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  1. It's true, but at least these dumb ideas have become tangible and playable.
  2. Yeah, that's how bloom works. It's more like the other way around, though. I'm not changing the crosshair directly, that's a side effect from tweaking spread.
  3. So you actually have some space in the center of your crosshair and it's not just a giant cross with a pixel in the middle. If you find out a way to do so, let me know.
  4. It has the same spread as the ZB DMR, just to make the crosshair look a bit better. It's pretty insignificant in practice.
  5. There were a couple of links on the last page.
  6. Rockets and player health are unchanged, that shot was likely just some wonky forge interaction. Pistol is 5 shots to the body.
  7. Breakpoint was in the first DLC, which was made by Bungie. 343/Certain Affinity made Condemned, Highlands, and the CEA maps.
  8. They have a misguided belief that there will be more "variety" in AR starts, because people might be more inclined to pick up the shittier weapons instead of pressing Y off spawn and making a beeline to the nearest DMR or NR spawn to actually begin playing. They also want to be invincible any time they pick up a power item or get into a vehicle. If a normal player can outplay them, that's bad game design.
  9. I don't think people in favor of AR starts know what they're talking about. I was playing BTB with some casuals the other night, and someone brought up a few times how dumb he thought descope was. He didn't play Halo 4, so he wasn't thinking of the consequences of a DMR you can't even descope, while already complaining about the DMR in his hands being too OP. I've even seen people go as far to say the rockets/sniper are worthless because you can die with them against a DMR.
  10. Most of those are casuals complaining about the frequency of DMR starts.

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