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  1. I think you misunderstood. I understand why each individual game is being released piecemeal. What's dumb is that they're splitting those games up further by holding back features like forge or mod tools.
  2. I don't necessarily want to wait, but it makes sense from a population concern. Who is going to want to play the other 4 games when Halo 3 is right there?
  3. I can understand the staggered release for each title. What gets me is they're doing these pre-launch tests to "get it right", but can't just delay the entire game to make sure all of the content is there day 1.
  4. Being added in the future is irrelevant when it's not there when you pay for the game. It's going to be the same situation as Halo 5, when people realize they bought an early access game and drop it a week later. If you can't have private servers in a PC game, you might as well not have multiplayer at all.
  5. Was that announcement before or after the mile-long list of stipulations regarding the release. Something tells me people would have been much less hyped if the announcement were clearer. Headlines read "MCC on PC" when in reality it's "Halo Reach on PC, with no Forge mode, mod tools, or servers".
  6. We don't know how much of the PC port is being worked on in-house. The Steam page lists 2 other developers helping port the games over.
  7. Or a price. Or footage. Or any sort of detail.
  8. I'm not disagreeing, I'm just speaking for what other people would think. That game handled the AR better than Halo 5 by a mile.
  9. It's not entirely unfair for people to dismiss everything from Halo 4.
  10. I got a 15-minute ban for getting kicked from a match the moment I got a kill.
  11. First you guys complain about joining in progress on the losing team, now you complain about this? There is no point in trying to appease Halo fans.
  12. Doesn't look like we can select multiple team configurations, and Infection is the only FFA.

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