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  1. Ehhhh I don't know about basketball, but I know soccer did the trick for me.
  2. I would be too, Mboze is funny but he's also probably the most hypocritical pro in the cod community. Constantly bitching and complaining about being sketched on by teams, yet he's shaded multiple teams himself.
  3. Predictable response from a shit poster. You think it's funny yet every single other Halo pro now competing in CoD besides Formal has seen relatively no success. Despite this, you come into a thread that had no relation to Ogre 2 and feel the need to comment only comment on his CoD ability. If you can't possibly see why anyone would imagine you have some sort of vendetta against Ogre 2, you're an idiot. And also a bitch. :ph34r:
  4. Just going to go out on a limb here and assume that pills that make you sweat more and therefore lose more weight aren't legit/worth it.
  5. What has Ogre 2 personally done to you in order to make you such a bitch? lmao.
  6. I don't even care about who lands on which team at this point. The amount of shots being fired right now is insane.
  7. You have to understand that the average miscer has the social awareness of a fucking fish.
  8. Lmao Scump roasted Hecz, Hector deleted his tweets. OpTic Saints maybe? Not sure how I feel about Rambo being a coach now, thoughts?
  9. Going to be a lot of craze around Optic's roster today. imma pray
  10. E-girl Slayers guaranteed top 6 lmao. The broadcasting mode issues are just pathetic.
  11. You mean staring at Duke's ass, right? /nohomer
  12. Highly suggest playing both then B) Countless hours of me having fun/raging.
  13. Rekindling some old love for Dark Souls. Dark Souls 2 soonish :ph34r:
  14. A couple of reasons: - Online - Doubles
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