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  1. None of the Halo games are, they just use projectiles that reach their maximum range near-instantly. To the average person it might as well be hitscan, though.
  2. The lack of raw mouse input is a fucking joke, and makes me not even want to bother trying to use a mouse because it just feels terrible. Especially after going between other FPS games.
  3. After how much time it took to tweak, I hate the grenade launcher. Even though I gave it higher damage overall and a more consistent splash damage curve, it seems even more inconsistent than the default one. Trying to balance out its two fire modes hardly seems worth it as well. I would personally either cut it entirely, or keep it to a single fire mode. I would have liked to give the shotgun a faster draw time, but I was never able to find the correct values to modify for such a thing. Halo's shotguns suck because of how much commitment they require. Being able to make it draw from a single ammo pool would have been ideal as well, removing the need to reload it. The weapon is so niche that it needs all the help it can get. Forcing the plasma repeater to stop firing entirely when it overheats instead of slowly ramping down as it heats up would have been one of my top changes. I attempted giving the repeater similar values to the plasma rifle, but it lacks proper "overheat" animations so it was really buggy. I thought the plasma rifle's viewmodel looked ugly, so I just settled on the spiker being the main stun gun & shield stripper. For things that aren't weapons, I would have loved to make fall damage act more consistently and not be so weighted against shields, but sadly it seems impossible to accomplish. From what I understand, fall damage will take you down to a shield/health percentage instead of subtracting it from your total health percentage. Removing overshield decay is something else I wanted, but also sadly seems impossible.
  4. Working on GPMA really burned me out on Halo as a whole.
  5. The first bullet of the H3 BR and Reach DMR have the same amount of spread.
  6. There isn't. The DMR has a little bit of spread even when at rest.
  7. The Brute Focus Rifle/Railgun is already kind of weak with how powerful the pistol is. Missed shots with it are punishing. Having it stay hitscan is something to give it worth. The DMR isn't really a compromise, it was just an experiment that I thought worked out alright. It's not a completely necessary addition, but having something that can harass at longer ranges more easily is a welcomed addition. The pistol was 5 body shots in CE. The DMR's damage was tuned as best it could be to stay a 4-shot kill while also making it combo with the pistol in teamshot scenarios. The Focus Rifle is crazy strong, but it also runs out of ammo much quicker than in the base game.
  8. Melee lunge will correct your reticle. Without it, you need to line up your melees properly. Many weapons have movement options opened up to them with the addition of knockback. It allows for more creativity from a player. As for the Focus Rifle, it's now a great tool for punishing players caught in a lift. Jetpack is still useful, but not as immediately so.The Jumper Jumper control scheme is available across all of MCC Reach. Very early on, but I never figured out a way to tweak the distance it moves a player. With the increased move speed, Evade is just a bit too powerful.
  9. Gold Pro Mod Arena(GPMA) aims to totally rebalance Halo Reach's weapons and mechanics in order to create a faster-paced and more competitive Halo experience. Following from Halo CE's design choices, players can expect an extremely powerful pistol with a truncated set of highly lethal weapons surrounding it. More information can be learned from the following video: For download links and a write-up of many of the mod's changes, visit the NexusMods page. To find players to organize games, please join our Discord channel.
  10. Look for the h1_2v2_team_slayer_50points_noError.bin file in Steam\steamapps\common\Halo The Master Chief Collection Flighting\halo1\hopper_game_variants\. Then you can drag it into the game_variants folder and play it normally in customs. It doesn't have a different name, it will be the regular "Team Slayer" gametype at the very end of the list of built-in variants.
  11. Are the starting/secondary weapon options new? There's also a "random" option that I don't remember ever being there.
  12. Truth & Reconciliation, Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, & 343 Guilty Spark.
  13. That distance cap was always there. It's just not very noticeable because nobody ever takes the BTB maps seriously, and you can't even see that far on half a CRT screen. Try shooting from blue tower to red corner on Hang Em. Your bullets will start disappearing if you step back far enough. Mind you, this is also when your target is pretty much not visible at all.
  14. Yeah, objectives that don't require a player to be down for the entire scoring duration is necessary, but Strongholds just doesn't have as much potential.

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