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  1. Why are we keeping radar in? Are we giving into keeping casual players playing the game. You want radar then go to slayer. Arena needs to be made over like the MLG playlist.
  2. As the title stated, I'm putting together a squad that will be competing in every qualifier and tournament possible with schedules. Short and simple, if you want to run games my GT is : Snakeeatxr
  3. t02 looking for 2 , we are currently online to run games. msg me Gt: Tyyrant Z
  4. Honestly the population get hurt then it just get hurt and they migrate to another playlist. Cant satisfy everyone but for the people that want to compete for money, you have to accommodate them with settings that they feel are right. Dont nobody want to be the guy that died for game winning kill by the guy that chased him down with radar
  5. Officially an F/A, no longer a T02. Things happen. Looking for teammates that communicate inside and outside the game. Only way chemistry forms is to get to know one another better, play and gain trust in one another. Looking to run games continuously night after night. Realize that people do not instantly mesh after playing 3 games. Add me GT: Tyyrant Z , not that it matters but I have event exp. Dallas 11', Columbus 12', and AGL Knox.
  6. Added you, interested in running games. Looking for someone to not just run games one night and never invite again after if theres some chemistry there.
  7. Added you, GT: Tyyrant Z. Looking to form a squad soon.
  8. GT: Tyyrant Z down to run some games/ 100% dedicated
  9. t02 looking for 2 online right now. GT: Tyyrant Z
  10. t02 looking for 2 online right now. GT: Tyyrant Z
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