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  1. Haven't been paying attention to Halo in a while. A team of straight Young guns in top 3 was very surprising.
  2. Normally I wouldnt agree, but he did miss a perfect on a practically standing still LBX
  3. Faruq is an analyst and interviewer on the Madden 16 Championship tournament going on this week. Really good interviewer.
  4. The EU casting was great. Abd the switching was on point. Then you get to NA and SS is still in struggle mode. Smh
  5. Don't forget: "Now we are on board with Ace the global champion from about a year or so ago." *naded gets the ninja* "Rhfjgkfubtfhdh who was that on? Who got ninja'd like that? Seriously I just switched over in perfect time! Who was that on?!" I swear he spent a lot of his casting time correcting the wrong shit he was saying as well. BTW I also remember Gaskin verbatim repeating what Flamesword said in his interview as a question. Like flamesword answered a question saying "I just sit back and let them do their thing mostly" then Gaskin gets on and is like "I wonder if Flamesword let's them do their own thing or if he has a lot of input?" (Unrelated but still made me scratch my head)
  6. Imagine if Optic doesn't make it out of LCQs. Naded will fly to Chicago and blow up the Optic house.
  7. When you realize optic only won 4 games out of 3 series LMAO
  8. Ninja had to erase y'all minds from getting destroyed earlier.
  9. The casting this event has been really bad though. Not funny or entertaining, just bad. Strongside's brain is literally melting on stream, and Goldenboy's casting has been mailed in. How can GB do worse casting h5 and do a better job casting a Gears 4 showcase?
  10. The thing with that play is that Ninja shouldn't have even jumped toward Naded. Just shot him from right there and get the kill. Naded baited Ninja to go for the beat down.
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