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  1. You see, I don't have much of any Halo 3 MLG online experience because I started too late so I won't find a game.But I do play customs on MLG maps with friends.I have a very basic understanding of spawn killing in Halo 3 and I wanna know how to spawn kill effectively , I can sometimes get the 3rd spawn kill on guardian but that is rare ,and I really don't know Pit. I only want tips on spawn killing on MLG maps if posible...I would appretiate any help!
  2. Im looking for a couple guys in Europe to play with, I am quite bored and am not in the mood to lag...We can play Team Throwdown/customs 2v2/3v3/4v4/CTF... Put your GT below if you would like me to invite you. :excl:
  3. yeah, to be able to spawn with an OP weapon is just ridiculous, luckily things like that has been patched in H4
  4. Believe me when I say that im form South Africa and I only have a 1 megabit download speed and a 0.5 upload, I never pull host and always lag to any connection except UK host, I am so excited!!
  5. A sad fact is that the population in Halo has dropped , for some players Halo just isn't fun and some say Halo 4 just isn't a Halo game . To be honest in the beginning of Halo 4 I felt the same way, but since 343 has improved it by making re spawn time and made a few other adjustments I feel Halo 4 is a really great game. What I want in Halo 5? I think Halo 5 should be like the good old days with no sprint, no ordinance drops, no bloom,120 movement speed. Sadly I didn't get to play much of the original Halo's but of what I have played I really enjoyed it. P.S. I can't wait for Halo 5 dedicated servers and spectator mode!!!
  6. I think the only kind of ordinances that you should be able to have, is like the ones in team throwdown, armor abilities, Hard-light Shield, Thruster Pack and Hologram .
  7. There is no possible way that Reign Ambush can lose.
  8. 343 has made some good and some bad decisions . Extraction: Extraction is a great addition to halo, it is a very competitive and skill based Game Type.And I can easily say its one of my favorites. CTF: CTF is one of the most competitive Game Types available, it is used in all MLG event's.It is based on teamwork as well as individual skill.However, 343 has made a few bad decisions with Halo 4's CTF.eg. In ordinary CTF[not Team Throwdown] you can not return the flag but must wait 15-30,and why can you not drop the flag,as much as I like the Flagnum , it is not as competitive as any other Halo for that reason. But don't get me wrong I like CTF still <3 Oddball : 343 has made oddball very unique in Halo 4 compared to other Halo's, but they have now made it less competitive in the sense that you picked up the ball just by walking over it, it really screwed me over many times, but I do like the fact that you can throw the ball. I do think Halo 4 is a great game no matter its mistakes.
  9. Aw man, that sucks, I hate insomnia , I also often find myself struggling to fall asleep
  10. Yeah,Reach MLG [after the patch] in my opinion is just amazing but something I really enjoy in halo 4 Team Throwdown is Extraction...
  11. Many people say that Team Throwdown v5 settings will have no sprint.But for this to work , there must be an increase in movement speed, I honestly do hope that is the case but I doubt that will happen. But im sure Gho57ayame knows what he's doing .
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    The feeling of pride when you just had an all nighter!!
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