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  1. What if the ball respawned instantly, but the team who played it couldn't pick it up for a duration equal to the current respawn timer?
  2. uh, sweaty, bungie already invented that concept so it's actually a good thing
  3. Yeah, but unlike CoD, the ingame timer has a practical use beyond showing when the game is going to end. A solution could be to display how much time remains on the HUD, then just increase that number for every second an objective is being captured. Something like this: Then you can still time items.
  4. CoD already solved this problem with Hardpoint. The game timer doesn't tick down while someone is scoring. How that would work in a game where the timer is actually used is a mystery.
  5. But a regular shotgun should totally be hitscan.
  6. I'm expecting to get monkey's paw'd hard with that. The battle pass won't be a grind if you pay for it
  7. You've always been able to buffer shots in Halo, so there is no argument to be made about a semi-auto weapon being inherently easier to use because there's no sort of timing aspect. I'd rather the Commando be the starting weapon if it kills fast, remains accurate, and doesn't have a ton of autoaim. Not that I have a ton of faith in 343 reducing autoaim.
  8. I only watched ~2/3 of this video because I don't really care about its message, but he's not even making use of Halo 3's so-called "variety". He picked up dual SMGs and plasma rifles once each, but didn't even fire them either time. Otherwise he's just hitting Y off spawn or picking up guns you would already use in BR starts.
  9. I think the Commando might be a projectile weapon. Check out this clip, going frame-by-frame. The hitmarkers are all delayed by a couple of frames after the ammo counter goes down. False alarm, it seems like every hitmarker is delayed by 4 frames. Which either means that every weapon is a projectile, or 343 made a dumb decision. I'm leaning more toward the latter.
  10. Not just that, it has a decent amount of aerial knockback to keep someone in the air.
  11. Don't even give him attention. He constantly makes the same video, just with different footage running in the background. You already know exactly what he's going to say.
  12. I've counted both 10 and 12 frames throughout the various clips. It's hard to judge its TTK, because the guy he's shooting at takes 6 AR bullets before succumbing to 4 from the sidekick. If the BR is going to be Halo 3 speed, I seriously doubt the Sidekick will have a 1-1.1 second TTK.
  13. At 1 minute exact, you can see the same prompt for a spike grenade. I noticed that weapon pickups now specify damage type. Good for casuals, I suppose. If those arbitrary icons would mean anything to them.
  14. I'm fine with the Commando as a spawn gun. It's accurate, has a small crosshair, and holding down the fire button on a mouse feels better than clicking 4-5 times per kill.
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