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  1. Truth & Reconciliation, Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, & 343 Guilty Spark.
  2. That distance cap was always there. It's just not very noticeable because nobody ever takes the BTB maps seriously, and you can't even see that far on half a CRT screen. Try shooting from blue tower to red corner on Hang Em. Your bullets will start disappearing if you step back far enough. Mind you, this is also when your target is pretty much not visible at all.
  3. Yeah, objectives that don't require a player to be down for the entire scoring duration is necessary, but Strongholds just doesn't have as much potential.
  4. It's an arena shooter. You're supposed to control power weapons. Just like Quake.
  5. They don't even need that. The first team to lose their Warthog might as well stop playing. That thing melts way faster than the pistol, and actually has some accuracy.
  6. It's not really splitting the population when you can search both together.
  7. People want to pick a single on-map item(DMR, rockets, sniper, warthog, etc.) and get a free Frenzy against people who can't fight back. I've seen people go as far to say that Reach's sniper is useless because DMR users can fight back against it.
  8. We'll never see a mod community take off because people are more interested in porting Scarabs to Forge World than they are making anything substantial.
  9. I don't think they ever "promised" mod support, just that they would look the other way as long as they're kept out of matchmaking.
  10. The Bohrok were my favorite line of Bionicle figures.
  11. No. You are not allowed to complain about how strong rockets and sniper are, suggesting to replace them with shit guns like the focus rifle, and then say something like that.
  12. On the topic of score limits in social, make 3-plot not go to 500.
  13. I'm not affiliated with the opinions of these bozos. They just play and record videos for me.
  14. If only there was a way to tell the game that I don't want to play something.
  15. It's true, but at least these dumb ideas have become tangible and playable.
  16. Yeah, that's how bloom works. It's more like the other way around, though. I'm not changing the crosshair directly, that's a side effect from tweaking spread.
  17. So you actually have some space in the center of your crosshair and it's not just a giant cross with a pixel in the middle. If you find out a way to do so, let me know.
  18. It has the same spread as the ZB DMR, just to make the crosshair look a bit better. It's pretty insignificant in practice.

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