arena and Diamond in Slayer/FFA. Honestly I am looking for a team that is my skill level or higher, Is on anywhere from 3:00 to 8:00 PM EST (Excluding Tuesdays and Thursdays where i will be on at about 4:00 PM), And wants to compete in Halo and get better, I have worked my way up from plat to Onyx and am realizing that Onyx is no fun without a team. Message me on XBL FADE F0RC3.
  11. I have won round 1. The two teams i could have faced in round 2 never submitted. I cannot submit a ticket because They never submitted I need to be advanced. My team is Team Origins

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