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  1. Here's an idea: every time Optic loses an official match, it's not because they are tilting, but because they are playing at their true level and their true level isn't good enough. But if you're the type of person who thinks scrims are the be all and end all then you probably won't agree.
  2. Because nV could win the first series 4-0 and lose the second series 3-4, meaning that over the three series' the total map count would 9-7 in favour of nV yet it would be EG going home with the victory. Should be continuation, having to play 3 BO7s back-to-back-to-back is ridiculous.
  3. You can keep it nice and clean and see if something like lPenguin is taken.
  4. I think CSGO is now comfortably the biggest eSport in the West.
  5. I watched CS for 8 months before even making a steam account...
  6. So it seems realistically Penguin is considering the following teams: Mikwen, Pistola, Rayne Ace, APG, Commonly Hope he ends up on nV. Allows him to stick with Rayne and both Mikwen and Ola have the experience (and obviously the ability) to complement them.
  7. Optic's CoD and CS teams have a salary. Halo team doesn't. I also think EnVy doesn't provide a salary simply because of how easily players have left/been picked up (implies no contract issues).
  8. Mikwen has always been good at Halo 5 and didn't Ola look really good leading up to the LAN qualifiers? I think a lot people forget that nV had to face EG and Denial to qualify. They were still a good team with good players.
  9. Formal and Enable can only compete if they quit CoD. Their contracts with Activision prevents them from competing in other games.
  10. Nadeshot is his own brand. He's bigger than Optic. In fact he was one of the biggest reasons why Optic blew up 3-4 years ago.
  11. Most likely, considering all the CoD streamers will be too busy watching the event.
  12. 1. Optic lost to a pro team 2. It was that pro team's first series game of the day, whereas Optic had already played a BO7, so if anything they were the ones with the advantage going into the match.
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