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  1. You had me the moment I heard The Chainsmokers. Very good quality. Nice work!
  2. Sooooo this just happened to me in CTF. Flag gets returned and I try to cap the enemy flag and it wouldn't let me. I die and enemy team takes our flag and caps for the win. Full sequence: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/CaNe%20StorM/video/16038189
  3. Hi Ho Hi Ho, off to spartan charge I go.
  4. I got about 10-15 spartan charges playing social assault yesterday. Such a perfect game mode to farm them. I was having a ton of fun.
  5. When the update drops but you're still at work.
  6. I had been talking with @@Devaneaux about focusing on arena/slayer now that I finished my req's. I very much enjoyed playing in the 4v4 customs that you guys were running yesterday. Not going to lie, it was a bit intimidating at first but everyone was real helpful and made it clear it was something to help people improve their skill. I'm looking to fine tune my callouts and get a much better understanding of blocking spawns on various maps so I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could direct me to videos that would help me with that.
  7. I know it was you actually playing! She was just on the mic. Her trash talk game was on point though.
  8. I have a habit of only using vehicles to take out bosses. I don't use really use them otherwise. I think a lot of people do the same but I'm going to try to up my vehicle use now.
  9. Looks like we are close to finishing all the level three spartan company commendations. The ones we got the most work left on are Road Trip (kills with vehicles) and Pain Train (spartan charge kills). Everything else should be done within the week, I'd say.
  10. What Naded does to prepare himself for a match:
  11. I kind of wish they would come up with something that would bring about direct competition between Spartan Companies. For example, a monthly competition of boss kills or core destructions in warzone for some sort of rare content or even like a large XP prize of some sort.
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