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  1. Who's going to his funeral tomorrow? Cole, Cass, and I might show up.
  2. The Halo/Smash community has lost a great player... Love, DeafyCat
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V32F0WQKYug&feature=youtu.be&ac
  4. Shadowrun > Halo 3 because Shadowrun is more DEAF-friendly
  5. Deafy

    Film Discussion

  6. Deafy


    I'm the best Deaf Halo Player alive that's all you need to know scrubs! <3
  7. What's good noobs! Feeling better now my *****?
  8. Hahaha I only use SoundCloud to kill my silence :P
  9. Deafy


    Please show your support towards to deafESL by following Twitch.TV/DeafyTV and Twitch.tv/deafESL and thank you!!! What is deafESL? Deaf Electronic Sports League (deafesl) is a gaming portal with various cups, leagues and tournaments for the deaf community. On top of this we host weekly and seasonal competitions that you can follow watching our DEAFESL TV on stream. Visit our website, DEAFESL.com Follow us on FaceBook! Like our Facebook page, then you will get notifications, when there is coming with news, topics or matches etc. Don't matter if you are hearing or deaf. You are always welcome to follow us. Follow us on facebook, DEAFESL @ facebook Subscribe to our channel! Follow our Twitch page or Subscribe our YouTube page, then you will also get notifications, when there is LIVE in stream or update videos in YouTube.. We update also matches from Twitch to YouTube, so you can't lose to follow matches, if you want watch :-). Follow our Twitch page: You can see follow button above here. Just click it for follow us. Subscribe our YouTube page: DEAFESL @ YouTube & DEAFYTV @ YouTube THANKS! YOURS TRULY, DEAFY
  10. Hello Beyond Ent and Gamers! If you've heard or play Tibia then everything that's related from Tibia to Open Tibia can be discussed here! Share your advice, thoughts, and experiences with other gamers! This used to be my old character until I gave it to a friend! Name: Evil Winter Former Names: Deafye Sex: male Vocation: Master Sorcerer Level: 167 Achievement Points: 46 World: Xantera Residence: Thais Last login: Mar 31 2014, 21:52:24 CEST Account Status: Premium Account Now I've made a return to REAL Tibia and this is my current character! Character Information Name: Markswoman Sex: female Vocation: Paladin Level: 18 Achievement Points: 0 World: Selena Residence: Thais Last login: Apr 06 2014, 11:27:22 CEST Comment: TIBIAJOURNEY-EBA1E3BD Account Status: Premium Account
  11. SICK LAN GUISE THANKS FOR WHOMEVER SHOWED UP!!! STURGIS GAME ROOM OGs >>> CyReN please delete this post I'm ********
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