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  1. I watched the entire thing yesterday and was blown away by the passion and dedication of the players and game that I frankly knew very little about. I do have a question, was that Shockwav3 calling some of those old melee events, it sounded just like him?
  2. Im pretty bad and on a new account, but if anyone wants to play customs whenever hmu. GT- Scrmabled
  3. We have seen what Halo is capable of now. With the proper support this games potential is limitless.
  4. Are the majority of the people in the Twitch chat inbred?
  5. There's just so much unfulfilled potential in this series. I mean just imagine what could be done with this type of support from Microsoft.
  6. Not since Columbus 12 finals have I been so into it
  7. I know some people here are upset about the production value and the general way this tournament was ran, and honestly some of the objections are spot on. But at the end of the night somebody is walking home with 200k. I mean if that doesn't pump you up for Halo what will?
  8. Is it possible that Ryan is just better than aPG, resulting in him constantly placing higher?
  9. An absolutely incredible end to an incredible tournament. Congrats to Requiem.
  10. Right, in the finals though it has always been a "reset".
  11. Requiem and Sq had previously played a series which ended with Sq up 3-2, therefore there second series was a continuation of the original. Requiem and Infamous had not played each other until the finals so Infamous technically needed to be knocked into losers. As to why they don't "continue" that series, idk, its just something they've always done.
  12. From what I've seen Goofy's been making a case for MVP this tournament.
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