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  1. I mean, any time I've played the teleporters would behave like Halo 2 and you'd teleport the instant you stepped back, making it impossible to even stand inside them like in the original game.
  2. What did they do to the teleporters in MCC? I don't remember them always being that broken.
  3. I don't agree with completely removing it, but it's stupid for people to pretend that Halo 2, 3, H2A, and Reach autoaim isn't legitimized cheating on a controller. Not you, just the people making smug "I thought mouse was supposed to be good" comments.
  4. Halo's autoaim has been overly strong for years, and it's been a pretty common complaint among the newer games.
  5. How are people going to pretend like we haven't been complaining about autoaim on console for over a decade?
  6. It's superior aim vs a gameshark.
  7. Maybe the sentinel beam? I don't know if its range would be too dumb because it's not on any H3 maps. The plasma rifle doesn't really do anything the plasma pistol doesn't already, and the brute shot can be used to break some maps. A low-ammo brute shot isn't all that useful because it already takes 4 shots to kill(probably 3 at 110 damage). More ammo leaves it more prone to abuse while less ammo means it'll just be used as a mauler with the shot+punch combo.
  8. I don't remember us being able to change anything about strafe acceleration, but you could adjust the speed to exact values not normally listed in the menus that made movement feel better. Promod did make players like 80% smaller, though. and made camo'd players explode into confetti every few seconds
  9. Let's wait until we can get all of the other features that have been promised over the years.
  10. It's not going to be a viable weapon if they keep it as it was in the original game. The original H3 magnum dealt 15 damage per shot. The ODST one deals 6. That's the same as a single Battle Rifle bullet. it's going to take a full mag at best to kill anything, you're in for a bad time when factoring in recoil as well.
  11. Yup. Those were speculated as soon as Halo 3 released; text strings for all of those weapons were added to the maps in the same section where all of the other new Forge pieces reside.
  12. And when you don't know all of the intricacies, you get shit on extra hard and people blame the game for their own faults. "the pistol is OP," "the spawn system sucks," et cetera.
  13. Playable dinos ruined Halo because it necessitated making a duplicate of every single gun so that the Arbiter can properly headshot stuff.

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