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  1. Not to mention the botched shaders which are an eyesore compared to OG xbox. I am convinced 343 have no clue about the finer gameplay elements of OG halo 1. Like you said they make or break the game and those clowns think Halo 1 PC is a perfect conversion.
  2. I fear this is going to be 2014 all over again.
  3. 343 have already categorically stated in the past that enhanced mobility is here to stay. I had to say this because you fanboys become delusional every time E3 comes around. It's like you guys take a line of coke and forget every one of 343's egregious decisions. Time come back down to earth, this game WILL be trash.
  4. I think micro$oft/343 is mad halo online is popular and Halo 5 isn't.
  5. It's going to have sprint, ADS and all the rest of that crap, no doubt about that.
  6. The worst and shortest campaign in the series, I'm sure it didn't take long. edit: ROFL just checked the vod and there's hardly anyone in the room. Embarrassing.
  7. I just completed Deus Ex Mankind Divided. It is miles better then the trash that is Halo 5, I recommend you play it.
  8. Amazing montage thanks for posting. So how do I play on these servers? I have halo custom edition installed already with opensauce. Is it simply a case of going to the regular server browser and finding GMYF? Or do you need any additional mods?
  9. What is GMYF? Is it something to do with no-lead servers?
  10. Right now Halo's gameplay cannot be found anywhere on the market....not even in Halo. Think about that guys.
  11. https://www.resetera.com/threads/is-halo-as-popular-as-it-used-to-be.13054/ LOL
  12. GLL destroys 343 shill numbskull and clueless halo pros:
  13. Halo 5's armour abilities need to go. All of them.
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