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  1. The games still have balancing issues and rely greatly on headshots and shield-shredders, but even with a balanced game the limitations brought up by a limited weapon inventory will lead players to just using whatever is most effective and ignoring the more specialized weapons that will only have a purpose once every 20 or so encounters. I don't even think an unlimited weapon inventory is necessary, even just 3 weapons would be a game-changer for the campaign. Then you can have a special purpose weapon along with the typical noob combo.
  2. You can just replace Chiron because I don't think it even shows up in normal matchmaking.
  3. I don't think the 2-weapon limit leads itself to a fun single player game. Higher difficulties practically require you to have a noob combo if you don't want to spend 30 seconds fighting one enemy. Even weapons like rockets are total garbage in some of the games, when they won't even pop an Elite's shields. No reason to ever pick one up when the most common enemy drops ammo for the plasma pistol.
  4. They had to flight being able to change teams mid-game.
  5. If you're talking about 2016, then it's dumb because the pickups in that game are a mess. The classic BFG has a pretty wide skill gap, and the user always has to worry about getting SSG'd or taking a rocket to the face. If you didn't have the stack or weapons to deal with someone who just respawned, you didn't have anything "on lock".
  6. The customs browser is a carrot on a stick.
  7. I think your own hypothetical implementation would be better suited as something you just spawn with, and pick up more charges off the map. Not unlike grenades. The concept of a mechanic being locked behind a limited-use pickup doesn't sit well with me, at least not for Halo. I haven't been able to put that feeling into words, but it may be the same reason as to why I dislike AR starts. Halo is at its best when a player can do everything necessary to survive off spawn- you don't have to pick up a gun to deal damage, and you don't need to go find legs to properly strafe. Map pickups are just simple enhancements to what you can do off-spawn, like instantly lethal headshots or a stronger shield. It feels less like Halo when you only have a single player capable of doing cool movement tricks with a grappling hook, especially when it's gone after a use or two.
  8. You're not flying in Halo, so it's not useful for course correction or launching yourself as it is in other games with good grappling hooks. Having a grapple specifically for jukes is hardly any different from a regular thruster pack or Shadowrun teleport at a fundamental level. It's a button you press to get away from someone's reticle. Only real difference is that it can be fucked up.
  9. That kind of stuff is fun in Titanfall because you spend such a small amount of time actually touching the ground. Halo is much more (literally) grounded comparatively. You might as well just have a Shadowrun teleport if it's only going to be over short distances.
  10. While it would be cool to fly across some of the more open BTB maps, I can't imagine it being very good elsewhere. It's going to be in a very awkward spot where it's either real stupid to get anywhere on the map in a single button press, or the maps aren't going to suit the ability at all and it won't be fun at all. I don't believe there will be any middle ground on smaller maps.
  11. Does it track people like the one in Ion Fury?
  12. Waterfall needs a different weapon layout, it's way too easy to just hold mid for the entire game and never move. Nothing can save Edge.
  13. I'd say clamber is even more of a problem than sprint. How many routes on a map require sprint?
  14. I've watched only a couple of your videos and I 100% agree with you. One of the recent Halo discoveries that nearly made me blow my lid is that the Reach beta already had a consistent way to limit the DMR at range-recoil. The files controlling the amount of recoil each gun has still exist in the final game, but the engine is told to just ignore them entirely. Instead, we have dice-roll bloom for nearly a year.
  15. It was designed for a sprinty game and didn't make it into the beta, so I'm not going to hold my breath on that.
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