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  1. I've gone from probably 4+ hours of Halo a day back in 2004-2011 to 4 hours of Halo per year. I had the headphones, low latency monitors, fibre connection and a friends list of equally fanatical players. Now I have a recliner, big TV and built-in audio. The last few years were rough, but I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'll never get my Halo back. I'll admit, I was fooled by MCC, and I shelled out for an Xbone. But all I do on my Xbone is watch Netflix and occasionally play Fifa with old friends. I would sell it on Ebay, but it almost seems more effort than it's worth, because it's a half decent Netflix machine. I dedicated most of my gaming to PC now. Battlefield, Dark Souls 2, GTA V, Insurgency, Skyrim, Total War and loads of indie Steam games. And The Witcher 3 and Star Wars Battlefront are on the horizon. PC gaming doesn't disappoint me and con me out of my money year upon year, unlike Microsoft. I've gone from an Xbox and Halo diehard fanboy to someone that quite frankly wouldn't give two shits if Microsoft announced they were shutting down the Xbox division for good, and ceasing production. I think this is the first year I'm without Xbox Live Gold for over 11 years. TL;DR I'm so casual, my most played game on Xbox One is the update screen.
  2. I rekindled my joy of PC gaming. I've been playing a hell of a lot more "old style" games and games that aren't AAA titles; (probably a sign of my age) like FTL, Age of Empires 3, Kerbal Space Program, XCOM, Rome 2 Total War and especially Insurgency. I've had more fun on a £3 indie game called "Insurgency" than I've had on Halo for years. It reminds me of the old shooters like Rainbow Six, where it doesn't mollycoddle you with easy game modes, fast respawns and instant CoD gratification. It's just a hardcore, tactical, slow/medium paced shooter that knows exactly what it is and exactly what gamers want from it. It isn't having an identity crisis like all other shooters seem to be having these days.
  3. You summed up my musings in a couple of beautifully coherent sentences. Well done.
  4. I honestly can't comprehend how anyone could possibly defend 343 or Microsoft with this game. This is a product that made huge promises. Not only did it not deliver those promises, but it is also the worst, most unstable game I've ever played (and I've beta tested PC and Xbox games for years). We, all of us, were genuinely ripped off by people that are feigning ignorance. They pretend they didn't know what state Halo MCC launched in. But they worked with this game for over a year. They showed it off at many events. Funnily enough, they even brought a dev build version to the Halo tournament that was on 9th November (according to Ghandi on YouTube). We've all basically been played for fools. Nobody could ever, EVER plead ignorance when they release a product as broken as this. It is either sheer incompetence - in which case 343 should be dismantled and a new studio should be formed - or 343 pushed this shitheap out with a smile on their faces, knowing what we would all experience. Sorry guys, I just can't forgive 343 or Microsoft for this. The common defense is "oh, well you couldn't do any better", or "you don't understand how difficult it is to pull this off". Well that's true. But if I was this fucking incompetent in my place of work, I would have been fired on the spot. There's no defense when it's their job to deliver the product they advertised. Stop defending a company that has made so much money and exploited so many millions of loyal fans for a quick buck. It makes me sick. Halo fans are some of the best, most loyal fans around. We've enjoyed the highs, and we've hung in there for the lows. But I can't in good conscience defend this franchise when it is in such disarray. And for all those who bang on about how good the four games unified on to one disk is... Well, I could've bought a 360 for $70 on Ebay and each of the games for $5, and they would've worked a darn sight better than the shit we were charged for (including the embarassingly underpowred and slow Xbox One).
  5. Does anyone actually think the ranking system works anyway? I've been reset dozens of times, and as a level 3 - with a couple of other level 1-6 players - we consistently matched players that were level 18+. This game is beyond a joke. It's going to take months to get it up to the standard that it should've been on 11th November.
  6. I watched the first few minutes with the CGI elite that looked worse than anything I've seen from 3-4 man teams at CorridorDigital and FreddieW on Youtube. I just turned it off and accepted that it'd be cheap shit.
  7. lol, they're stuck on a bit and I'm pretty sure they've just consumed an unsafe amount in the past five minutes adhering to their rules.
  8. Someone I know is taking the challenge of completing Halo CE-4 on Legendary with skulls in a single sitting. They're also endulging in copious amounts of rum and beer. Tune in if you fancy chilling and having a laugh. www.twitch.tv/watersheding
  9. There's a live stream up of MCC legendary campaign right now, some Aussie streamer got a review copy for his website.. Something tells me he wont be getting another after breaking the embargo! The cutscenes look amazing. http://www.twitch.tv/liftyourgame
  10. I regard Halo as more competitive (specifically the earlier ones) because of the fact that everyone starts equal on a balanced map, and it's up to knowledge, experience, tactics, reaction times and teamwork to achieve victory. No single attribute will work, but combined they create a skill gap that sorts the good players from the bad. No random weapon spawns, no random killstreaks, no abundance of overpowered weapons on the map at any one time. There's also a whole layer of skill in map control and navigating maps - particularly learning skill jumps that will enable you to dominate on maps like Lockout and Construct. Competitive Halo can be as much a game of strategy as a game of quick reactions and good aim, and that is what will always make it different to other titles in my opinion.
  11. IMO it's pointless having a fileshare. That feature has been succeeded by Xbox Game DVR. You get your whole game captured in-game, and you can share it easily, upload it or store it with an inbuilt Xbox One feature. I can't complain about that.
  12. Halo CE: 0% Halo 2: 30% Halo 2 Anniversary: 50% Halo 3: 20% Halo 4: 0% I played Halo CE to death when it launched, and for the years up to Halo 2. I then burned through the campaign with the Anniversary. I'm comfortably done with Halo CE now. And I wont really recognise Halo 4 as part of this collection, despite the good campaign. It's as much (or as little) Halo as Reach - and I dislike both. All of my time will be spent on Halo 2, 2A and 3. I'm glad the whole collection got an update though, I want to introduce my kids to Halo one day with this collection.
  13. I'll be honest, whilst I think <28'' screen size is optimal,I've played on many size screens all the way up to 106'' with a projector. The biggest factor is response time. Anything less than 5ms gtg is fine, and anything less than 2ms gtg is more than you'll ever need. I regularly switch between a 32'' 2ms Samsung 6 Series, a 50'' 8ms gtg Sony Bravia, and my 24'' Samsung BX2450 2ms gtg monitor. I do like the monitor, but I prefer a larger TV of the same response time. You could debate this all day, but I really think it comes down to personal preference between 20''-32'' and a comparable response time in ms. gtg = grey to grey transitons - how most televisions and monitors are measured.
  14. Burial Mounds was one of my favourite Halo 2 maps for objective. I wouldn't want to see Cold Storage, Sandtrap, Snowbound/Boundless and all the Halo 4 maps ever again.
  15. If MCC gets a digital copy - with pre-load or not, I'll most likely try my luck with an American VPN and attempt to download it three days before the UK launch. It worked with Origin on PC so fingers crossed.
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