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  1. You can't shoot grenades out of people's hands anymore.
  2. 10 to break shields, then finish off with the last two.
  3. Make it a little bit faster, but require 2 bullets to kill after shields pop.
  4. You're missing the most important part of both games. Restarting an Ultra Nightmare run in 2016 is near instant, and skips over the unnecessary tutorial stage before the real level begins. It also showed helmets of other players who failed their runs. Meanwhile, Eternal makes you sit through the "Against all the evil..." speech every time, and only shows your own helmets for the past 5 or 6 attempts.
  5. The shots should follow your crosshair instead of being yet another needler.
  6. Ironically enough, the pulse carbine's crosshair did change color when aiming at a target on PC. Same with the needler.
  7. It seems to overheat in 7, and takes 3 to kill.
  8. It's basically a 3-shot kill DMR with heat, yeah. Thrust is a pickup.
  9. Stalker Rifle starts will save us, right?
  10. Frosty is not the best person to comment on the strafing after the sniper bitching last flight, but he's not entirely wrong about the strafe speed being too good. Yeah, it's been way too slow in every other game, but this is just a step too far and does no favors to the game's aiming or weapons when everything takes so many shots. Even Quake has a bit of acceleration to its movement, so you can't just spam the strafe keys. Mindlessly alternating between A and D gives you such a huge advantage over anyone for so little effort because the guns in this game suck shit. Instant strafe acceleration is something I learned not to do with Reach modding.
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