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  1. I'm not disagreeing, I'm just speaking for what other people would think. That game handled the AR better than Halo 5 by a mile.
  2. It's not entirely unfair for people to dismiss everything from Halo 4.
  3. I got a 15-minute ban for getting kicked from a match the moment I got a kill.
  4. First you guys complain about joining in progress on the losing team, now you complain about this? There is no point in trying to appease Halo fans.
  5. Doesn't look like we can select multiple team configurations, and Infection is the only FFA.
  6. Make one of those Slayer icons "BR starts", and I'll be a happy camper. Allow me to play exactly how I want. Not entirely. It was made pretty clear that the initial patch was meant to bring the game into a functional state, without anything else to draw focus from the goal.
  7. They can specifically patch in join-in-progress for custom games, but completely ignore it in matchmaking. I played about 5 games of BTB last night and not a single one ended with 16 players.
  8. Making use of all the dead space on the screen is too hard.
  9. Oddball is 2 minutes to win, The playlist is also infested with quitters & AFK players.
  10. It's up now, you just need to download it from the store.
  11. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I got into Tribes before it was murdered.

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