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  1. Clearly it's just console players footing the bill for PC freeloaders.
  2. Halo 1 was going to have a very similar feature as late as the August 2001 build that leaked recently. It had a "quick play" option in the multiplayer menu that would just load up a random map and ruleset.
  3. It's not automatic, it just reloads all at once.
  4. Unreal is used for menus. The games run using the original engines.
  5. Have multiple kinds of OS- the regular 2-layer one with decay, and smaller ones that give 25-50% bonus shield with no decay and can be stacked to a maximum of 200% bonus shield. I guess you could also have a powerup that acts like Doom's backpack, something that increases ammo and/or grenade capacity until death.
  6. You get 5 unlocks per category(PVP, campaign) per week. The past 2 seasons have only been 50 unlocks as well. Not counting seasonal challenges, there's plenty of chance to unlock shit. I have everything from seasons, and a bit over 30 points left over. Of course, this can be a problem if you're not doing weeklies.
  7. The shotgun in both Live and Champions deals 100 damage if every pellet connects, that's an instakill against someone with no armor. Mechanically it would be fine. It has a static spread pattern so there's no randomness, and requires good aim so you can't just clip someone with the edge of the reticle for a free kill. Expand your horizons beyond mainstream console FPS and you'll see your shotgun criticisms don't hold up.
  8. Honestly, the workshop support is more than I could have asked for. Having to manually replace files all of the time was a huge drag.
  9. If it's a pump-action shotgun, I would expect it to one-shot up close to make up for it being weaker at range and needing to be chambered after every shot. Its damage and spread could be tuned in such a way that it needs to land absolutely every pellet to kill, so it actually requires a bit of aim up close. And if you miss, you're stuck readying the next shot.
  10. The shotgun draw should be near-instant like Halo 2's sword. It's too situational a weapon to just be running around with it out at all times, and doesn't teleport you into someone's face like the aforementioned sword.
  11. It's not just artstyle, it's removing old shit for no reason. This is just one thing to throw onto the ceiling-high pile of fuck ups.
  12. They're all leftovers from Halo Online.
  13. They retroactively fucked up the armor in Halo 3. The old undersuit is gone, and the new default doesn't even line up with the original armor.
  14. It makes one wonder how many decisions regarding Halo were meant to improve the core gameplay, or a pitch prefixed with "Wouldn't it be cool if...".
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