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  1. Just DM'd you. I'm from Chicago area, was just under 2100 until I started looking for a team and running MM with randoms. Get @ me I'm dedicated as fuck.
  2. Sup Reid, let's get some games in and see how things go - I'm trying to make it to MES, G4G and EGLX as long as I can find the right players. Maybe you'd want to do this free MES tournament with me tonight and we can see how it goes? Hit me up on twitter or on xbl both are "vi Octane"
  3. F/A still looking to find players or a to3 to jump on for the LCQ. I'm also looking to find players that can make it to MES and G4G. I 100% plan on attending both I just need to find a team of reliable people that can travel.
  4. I'll be on tonight to run games, "vi Octane"
  5. I'm available. On every evening to grind out games with a team and available for the rest of the tournaments. Been around since 05/06, rarely made it to tournaments because I was young and broke but have tons of LAN xp and competed in the Nashville combine for h3 years back. Looking to find the right squad. Hmu GT: i aM oCTaNe
  6. Available for Sundays tournament if anyone is in need of a last minute 4th. Hit me up to run games, I'll be on all day today.
  7. If you're still last minute looking for one, I'm available for Sunday. Should be on shortly here and playing for a while today if not all day. Gamertag: i aM oCTaNe
  8. Down to run some games, looking for a team asap for ladder play and the rest of the tournaments. GT: i am octane
  9. Interested in running some games, tag is "i am octane" looking for something as soon as possible to get some practice in before January 3rd. Should be on this evening after 5/6CST for a few hours.
  10. Hey Bluff, I believe we already have each other added. To2 looking for 2 as well - Let's run some games this week.
  11. I'm having some practice time conflicts with my current team and I think we are mutually parting ways to find better fits. Looking to join a roster asap to run ladder matches and get ready for the tournament ladders coming up. Get in touch asap to run games. Thanks!
  12. I'm having practice time conflicts with my current team and it seems I'd fall right into your schedule. I'll be on all night and trying to find a team to run ladder games with asap to prep for the tournaments. Shoot me a message tonight if you're still looking to run games "i aM oCTaNe"
  13. Found a squad. If anything changes for some odd reason I'll re-bump this thread. Thanks for any interest guys.
  14. Very interested in running some games. You can find a little bit about me on my F/A thread here http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11046-fa-looking-for-hcs-team/ GT: i am octane I'll be on all night after 5/6 cst
  15. Someone just posted under you about starting an EU team http://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/11203-trying-to-join-or-build-a-competitive-european-team/
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