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  1. To play the devil's advocate, I can kinda see where they're coming from. Accurate hitscan weapons punish shit map design. No longer can you exist out in the open without being punished for it. Playing Breakpoint this past weekend gave me a reminder of this; you get up on the middle ledge and can ping people from their spawn point without them really being able to do anything back.
  2. Honestly, you're better off just playing the original game. I can't even put into words how bad the servers are. I was connecting to what the game claims to be US East 2(30ms ping for me), green bar, and my nades are still coming out a half second late and that glitch happens when someone assassinates you but you still have control. It's borderline unplayable.
  3. These servers are trash. Getting US East and it feels like I'm playing French host on 360.
  4. I always liked ZBNS, and I'm hopeful for mods.
  5. The sandbags blocking the lifts on Zealot were replaced by a previously-unseen piece.
  6. Trenchbroom is piss easy to use. Halo should have something like that.
  7. I would say clamber is more harmful to Halo than sprint is. So many jumps in H5 are impossible without it.
  8. It's a thing in Serious Sam, too. A game that has splitscreen on PC.
  9. I believe that issue more comes from the centered reticle. They raised the weapon model along with it to compensate. They could also just have a separate weapon FOV, both Halo PC modding and ElDewrito did this.
  10. They need to fix these horrid viewmodels first.
  11. It would be great if they allowed us to tweak those settings ourselves, but I doubt it will ever happen. Halo 4 used an expanded version of Reach's scripting engine, and didn't offer any options that were unavailable on the 360. I would be happy even if we could modify the traits of all the powerups independently.
  12. I'm not sure those were ever made. We only asked for "competitive" modes at the time. If you have the means of moving content between your 360 and PC, you could probably make them yourself. The program we used was called KSoft. Interestingly, it's by the same guy 343 picked up to fix MCC.
  13. My 360 is having a bitch of a time connecting to XBL, but try searching up BR Mitzvah on the file share. That's the tag he used to make the gametypes.

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