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  1. Super dedicated been playing a solid 6 hours daily, Hit me up ASAP to run games! @DDetoxify. XBL-DGZ Detox.
  2. DemiGodz need t03 for esl Hmu asap My GT is DGZ Detox @DDetoxify is my twitter
  3. Sup guys I'm a F/A for mcc online/lan events. I will be on everyday running games If you are interested. My GT is DGZ Detox @DDetoxify is my twitter :chiefdancing:
  4. Christ give it a rest people. MCC Is so so close honestly just wait for it to drop
  5. Hit me up, lets see if we can make something happen available everyday to run games @DDetoxify XBL: DGZ Detox XBC: _Detox_
  6. Im currently a Free agent for AGL 10. Im looking for teammates that have a positive attitude and teammates that are willing to learn,go over theater, strats etc. I will be on everyday until AGL 10 HMU! XBL GT: DDetoxify
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