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  1. Quick question im hoping someone can help me out with. H3 has always been my favorite to play/watch, but i was too young to travel to event when they were actually going on. Now that i can, i want to go to the UGC event and was looking at passes. Does anyone know the difference between VIP pass and regular spectator pass? Of course there is one, but couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  2. It's so fun to look on twitch and seeing some old faces playing H3 again! Have any of the teams been announced yet?
  3. Been out of the loop, what is going on with EG? Are they only looking for someone to replace suspector? Or others too?
  4. Did I goof..? I could have sworn he had a kid but now I'm thinking I just got confused for Naded. Could someone help on this one Pretty sure I was wrong on the kid thing. My bad
  5. Roy tweeted out yesterday that he got his electrician license (or something) and sits in front of the board next week. I think this is his last year and he will move on to his career and focus on that. Lunch I also think will be done. (Isn't he already certified electrician?) I mean, he has a wife and a kid and I'm sure having that electrician career would be easier for them (less traveling) and honestly probably more income. Not sure if they have salary on EG or just tourney winnings, but electrician can pay a lot, so may move onto that. It's so weird seeing all these pros and possibly other pros move on in their life. Like, of course it's normal, but sad to think we may not see them again playing and that's really most of our connections to them. Dang. It's too early to get hit in the feels. My bad , lol
  6. Didn't watch many scrims from when you were on EG. But with the twins, was it common for Roy to point something out, Lunchbox get super defensive and that effect the next game?
  7. Always been a fan of EG, but listening to the pointless arguments and how some are just so hard headed, I can understand why Lethul may have wanted to find another team.
  8. So what teams have qualified so far? Been out of town with no way to watch.
  9. If I remember correctly pool play was only used for Reach at points. In H3 there were continuations but were used when teams met up after one causing the other to fall in the bracket. Like instinct playing FB after going through losers bracket. I like how it wasn't continuation. Overall a great weekend
  10. So if EG does win the series and plays CLG in the finals, is it a continuation where EG has to win two series since CLG 3-0d them, or just one Bo5?
  11. Sorry, on mobile and tried to go back a page and it downvoted. Didn't mean to, <3
  12. Snipedown had some terrible plays that game. Pointless deaths and bad positions, thought they had it too.
  13. I'm starting to think Triple H will enter the rumble last and win the title. Calling it
  14. Anyone have a breakdown of the game types for EG/CLG? If there's 3 slayer types, I think CLG wins. If 3 obj, I think EG. Either way. Gonna be so good!
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